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Stronger for Her. Stronger Than This.

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For the second time, I awaken to find myself in Frank’s arms. It’s definitely the best awakening I’ve ever had. His breathing is soft, and I can hear it in my ear. I move a tiny bit, to see him still sleeping, lips slightly parted. I can’t help but smile, looking at him.

I sigh, and then blush when I see that it was so loud I woke him. I see his eyelids fluttering, then open, sparkling green with flecks of brown in them. His lips turn up, not in a smirk, but in a gentle smile.
“Good morning.” He says, shocking me by kissing me on the head.

“Good morning,” I say, trying to hold a normal tone in my voice.

There’s a beautiful sound in his voice now; I can hear the sensitivity, the gentleness when he says, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah.” I say automatically. But it’s true. As long as I’m with him, it’s true. “Yeah,” I say again, sounding more honest this time. “I am.”

“Good.” He smiles at me, pulling me tighter.

“Thanks Frankie.” I say, into his t-shirt.

“For what?” I’m not sure if he’s joking, or if he’s really asking me.

“For everything. For taking care of me.”

He snorts. “Anyone who wouldn’t is a piece of shit.”

I smile. “But not everyone would do everything you’ve done.” He doesn’t answer that one immediately, and the answer sends chills down my spine.

“Well, I love you.”

Gerard’s POV

Damn. Why does beer have to taste to fucking good?

I take a big gulp of it, and it burns my throat because it’s so cold. Nicole’s got one of her own; though I’m positive I’ve had a lot more than she has. She’s sorta watching me too; I don’t think any of them trust me with this stuff. They shouldn’t.

I should put this bottle down, but I know I’m not going too. It’ll stay in my hand until it’s empty, and then I’ll probably get another, and another after that. I’ll wind up drunk as shit, but that’s the way that it always is when there’s beer around. Or any alcohol. It’s my vice. That and my pills. But no one knows about those.

I don’t really know what time it is. There’s still people here though, so it’s still open. I do my best to scan the crowd, looking for anyone of our group. I don’t see any, but I do see one of the guys that I’m kinda friends with who’s always at the comic shop I go to. For some random reason, I decide to go and talk to him.

“I’ll be right back,” I tell Nicole, stumbling towards the guy. I try to remember his name; after failing I just decide to call him “dude”. He starts to go to the door though, so I decide to follow him there. I put my other hand over the top of my bottle, so I don’t spill any of it as I bump into everyone.

It’s freezing outside, and I want to go back in, but I really want to talk to him; I’ve been meaning to ask someone when the next Hellblazer comes out.

“Dude!” I yell, as he walks towards these other guys who are all leaning against this alley wall, smoking cigarettes. The guy turns, and when I see his face, it doesn’t look the way I expected it to. He frowns at me.

“You got a problem buddy?”

“No, man. What’s up?”

The guys behind him look at each other, and look at the guy weird. I’m feeling kinda strange, like maybe this guy wasn’t who I thought he was.

“Who the hell are you?” The guy growls, and the feeling gets stronger.

“ I’m Gerard; I see you at Graffiti Comics all the time!” I say, trying to make him recognize me. The guys behind him crack up, and he smirks.

“I don’t go to no fucking comic store.” He says. I’m confused; I was so sure this was that guy, and I don’t know why I give a shit anyway, but I keep pressing him.

“Yeah you do. You like Hellblazer, right? And Doom Patrol?” The other people snicker more, and it makes me uncomfortable.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.” The dude says, and that’s when it finally sinks in. I’ve got the wrong guy, and in this part of Jersey, that can be a fatal mistake.

“Ok then. Sorry man.”

And I turn to walk away, praying that they let me go. I feel my heart drop into my stomach when the dude says, “Where you think you’re going pretty boy?” I stop dead for a second and I know right then; I am fucked. Completely screwed. The best I can hope for now is that they won’t get me too bad.

I decide to keep walking; not that that has ever gotten me anywhere. I’ve only taken three steps when a huge hand clamps down on my shoulder. It pulls me around, and I’m face to face with four stocky, strong guys, destined to beat the living shit out of me. The dude grabs the bottle out of my hand. He reads the label with a smile.

