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Aftermath of the Slaughter

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The Ministry is now involved in finding this mysterious killer, who now has his sights set on a very special person...

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A/N: I saw the "Aliens Vs. Predator" movie a month ago. /IT ROCKED!/

Also, you want to know the reason for the AVP franchise? Think back to the second Predator movie. Towards the end, when Danny Glover's character sneaks onto the spaceship, he sees the whole collection of skulls from other species not from Earth, including a Xenomorph skull from the "Aliens" series. The skull was put in there as aside gag, but people took it seriously in thinking that the two different species had had contact before, maybe even more than just contact. Now, a decade later, the crossover franchise has finally hit the movie theaters. According to VegaSailor, that came from Aliens Vs. Predator comic books around 1989.

Also, to let you all know now, some weapons can uncloak a Predator that's cloaked when they're used, while others can't. Those that can uncloak a Predator are the Plasma Pistol, Plasmacaster, Disc, Netgun, and Remote Bomb; those that can't are the Wristblades, Combistick, and Speargun.

Onwards with the story!

CHAPTER 3: Aftermath of the Slaughter

It was early the next morning when Mr. Weasley got a suspicious fire-call from one of his Ministry workers.

It was from an Auror named Bruno Rockson, sometimes nicknamed "The Rock," due to his bulky form and his tactics of keeping his ground in combat.

"Minister?" he asked.

"Yes?" Arthur asked from the kitchen, walking over with a cup of coffee.

"Last night, there was a massacre at some hideout. Somehow, the wards on it fell this morning. It was those 'Ministry Exiles,' sir."

That achieved what the caffeine didn't; it really perked Arthur's attention. Arthur always resented Fudge and his ship of fools; for the first month or so after becoming Minister, Arthur had to rewrite or abolish a hundred or so old or contradictory laws which had been written by the Ministry to alter the law in favor of itself. Even before that, there was all the damage it caused during Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts. No, he'd probably never forgive those Ministry morons.

"So what did these Ministry Exiles do now?" he asked cautiously.

"No, sir, you misunderstand me," Rockson said, looking grave. "I meant what was done to them."

Arthur quickly pieced it together in his head. "Merlin... they were all murdered?" he breathed.

"No," the Auror answered. "Not all of them. There was one survivor: Your son."

Later on...

Quick Blade made a quick return to his ship for a break. He didn't have any trophies with him; they weren't much of challenge anyway, and he only hunted them for being dishonorable. He reserved the Speargun for their leader, for using that awful curse on him.

He was greeted by all of his friends, who were also returning from their other trips, talking of humans they killed who were renegade criminals that rebelled against their nations and all other human nations on the planet. Humans that grew drugs for profit, humans that terrorized and killed other people in their name of their own gods...

"So, Ka'link, how was your little excursion so far?" one of his friends asked.

"Fine, I was just learning more about this particular culture."

"So, tell us, Ka'link, what are they like?"

"They are of the same species as the other human societies, but their societies are isolated. A law unto themselves, they are able to conceal themselves from the rest of their species. While most of Earth's population uses technology not too much unlike ours, these people utilize natural forces- /magic/."

All of them looked awed; such ideas of magic (or at least the Yaujta version of magic) had once been revered on their native planet before technology proved magic as nonexistent. "Tell us more," they implied, looking like juveniles around an elderly storyteller.

"Within the past week, a great war ended between two factions," Ka'link continued. "I am sure that the side that one is the more noble side."

"What makes you suspect that?" Another Yautja asked him.

"I observed how the losers acted," Ka'link said with some distaste in his voice. "Dishonorable."

The other Yautja hunters growled with some distaste as well. Honor. That word held so many connotations to their kind.

"So what can their magic do?" asked a curious young hunter.

"It can do all sorts of things. Flight, teleportation, color change, transformations... harm or kill, even."

The Yautja all looked at each other, thinking the same thing: This could be worthwhile.

"How do they perform their magic?"

"They carry small wooden rods called wands, point the wand, and say an incantation."

"What kinds of curses are there that can kill?"

