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Chapter Four

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"RRRRAAARRGGGG!" screamed Frank as he tackled Gee to the ground yet another time.

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One last time. The other insignificant beings on the hunter's killing grounds thought that they could stop him from destroying their leader. But they were wrong! For the hunter will never be stopped!

And finally, after much anticipation and excitement, much hard work and patience, finally the hunter crouched down for the final time and ... Struck!

The resulting bangs, screams, and thuds of rudely awaken heavy bodies falling to the floor could be heard quite clearly in the kitchen below. Three exasperated sighs echoed throughout the kitchen as several exhausted band mates listened to the scuffle above them.

"Are they ever going to wake each other up normally?" asked a sleepy Ray.

"Simply put, no." responded Bob with his trademark stoicism.

Silence once again over took the kitchen as the three listened intently to the curses, giggles, and thuds coming from the room above.

"They're going to wake the neighbors up again." sighed Ray.

At that moment there was nothing but silence from upstairs. Suddenly a sharp gasp and a particularly loud bump was heard followed by more maniacal giggling and loud cursing.

"Fuck the neighbors, they're going to wake up the dead!" declared Mikey.

Silence followed Mikey's statement as the cursing stopped and the giggling faded and became quieter. Suddenly a loud thump was heard and the giggling switched to cursing as a cry of victory filled the air. Pounding feet could be heard stamping up and down hallways and in and out of bedrooms as the two giggling maniacs jumped over beds, knocked over furniture and made flying leaps at each other's throats. Ray, Mikey, and Bob just sighed yet again.

"Why do they have to act so gay all the time?" asked Ray with a heavy sigh.

"WHAT!" gasped a horrified and insulted Gerard. "I AM NOT GAY!!!" he yelled as Frank caught up to him where he was standing in the door frame.

"RRRRAAARRGGGG!" screamed Frank as he tackled Gee to the ground yet another time. They wrestled around on the kitchen floor for a while until Gerard finally got the upper hand and pinned Frankie to the ground.

"Ha! I win!" declared Gee happily.

"Not fair! You're bigger than me!" pouted Frankie.

"Are you calling me FAT?!?!?!?" gasped Gerard with tears in his eyes.

"And he wants us to believe he isn't gay." commented Bob dryly.

"I'M NOT GAY EITHER!!" protested Gee, overreacting slightly.

"Then why are you dry-humping Frankie?" asked Mikey in his infinite wisdom.

Gerard screamed and immediately jumped off Frankie.

"Yeah Gee, why ARE you dry-humping me?" asked Frank suggestively.

"I AM NOT GAY!!!!" he screeched and ran off to hide in his bedroom.

"What a drama queen." remarked Ray.

"Yeah." agreed Frankie from the floor. Suddenly he bolted up and grabbed the entire pot of coffee from the coffee maker and ran as fast as he could up the stairs.

"What the fuck just happened?"

Another chapter done!!! Thank you to all who have reviewed my story! I try to comment on all your reviews. I greatly appreciate all of them and hope to get many more!

Sorry this chapters still kinda short. I did manage to make this one a little bit longer than the last few, but it's still kinda puny. I'll just have to keep trying!

Thanks again to everyone who's reading! You guys are so AMAZING!!

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