“Jack Daniels.” He nods, taking a big swig. “You got anything else?”

“No man. I don’t have anything.” I say, feeling sweat drip down my neck. I shiver, and he definitely notices.

“You got a right to be scared.” He hands the bottle to a guy behind him, and next thing I know, my head snaps back, and I’m reeling from the pain in my jaw.

“You sure you don’t have anything?” He asks again, as I lift my hand to cradle my jaw.

“Yeah.” I say through gritted teeth.

“Well, we’re gonna have to double check that.” He says, and on the last sentence, his knee goes into my groin. I grunt, and I want to scream. He lets go of my shoulder, and I fall onto the pavement, swearing with the little bit of breath I have. They circle around me, and I know I have to get up, or I might never get up again. I clamp my jaw shut, and force myself up, only to be shoved right back down. A foot comes down hard on my stomach, and my breath is knocked out of me. They rip off my jacket and search the pockets, taking out my wallet. One of them groans in disgust when they see it’s empty. They chuck my wallet and my jacket six feet away, but that’s the least of my worries.

“You gotta have more on you than just that beer buddy. Where you hiding it?” The guy says, sneering at me. I’m seeing double, he’s moving back and forth.

“I don’t fucking have anything.” I moan, closing my eyes as they kick my stomach again. I keep my eyes closed as they search my pants, reaching roughly under my shirt. Someone slugs my temple, and I cry out once, biting my tongue to stop it.

“Damn,” a voice says. “He told the truth.”

I feel breath on my face, and it’s nasty. I peel my eyes open to see that guy right over me.

“You’re awful lucky. It woulda been a lot worse if you’d lied.” He gives me one more kick for good measure. I hear the footsteps go away, and one last call out from the guy. “And no, I don’t like Hellblazer.”

I curl up into a ball, shivering on the asphalt. There’s not a chance of me getting to my jacket. I want to get up, but I can’t move. The only thing I can do is wait. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I can even last long enough for anyone to find me.

I feel blood dripping down my neck, and I’m grateful, because it’s warm. I try to curl up tighter, but it hurts too bad.

I don’t know how long I’m there for, because every second feels like a year, but all of the sudden, I hear a couple slow footsteps.

“Gerard!” Someone yells, and then there’s fast steps. I feel long hair brush my face, and I force my eyes open. Nicole is hunched over me, like an angel.

“What the hell happened?” She says.

“Not the right guy. Beat me up.” I say in a pathetic voice. Nicole’s eyes flash with anger.

“Where are they?” And I know that she would go after them. Thank god they’re gone.

“Left. Don’t know when.”

“Damn it!” She says. She sighs, and then wraps an arm around me, trying to pull me up. “Come on Gee, you gotta help me. We gotta get you up.” She pulls again, and I try to help her, but pain spikes through my stomach, and I fall back.

“Gee,” she says worriedly. “You ok?”

“Yeah.” I grunt, even though the pain is making me feel like I’m gonna puke up everything I drank. I can’t let that happen though; definitely not in front of her. I might allow myself that, if she was Frankie, or Bob. But not her. I gotta be strong for her.

I force myself to move, swallowing hard, and grinding my teeth together. It takes a while, but eventually, I’m standing. I try not to put my weight on her, but it’s necessary.

“You’re shivering. Where’s your jacket?”

I jerk my head towards it, and she looks to it, then back at me worriedly.

“Can you stand while I go get it?” I nod, though I’m not sure if that’s true or not.

She watches me, then dashes to it, and back. I’m angry at myself for not being stronger; she really didn’t think I could stand up on my own.

We make it back inside, though it takes a little bit. She leaves me for only a minute, next to the door, which I brace myself against. She returns with Ray, Bob, and Mikey.

“Holy shit!” Ray says. “What happened to you man?”

“Nothing.” I say. Mikey looks terrified.

“Are you ok Gee?” He asks me, in a worried voice that sounds like a little kids.

“Fine Mikes.”

He looks like he believes it, but Bob and Ray don’t, and Nicole certainly isn’t having it.

“We gotta go home. I’ll clean you up.” She sounds protective.

“I’m ok.” I tell her again.

“Liar.” She says. She wraps an arm around my waist. “ Come on. Let’s get you home.”

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