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I'm Not One For Love Songs (Part 5)

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Natalia and Jay talk. And just read and review please. Oh, i've responded to your reviews. idk if you know. ahah. :]

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I'm Not One For Love Songs

Did you ever wake up and just not want to get out of bed for the rest of the day?

Yeah? Well that is exactly how I am feeling as I wake up from my 3 hours of sleep. Can you really blame me though? I decide to go against my instincts and get up to go shower quickly and grab something quick for breakfast before I have to rush out the door.

When I’m feeling refreshed from my quick shower I just through my wet hair up and throw on the nurse scrubs before having a 15 second sneezing fit. Oh god, this can not be in my favor. I grab a cup of coffee and turn to see Jay letting a tired looking Joe right out the door.

“So how was your night?” I ask her grinning, leaning against the counter and downing my coffee.

“Pretty boring actually,” she informed me as I went for my second cup.

“And why is that? It was New Year’s Ever and you weren’t stuck at work like I was!” I yelled at her teasingly as I went in search for my shoes. I’d have to leave in 5 minutes if I wanted to catch the subway train.

“The whole partying thing is really starting to get boring. It has lost it’s edge. I mean, getting ‘black out’ drunk just isn’t as fun now as it was in college,” she said more to herself.

“Yeah, well I don’t have time to even get a buzz,” and we both knew that this statement was ridiculous because I was never into drugs, never will be, and the only time I drink is when we go to her family’s house on holidays. My idea of drinking is a glass of wine while I talk to Jay’s Grandpa Philip about politics.

“Joe’s done partying?” I asked skeptically.

“Drinking? Ehhh. He’s not like an alcoholic so I’m not worried. But I think the drugs are starting to get old to him. It’s not like the band is a user band anyways,” she said.

“Truth,” I agreed thinking of the quirky members of Fall Out Boy.

She chuckled a bit then got serious, “Nat, I really think you need a break with the whole working yourself into oblivion thing. These hours really cannot be good for you.”

“It’s good money Jay, and I still have that bit of debt to pay off from school. I really wanna start saving up some too,” I told her, “And anyways, it’s better than the alternative,” I said referring to the stripping gig.

“You’re fucking right it is, and your head better stay thinking that way,” she said giving me a scolding look.

I’d told her about it only a few months ago which induced flipping out and flailing from her. I stood there and took it, knowing that she would calm down eventually. And I was right, she did. After like an hour of screaming, literally. She told me that if I had needed money that much that she could’ve helped me be it loan or hooking me up with a job.

It wouldn’t have work though, and she knew it.

She’s also been stuck on the notion that Gabe had a thing for me, and therefore that explains why he harassed me in high school and ‘rented’ me at Sal’s. I called her crazy.

Oh, that remind me- I have to inform her of the new patient at St. Bernard’s.

“I almost forgot to tell you, you know who came in on a stretcher last night?” I mentioned nonchalantly.

“Who?” she asked curiously.

“Gabe Saporta,” I threw out there casually.

“Oh!” she jumped up, “His band just got signed to the label that we partnered up with last year, Decaday!”

“Oh really??” I questioned surprised.

“Yeah really, why?”

“Because he almost OD’d last night on pain killers…”

“No way! I don’t believe it. I met the guy like once a few months ago and he seemed so chill and happy. What the fuck happened to him? Was it like suicide or accident?” she threw out all these questions at once.

“First of all, you met him and you didn’t tell me?! And second of all, I have no idea. I think they were gonna do a psyche evaluation today so,” I interrupted myself with another 15 second sneezing fit.

“One, that does not sound good Nat. Two, yes, I did meet him and I didn’t think you’d really care because apparently you hate him,” she said mocking me and putting air quotes around the word ‘hate’.

“Whatevs Jay, whatevs,” I rolled my eyes and noticed the time and snapped up straight

“Shit! I’m going to be late!” I hollered and bolted for the door. If I wanted to catch that train then I’d have to bolt to the Subway.

I grabbed my cell phone, shouted a goodbye, and did just that- bolted.
It was times like these when I wish that I ran more. Those ten city blocks were a lot longer then you think they are, at least when you’re running down them.

I got onto the subway just in time and took some time to contemplate the words that were spoken by Jay. I guess her and Joseph seemed to be maturing, slowly but surely. It is about time, I suppose. Then I think back to Gabe and what his diagnosis could possibly be. I guess I’d just have to wait until I got to the hospital and see.

I got to St. Bernard’s and to the main desk at exactly 6:02 to find the fill in head nurse for this section of the hospital, Gertie, sitting at the desk staring in to space.

Gertie was a very kind 70-something year old lady who refused to retire because she swears that she can’t handle spending all day everyday with her equally old, but retired, husband Ronald.

“How are things Gertie?” I ask as I place my things down on the empty chair in the corner behind the circular desk.

“Pretty slow Miss Natalia, no one has been whining and complaining much, Miss Louise just called out sick also,” she informed me in her light Texas accent that I absolutely loved.

“Oh gosh Gertie, it seems like everyone is dropping dead,” I commented,

“Yes, it does quite seem like that. Good news is that Robyn called and she’ll be back late today. Also, Christine called and said that she will definitely be back in two days,” Gertie told me grinning with her finger laced together on the desk top.

“Well that sounds very good,” I said yawning as another sneezing fit overcame me.

“Oh dear lord sweets, that does not sound good, not good at all,” she mumbled to herself.

“I’m fine Gertie, I should be the least of your worries in this hospital,” I reminded her as I looked through the recent patient’s files. I saw that Gabe had gotten evaluated by Dr. Burnstein about an hour ago. The results seemed to have been filed away somewhere else though because I saw nothing on it in his papers.

“What’s going on with Mr. Saporta?” I asked her as uncaringly as I could.

“I know full well that you went to high school with that young man and that you guys have a history,” she teased me, “May informed me of it briskly before I came in for my shift,” she explained as I huffed a bit at my lack of privacy.

“Well how is he?” I asked, sounding a bit annoyed.

“Well the doctor’s checked him out and he’s staying today but later tonight he can leave, and we’ve assigned you as his nurse. It seems that he’s taken a liking to you because he’s asked for you 4 times today,” she informed me grinning.

“Oh, well, um, okay,” was all that I could spit out as I ducked my head and went to grab a cup of coffee quickly.

“Mhmm sweetums. Make sure you check on him after your coffee break, remember, you’re his nurse… Oh! And you only have to work until 5 today because Michele is coming back from her vacation in Cabo,” she told me as I kept walking the direction to the coffee machine down the hall and around the corner.

I drank another two cups of coffee and thanked God that I would have a few more hours of sleep tonight. And that I had a very nice vacation coming up soon. I just hoped that this virus thing that I felt coming on to me could hold out until then.

Oh, I also have to deal with a little visit to Gabe.

I mean, I AM his nurse and all.
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