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I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

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-Frerard- What Gerard thinks will be an embarrassing party turns out to change his life....

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A/N: new story :) i thought i would give everyone something seeing as i havent posted anything in ages and besides exams, i dont really have a decent excuse. i'm not really sure where this is going yet but it might turn out long, it might not. we shall see what you all think cause its your opinion that matters. reveiw of course and let me know if you think i should continue or just burn it cause i like fire so it wouldnt be too big of a problem. anyways, on with the story
xoxo Stazzia

Gerard’s POV

“Hey Gee, you’re coming to the party tonight right?” my little brother asked me with a grin. He knew I didn’t want to go.
“Yes Mikey, I said I would go didn’t I?” I sighed.
It was his bachelor part and I guess it was some sort of tradition or something so I had to go, being his older brother and all.
“Just checking!” he smiled while skipping excitedly to the kitchen.
“Where are we going Mikes?” I asked him for the one hundredth time that week.
“I’m not going to tell you Gee, it’s a surprise”
“For who? Its your party, not mine” I snapped, struggling to understand why he wouldn’t just tell me.

“But you would disapprove if I told you and you definitely wouldn’t come”
That statement definitely raised my suspicion. I didn’t much care for parties but I had hoped we would just be going to be a bar or something and I could sit and listen to my brother babble on about how great he thought marriage was.
Evidently, it wasn’t going to be just a bar but I decided that if I put anymore thought into it, I would end up convincing myself that I wasn’t going and I wanted to show my support for Mikey, so with an angered expression and a heavy sigh, I trudged grumpily upstairs to get changed.
“Ray and Bob are gonna be here in about half an hour” Mikey called after me.

I rolled my eyes, finding it only slightly amusing that Mikey had only invited them but was still acting as if it was the blow-out part of the year. I pulled out a black shirt and threw on a pair of slightly too tight jeans. Having no idea where we were going, I also had no idea what to wear but settled for black. Hopefully it would hide me and I would just blend into the background.
That was the plan anyway.

I heard the sudden burst of ‘congratulations’ and more marriage jokes from downstairs. Ray and Bob must have arrived earlier to rub in the fact some more that I currently was still single and my baby brother was getting married before me.

“Gee hurry up! Where we are going, people wont care how pretty you are!” I could hear the smirk in his voice . He never seemed to with the jokes.
I quickly outlined my eyes with black, giving my already pale complexion, even more of a deathly appearance. My hair was a hopeless case so I didn’t bother trying to tidy its scruffy black mess.

I made my way downstairs, in no particular hurry. The instant I came into view of my brother, he jumped up and dragged me downstairs to speed me up. The excitement was clearly radiating from him as Bob picked up the keys with a nod of greeting in my direction as we headed out to his truck.
Ray said his hellos then continued his whispered discussion with my brother, most likely about the night ahead. I sat in the back with Mikey, not needing to say a word for the duration of the journey as he seemed to be in a constant babble about his recent joke that he and Alicia, his bride to be, as he kept referring to her as, had.

We stopped outside a small gray building. I was hopeful as everyone began to get out and it looked like a small, cosy looking pub for the most part. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. The majority of the upper windows had been boarded up or smashed butt here was a warm glow and voices coming from the doorway. I shuffled warily behind Mikey and through the door where a woman came to greet us.
“Hey Mikey, honey you’re just in time!” she exclaimed, pulling my grinning brother into a tight hug. She was middle aged and had gray streaks through her dark hair that had been pulled back tightly into a bun at the back of her head. I had no idea who she was or how she knew my brother, no doubt this led to his ‘grand surprise’.
“Come in out of the cold, we’ll be starting shortly” she sang, glancing towards Bob and Ray, then winking at me. Great.

It was a small pub with a stage at the far end and a bar to the right , crowded with older men gossiping and laughing with a beer in one hand.
Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad?
We would just order drinks, tease Mikey, get him drunk and have to carry him home, maybe write on his face while he slept. I could do that.
I should have known things were never so simple.

The woman ushered us over to a small, round table near the front of the stage. She smiled at Mikey once more, stealing another glance at me, as if she knew some sort of secret about me that she couldn’t wait to share.
She came back a moment later with a few beers, handing them to each of us before speaking to my brother with an excited smile.
“Mikey darling, enjoy your last night of freedom. Let me know how it goes with…” she tried to gesture discreetly towards me, failing miserably but I don’t think she really cared whether I knew she was talking about me or not. I glared at her as Mikey grinned to himself.
“Ssshh, he’ll find out soon enough May. Thanks. I’ll come and find you if he…uh…needs a room” he replied.
Why would I need a room?
What was he going to do to me?

May grinned back and nodded before skipping off towards the bar, swinging her hips as she went. I turned my attention back towards my drink, taking a small sip and glancing around at the crowd that was beginning to form behind us. Crowds of middle aged men stood talking and laughing, as if they were waiting expectantly for something.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, the lights dimmed and the men let out various cheers and whistles. The stage in front of us seemed to light up slightly and the cheap, sparkled curtains glittered mysteriously before us. Mikey was smiling excitedly and Ray and Bob sat exchanging smirks across the table.
With a heavy sigh and a dramatic roll of my eyes, I attempted to stand up, making the excuse of needing to go the bathroom.
“You’re no going anywhere, don’t chicken out now” Mikey exclaimed, pulling me back down to my stool and ordering Ray to ‘keep and eye on me’.

I wasn’t getting out of this and it looked like the show was about to begin.
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