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Reconciliation and Investigation

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Just as the chapter title suggests...

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A/N: OK, I am /SO SORRY/ it took about a year to update this; I just had no idea what to do with it! Well, time to get this story moving once again!

Who figured out the Predator's name origin? OK, I distinctly remember a couple of my readers both guessing where I got the idea for the name "Ka'link." Both Shawn Pickett and Brady=Awesome figured out that I got the idea for his name from the sound of a sword or some other kind of metallic blade against another. Congratulations, guys! Sorry it took so long to get back to you on that!

Regarding the release of HBP: As with all my other fics written between the releases of OotP and HBP, I'm just going to continue writing this fic as though HBP never came out to begin with.

CHAPTER 4: Reconciliation and Investigation

Mr. Weasley went to St. Mungo's to visit Percy. He was conflicted over facing his son who had turned away from his family, yet relieved that he was still alive, so there could be a chance to reconcile with him. Mr. Weasley just hoped he wouldn't mess this up somehow.

'Just remember: You want to reconcile with him, not ream him out for his mistakes,' he kept telling himself over and over.

He entered the private ward, and saw Percy just looking up at the ceiling, definitely conscious and self-aware, but just deep in thought.

"Percy?" he asked gently, sitting himself down next to the occupied bed.

Percy stirred and turned to face his father, looking tired, yet remorseful. "Hello, Dad," he said quietly.

Mr. Weasley noticed that Percy wasn't using sophisticated wording such as "Hello, Father," and now using more casual speech like the rest of his siblings did. He mentally filed that observation away for later.

The Minister of Magic took his time with this visit, trying to make it so he didn't just jump into questioning his son about an undoubtedly traumatic experience.

"Are you okay?" he asked Percy.

Percy shrugged. "I guess I am now..." he said before trailing off.

'So far so good,' Mr. Weasley thought to himself.

"If it's not a problem... could you please tell me what happened?"

Percy shuddered, and Mr. Weasley put a reassuring hand on his son's arm. "It's okay, you don't have to tell me right away," he said, trying to soothe him.

"Believe me, I want to help... at least I'll be doing something right for a change..." Here, a note of remorse sounded in his voice.

"It's good that you're trying to fix errors you made in the past, but I don't want to you to feel as though you have to go through it again so soon... maybe we can wait until you're feeling better?" Mr. Weasley suggested helpfully.

Percy nodded slowly. "That's good," he murmured.

Mr. Weasley got up again. "You just get some rest, Percy. We can observe your memories of what happened when you're feeling up to it."

"Thanks," Percy said in almost a whisper.

"You're welcome." Clapping his son on the shoulder, he got up and turned to leave.

"Dad?" Percy said from behind him. Mr. Weasley turned to see Percy wearing a small smile on his face. "I love you."

Mr. Weasley returned with his own smile and said, "I love you too, son."

As he left, he felt as though a gigantic burden had been lifted off of him.

Later that day...

Aurors were going around through the hideout were the Ministry Exiles were killed. Mr. Weasley was looking through some of the stuff himself, and things had been going well, until...


An unearthly sort of roar resonated throughout the crime scene being investigated as everyone turned to look at the Auror holding up Fudge's wand.

"What in the name of Merlin was THAT?" Mr. Weasley exclaimed.

"I was just using Priori Incantatem on Fudge's wand," the Auror explained. "You know how when you hear a scream, that's the reverse-effect of the Cruciatus Curse that was used? Apparently, we just heard the scream of who the victim was."

"Or maybe what it was," Rockson added. "That definitely didn't sound human to me. Or like a troll, or a vampire, or... well, anything."

Mr. Weasley contemplated that. He also took notes on things like the sort of energy signatures left over from blasts... but what he also looked at was the metallic net which was used on his son.

According to the Aurors, it was made out a metal unlike any found on Earth, and was so powerful that even the best Cutting Spells around hardly even put a dent in it.

As the Minister and his Aurors continued to search through the crime scene, one question kept repeating itself in everyone's mind, especially Mr. Weasley's:

Who - or WHAT - are we dealing with here?

(End of Chapter 4.)

A/N: Wow, I was just able to get yet another chapter done! Go me!

OK, so I think next chapter is where we'll be getting back to the Predator's POV...
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