"I only know of one, and whenever I saw it used, the enemy fell dead, unmarked. They tried dodging or hiding behind objects to avoid being killed, so I guess no defensive magic exists to negate it."

"Unblockable and doesn't mark the enemy?" laughed an older hunter. "Must be a nasty curse."

"The honorable wizards who won called it an 'Unforgivable' curse. I'm guessing with such a name and such a function, it must be illegal in their society for them to use it on one another," Yautja mused. "And since they were the honorable ones, I doubt they would teach it to their young."

An unheard sigh of relief spread among Ka'link's audience. At least they weren't at risk of dying from some quick and unavoidable death.

One of the technicians stepped forward. "Why don't we plug your equipment into the ship's computer and see for ourselves?" he offered.

Five minutes later, Ka'link was sitting near the console as the technician plugged a few wires into his helmet and wrist computers. After opening the right program and pressing a few buttons, the images played out in front of them on the screen.

The whole group stood there, amazed. That is, before they all started talking all at once.

"Did you see him? Dead, just like that!"

"All those different spells and species!"

"How repulsive that tyrant was!"

"I'd like to hunt that singing bird!"

"We should definitely hunt these wizards!"

"Enough!" Ka'link said as he unplugged himself. "I should look into this more before anyone else tries anything with them. After all, I found them."

The rest agreed with him on that one. However, one of them also commented, "I apologize, Ka'link, but from the looks of things, these humans seem more powerful than their technological counterparts."

Ka'link considered that. "I thought about that too," he replied. "But then again, these wizards conceal their existence from their technological counterparts very carefully. Why hide from them? But if they are powerful enough to hide themselves, they must be very powerful indeed."

Ka'link's fellow Yautja all seemed to share his opinion in regards to that.

"And the young one," a hunter asked. "The one who vanquished the Dark One they called Voldemort. (The word from human English came out a little strained.) "The warrior with the mark of lightning on his face. What do they call him?"

"They revere him as 'The Boy Who Lived,' since he was the only one able to survive the curse that kills, cast long ago by the same one you saw him kill."

"I meant a personal name, which he surely must have," the inquiring hnter clarified.

The hunter looked back at the screen, where the image of the young man was still shown after being recorded into the ship's database.

Ka'link turned to look at that fearless face. This young human certainly knew how to fight, gathered from years of experience. For a moment, Ka'link studied that face. His wild black hair gave an impression of constant activity. Those vivid green eyes looked about as bright as a Yautja's blood. He also wore those devices that some humans wore in order to correct their own faulty vision (the Yautja species once had devices like those long ago before advanced technological optical devices replaced them). And, of course, he wore that unique scar, almost seldom even seen among Yautja hunters for whatever reason they might have them.

"They call him /Harry Potter/."

(End of Chapter 3.)

A/N: The aftermath of the slaughter, you see. Also, this chapter was originally going to contain Percy in St. Mungo's Psychiatric Ward, but I wanted to update this to appease some certain fans of mine.

Note regarding the whole "Ship of Fools" thing: Heh, that would be funny, if one were to take Hieronymous Bosch's painting "Ship of Fools" and paint the Ministry morons in there. If anyone wants to see that painting for themselves, go to www(dot)artchive(dot)com, and look up Bosch from there.

Note about the Predator's name: Originally, I named my Predator "Quick Blade" because I didn't know anything about Predator names or what they would sound like. So, from here on out, "Quick Blade" is his tribal name, and "Ka'link" is his actual Predator (Yautja) name.

Note about the Predators' logic and commentaries: Am I making this too unrealistic? While militant and certainly able to fight, surely the Predators can't be stupid.

Note about the comparison between Harry's green eyes and green Predator blood: If I remember correctly, I think part of my idea for this fic was thinking about how bright Harry's green eyes were. (Hey, sometimes inspiration can come from the strangest of places.)

/If anyone else wants to read any good stories with Aliens or Predator, I recommend the following authors:/

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/VegaSailor/, who's writing the chilling and adventurous "Harry Potter and the Alien Hive," which I HIGHLY recommend

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