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Chapter Six

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After living in a tour bus for several months, they had thought they had seen the worst of the worst rooms. But they were wrong.

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The room looked like a dumpster from outside a candy shop went out for night on the town, had several too many, got home, and threw up. Smelled like it too.

Ray, Bob, and Mikey were in a state of shock. In fact, Ray and Mikey were still holding hands, they were so surprised at the condition of the room. And Ray, Bob, and Mikey had seen a lot of messy rooms. After living in a tour bus for several months, they had thought they had seen the worst of the worst rooms. But they were wrong.

Candy wrappers littered the floor, laying there, dead, dismembered bodies in unburied, mass graves. There were Skittles wrappers, Twizzlers wrappers, and Sour Patch Kids wrappers. There were Kit Kat Bar wrappers and Lollypop wrappers all laying around the room, creating a layer of junk over everything. In some places, the trash was so thick, there could have been a giant hole in the floor and you wouldn't know it until you had fallen through. And in the center of it all, was Frank, sitting criss-cross-applesauce in front of the stolen pot of coffee. Or, what was a pot of coffee. Their coffee pot was now a kettle filled with a strange concoction of the pulled out guts of all the dismembered and disemboweled candy wrappers. In with the twenty or so servings of coffee were the contents of several packages of Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and Kit Kat Bars. Mixing all these together was the lollypops, which were then smashed on the hardwood floor and thrown in as well. But that wasn't all. Several packages of Twizzlers were emptied onto the floor, had their heads and asses bitten off, and were used as straws. Even from across the room, Bob, Ray, and Mikey could see the concoction in their beloved coffee pot. They stared in shock some more as Frank gulped down another fourth of the coffee concoction, leaving about one fifth of the coffee left. No one knew what to say as Frank rocked rhythmically back and forth, back and forth, his eyes diluted from caffeine and sugar.

"F-f-f-fr-ankie?" whimpered a terrified Mikey. At the sound of his name, Frank's head snapped up. He stared like a man possessed as he continued to rock back and forth.

"Frank?" whispered Ray when they got no response from him. "Why don't you give me the coffee pot, okay? Everything's going to be alright."

Slowly Ray walked forward, his hands up to show Frank he was unarmed. Ray took several, cautious, deliberate steps forward with no reaction from Frank.

"Come on, give me the coffee..." coxed Ray. As he reached for the pot, Frank seemed to retreat back into himself, holding his coffee pot to his chest.

"Come on, it's okay..." Ray's hands move slowly, closer and closer, until they were mere centimeters away from the coffee....

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" howled Frank suddenly jumping to his feet, scaring the shit out of everyone and causing them to jump up a several feet in the air. "MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!! MY PRECIOUS!!!!! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!!"

No one moved for several seconds. Hesitantly, Ray began moving towards the coffee pot again with his hands raised.

"It's okay. We're not going to hurt you. We're your friends, remember?"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" howled Frank as he ran past Ray's outstretched hands. For yet another time that day, Ray, Bob, and Mikey seemed too stunned to move as Frank galloped straight for the door.

"YOU JUST WANT IT FOR YOURSELVES!!!!! BUT IT'S......" it was a sentence Frank was unable to finish. Bob had managed to unfreeze himself at the last possible second and threw his left arm out wide. Frank ran straight into it, hanging suspended in midair for a second as his body curved around the offending arm. Then the coffee pot flew out of his grasp and he fell to the floor, coffee, sugar, and glass smashing hard against the wood and exploding everywhere. Everyone remained still for a second, Ray and Mikey in shock, Frank with a mixture of surprise and pain on his zombie-like face, and Bob just being stoic as always.

"Cool." said Mikey.

Frank was second to move. He stood up, sucked in a deep breath, and... ran for the bathroom.

The sounds of him throwing up all the hundreds of pounds of candy and forty cups of coffee could be plainly heard all the way up and down the hall. Poor Ray and Mikey sat down, Mikey on the trash-covered bed and Ray sliding down against a wall, both of them trying to absorb what just happened into their minds. Bob just stood there, unsurprised as always.

"If that's what Frankie was doing, then what do you think Gee is doing?" said Ray.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck." groaned Mikey as even Bob began to look panic-stricken and exasperated.

"Who wants to go check?"


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