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Chapter Five

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"But.. you... and ... I... and... AH!!!! BRAIN OVERLOADING!!!!! I'M SOOOO CONFUSED!!! I..."

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"Do you think we should check on them?" asked a worried Ray.
"No." said Mikey, taking a sip of his coffee.
"But it's been like half an hour and we haven't heard from them."
"So?" replied Bob, staring at Ray like he was crazy.
"Yeah. You're right." admitted Ray
Silence filled the air again.
"But what if..."
"No! They're fine!" Bob interrupted.
"Yeah, what are you so worried about anyway, Ray? I mean, what's the worst thing they could be doing?"
Silence once again filled the kitchen as everyone really thought about what Mikey's had said.
"Oh God."

5 Minutes later, outside of Frank's bedroom...

"Well...." whispered Mikey. " I don't hear anything."
"That could be good." Ray whispered back.
"Ray." said Bob matter-of-factly.
"Remember last time they were quiet for any amount of time?"
"Oh God. My tv!" groaned Mikey.
"My hair!" whimpered Toro.
"My cd's." said Bob very simply.
They stood in silence for a minute, recalling the under destruction that had been created when Gerard and Frank had told to be quiet and got so bored they attempted to build a snowman. On the tour bus.
"Go in."
"Hell no!" yelled a surprised and mostly horrified Toro.
"Sorry." whispered an abashed Ray. "But I don't want to go in. You go Mikey!"
"No way!!"
"Yes way!"
"NO WAY!!!!"
"Well, since you are a Way,there is a Way, so therefore, I am right and you are wrong and it's not 'No Way" but 'Yes Way'. So you should really be saying 'Yes Way!' and hauling your skinny ass in that room!"
Mikey sat there for a second and blinked in utter confusion.
"No way... but yes, way... so yes... but no.... and ... I ... and YOU... and yes I am a Way... so I should... but...."
Ray smiled with smug superiority as Mikey got cross-eyed and continued muttering under his breath, trying to figure out what the hell Ray had just said.
"But.. you... and ... I... and... AH!!!! BRAIN OVERLOADING!!!!! I'M SOOOO CONFUSED!!! I..."
''Shhhhhh!!!" Toro said quickly as he slapped his hand over Mikey's mouth. They turned towards the door of Frank's room in fear, only to find it already ajar.
"Where'd Bob go?" asked Mikey, removing Ray's hand from his mouth, but still holding it tight. Slowly the two of them looked at each other and then back at the door. They crept forward, Mikey still gripping Ray's hand for dear life, and inched into the room. What they saw there shocked them both.


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