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Chapter #7- Comedy & Tragedy

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Their going on their fisrt "Job"

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Chapter #7- Comedy & Tragedy
:Joker POV:
I woke up to find Tara snuggled right up against me and my arms around her waist. I gently unwrapped myself from the tangle of limbs and walked over to the bathroom. I shut the door and turned on the shower, then while the water heated up I got undressed. I took a longer shower than usual. As I stepped out to towel off, there was a loud pounding on the door followed by…
“Hurry Up! I Have To Pee Like A Pregnant Woman!” Tara yelled through the door. I chuckled, pulled on my boxers, and opened the door. Tara burst through, ran behind me, and shoved me out.
“Out Out Out!” she yelled and slammed the door. After about 3 minutes she came out smiling. Then I heard a gurgling noise and Tara blushed a deep shade of pink.
“Sorry, I’m a little hungry.” She said sheepishly.
“A little? That sounded like a dying rhino!” (WTF?! Dying Rhino?) I said, giving her a hard time. She just pushed me a little and bounced back on the bed.
“What time is it?” she asked, the question muffled by the pillow she had her head buried in.
“About 4 in the afternoon,” I replied calmly.
“HOLY CRAP! 4?! Jeez, I’ve never slept that late,” She said, sounding surprised.
“You’re right, you haven’t. It’s only about 10:30 A.M.” I said grinning at her.
“You…Suck.” She said, but looked relieved.

:Tara’s POV:
I was a little worried when he said 4, but it turned out he was just being his dumb self.
“Hey. Get your ass off of the bed and go take a shower. We got work to do today.” Joker said. He had that mischievous grin and I probably should have been worried but instead I was excited. “Alright. I’m going, I’m going.” I said and jumped off the bed. I grabbed my shampoo, conditioner, and razor, and ran into the bathroom. I dumped all my stuff on the counter next to the sink and turned on the water. After it was warm I set everything inside and got in. I did the normal routine, then I just stood there enjoying the warm water pulsing down on my head and shoulders. Then I got out and dried off, and I realized I had forgotten to grab clothes. I wrapped the towel around me and silently thanked God that it was huge, and didn’t show anything. Then I walked to the door and tried to be sneaky while opening it. I opened it to be met with Joker standing right in front of the doorway, grinning, big surprise there. Then he held out my undergarments and a dress I’d never seen before. It was black and formfitting till it reached my mid-thighs, then it kind of flared into a skirt that hung to right below my knees. The sides of it were open to the middle of my stomach and had corset strings holding them together. There was also a corset up the front, the strings on the sides were green and the front corset was purple.
“Oh my, it’s beautiful.” I said in awe.
“Ya ya, just get dressed,” he said and suppressed a yawn. I took the dress and walked back into the bathroom. I got dressed, then I applied make-up. I put white all over my face, and purple and green eye shadow. Then I took eyeliner and put it on my lower lids, and drew an intricate pattern coming off the corner of each eye. Then I put green lipstick on and then drew black stitches up my cheeks coming from the corners of my lips. I walked out and the Joker’s mouth fell open but he quickly closed it.
“Let’s go.” He said and grabbed my wrist. He walked me out of the room and down the stairs again. Then we went out a different hallway and into a garage. There was an old ice cream truck sitting there with the back door flung open. All the hench men were sitting there laughing and talking. Giggle was sitting on Joey’s lap laughing right along with them, just like one of the guys. They saw me and “Boss” coming and Chuckles jumped out and ran to the driver’s seat. Joker and I got in the back and as they were closing the doors I saw the garage door opening. That when I realized where the house was, we were in the Narrows. The Narrows were the most dangerous part of Gotham, and were known to be inhabited by most of the scum of Gotham. We backed out of the garage and sped off towards our destination. On the way, we took a sharp turn and I tumbled onto Joker’s lap. I made to climb off but he snaked an arm around my waist and pulled me against his chest. I leaned back and closed my eyes.
“Boss, we’re here,” said Chuckles, as he hit the brakes.
“Kay, Let’s go introduce the world to Comedy and Tragedy!” Yelled the Joker as he threw the back doors wide open and began firing his gun at any random person unlucky enough to be in the street.
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