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Chapter Three

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"What. The . Hell. Are. You. Doing?"

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Slowly the hunter strained his ears. Not a sound to be heard. Silence once more. Silence was his element. He was the silence. Slowly he began his decent for the second time. He prepared his spring, crouched close to his prey (who was miraculously still asleep) and prepared his attack. He tensed for the final time and....

"What. The . Hell. Are. You. Doing?"

The majestic hunter lurched forward a few feet as his attempted attack was ruined and he was caught off guard. Again.

"Nothing, Bryar. Nothing at all!" the hunter said sweetly, to distract the inferior subject in front of him.

"Don't kill him." Said Bob, leaving without another word, as usual. Another undeserving foe defeated by the hunter. May he live long and forever be this hot.

"Who drank all the coffee? I had the machine set to make a whole new batch last night." Asked Bob as he reached Mikey and Ray in the kitchen. Mikey looked down in surprise at the empty twenty-cup, industrial-sized coffee pot in his hand.

"But it was empty when I got down here!" he told the other two. They stared at him for a second and then looked up at the ceiling to where the first person to wake up, the midget sized hunter, was. They then looked back down at each other with wide eyes.

"Well, crap."


Chapter Three up!!

Well, what do you think? I had some extra time so I manage to post two chapters in one day! Not that that's such a huge accomplishment when they're this short, but I'm proud of me anyway. Thanks again for reading my crap! I really hope that it's good! I have some of the rest planned out and I think it's going to get much better soon! So rate and review so I can know what you're thinking, please!!

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