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I'm Not One For Love Songs (Part 3)

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Reviews please. :] Getting to know the characters a bit more. Just building up the story.

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I'm Not One For Love Songs

Now I’m sure you would think that I was shocked. And I’ll be honest, I was. I was thrown a curve ball and was totally not expecting it.

I watched in slight shock, just staring at his face. It looked so sickly, so sad, so tired. They kept working on him and I sat there doing nothing, just staring. Finally Brenda noticed me just standing there.

“Natalia, please hold this tube for me while I help with the pumping,” I acquiesced to her request and watched. I felt… shall I say, worried?

Yeah, I’ll admit it- I was really worried. I have no reason to be though. I’m supposed to hate him. He was an asshole. Was? Or is? My minded needed to stop playing games with itself.

Suddenly there was a choking sound and all this fluid came out of him and his eyes I'snapped open as he kept convulsing and the fluids kept coming out. The bigger male nurses held him down as he kept convulsing and I held the tube steadily, checking his pulse. It was expectedly a little too high, but it should start to go back to normal soon.

As he calmed down and the other nurses started to clean up I went to go get a sedative for him, as requested by Brenda.

When I came back he was freaking out and flinging his long limbs everywhere, trying to get out of the bed.

“No! NO! Why did you stop it! Why didn’t you let me die! Why?!” he was screaming as tears streamed down his face.

It was quite a disturbing site. I had never seen him so weak in my entire life. He was always strong; he always had a front up.

“Nat dear, please sedate him,” Brenda asked as she left the room to throw away the mess.

All who were left in the room were Gabe, the two male nurses who were holding him down, and I. When he saw me his eyes opened wide.

“Oh Natalia! Natalia! I’m so sorry for everything I’ve ever done! I’m a fucking douche bag and I don’t deserve to live! I need help. Please help me,” he said hoarsely with tears streaming down his face.

I resisted the humongous urge to just hold him. He was an asshole. He didn’t deserve a hug. But seeing him in this state, I wasn’t so sure. I wasn’t sure about anything anymore.

“Gabe, hush now, it’s okay, everything will be just fine. Let me see your arm,” I said to him soothingly.

He calmed down a bit and just nodded and showed me his arm.

“Good boy,” I whispered and did the needle as quickly as I could so that he would calm down a bit.

“Thank you, I need you. I need someone, I’m so sorry, so sor-” and in mid-sentence he fell asleep quietly. He should stay that way for a few hours at least.

I exited the room and kept in mind that I would check up on him in maybe a half hour. I walked out of the room and walked back to the main desk where Brenda sat munching on a granola bar happily.

“So what’s up with Gabe?” I asked her curiously.

“Oh? You know him?” she questioned, intrigued.

“I guess you can say that, we went to high school together,” I informed her.

“Oh well, he overdosed on pain killers. We believe it must have been accidental, but after what I heard him screaming, I’m not so sure. We’re gonna keep him for observation for today and maybe tomorrow, maybe longer. We’ll just have to see what happens,” she told me.

“Oh, okay,” I responded, looking back at his room interestedly.

“Mrs. Winston down the hall is pressing her assistance button, shall you go or I?” May asked tiredly. Noticing her obvious fatigue, I took the task and walked down the hall to check on Mrs. Winston, and then I would have to get a move on it and continue with my other regular patients.

I walked into Mrs. Winston’s room to see her staring at the wall with a thoughtful look on her old wrinkled face.

“What’s up Mrs. Winston? What has you up at 2 in the morning?” I asked her smiling, she was one of my favorites. She was one of the sweetest old ladies you’ll ever meet. She liked to tell everyone that she knew things that other people didn’t and that she could predict your future. The poor woman was recovering from cervical cancer, and she sure was a trooper.

“Oh, nothing really deary, I was just wondering why there wasn’t a lot of commotion when the clock struck midnight, it is the beginning of a whole new year,” she commented grinning.

I chuckled at the old woman, “Oh Mrs. Winston, they’re mostly asleep; this is in fact a hospital you know. And I really hope you did not stay up this late just to witness the clock striking 12. You should be sleeping, you need the rest ma’am,” I scolded her slightly with a light smile on my face.

“Oh, don’t you call me ma’am, little Miss Natalia, you know you can call me Aunty Joyce,” she avoided my scolding.

“Do not avoid what I’m saying Mrs. Winston, you should be getting your rest, your body needs the strength,” I told her warningly.

“I’m healthy as an ox deary, I get all the rest I need in this boring old place,” she whined.

“That may be so Mrs. Winston, but if you’re not sleeping, then I’m going to be the one who gets in trouble,” I relented to her and tried not to mock what she was saying.

“Fine, dear, just for you,” she sighed.

“Thank you Mrs. Winston,” I said, patting her hand comfortingly.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she mumbled waving me off with a smile and settling back into bed.

I did the rest of my runs quietly, as to not wake the patients and went down to the Neonatal ward to see if they needed any help. Once I was done feeding and changing diapers for about 9 babies, I walked back to my station and saw May sipping her coffee and quietly reading one of those cheesy romance novels with the Fabio look-alikes on the cover.

“You know May, I think that those cheesy books are your demise,” I commented as I took as seat in one of those comfy turning chairs next to her.

“And what brings you to that conclusion deary?” she asked, still engrossed in her book.

“Well, those books give you such outrageously high expectations for men,” I told her, “and therefore you expect a guy like those characters in those books, and they just don’t exist. There’s no such thing as a knight in shining armor. You have to be your own knight and shining armor now-a-days.”

She just tsk-ed and shook her head at me sadly, “Oh sweetie, what has happened in your life to make you so cynical?”

“Everything,” I mumbled and got up to get a cup of coffee as May watched me walk away, with a worried look on her face. I do love this woman dearly, but I’d rather not share my past with her. I don’t want her to see me as that person. I’ll tell her one day… eventually.

I walked the unnecessary distance to the cafeteria and got myself a nice warm cup of coffee. It was 2:33 in the morning and I was actually not tired in the least bit. I guess my body has just gotten used to all of the weird sleeping patterns of a nurse.

I sat there peacefully and my mind began to wander. It ended up with Gabe as it’s main thought. What was wrong with him? He really needs some help. And I mean that as not condescending as possible. Something is going on with that guy. And I kind of want to figure out what it is. I mean he was and asshole, but even the biggest assholes needed help. Sometimes they needed the most help. But did I really want to be the one stuck helping him? I couldn’t really give you an answer to that question at the moment.

After 15 minutes of just sitting there in the empty cafeteria I decided that my break had been long enough. I started to head back to my station. I found old May sifting through papers.

“How are you dear?” she asked me concerned.

“Oh, I’m fine May, don’t worry about little ole me,” I said, trying to wave off her concern.

“Okay, if you say so sweets. If you’re doing so swell would you mind too much checking up on Mr. Saporta down the hall?” she asked with her head still in the paper work.

I hesitated a bit but tried not to let it show, “Sure thing May,” I conceded and started my way down the hallway to the room. His room.

This sure should be interesting.
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