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Chapter 3

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"" Al wispered "yes" I wimpered back.

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I sat on a rock jutting out from the cliff.
My heart was sinking inside me. I called out Julius' name until my throat was soar. And the whole time, I was crying. Eventually I stopped calling his name because I knew he wasn't going to answer back. I just sat there and cried. I cried until morning came. And even though I stopped crying I just sat there staring out at the ocean. I might have gone into shock because I didn't move an inch for at least two hours. I didn't think, I didn't feel a thing. Around 5:00pm I had made up my mind up to leave. I couldn't bear sitting there were julius, sweet julius, had...had... I couldn't even say it. I noticed his sneaker bumping against the cliff. Should I grab it? Should I take it back with me and keep it forever. Because I had lost my one and only love, I had lost the only person I ever really cared about. I'd lost him forever...

I grabbed the sneaker.

I climbed back up the cliff, fresh tears rolling down my cheeks. When I reached the top I looked down and wispered "I love you, Julius."

Then I Screamed at the top of my lungs "WHY!!!!"

I felt so alone. So empty.

I walked in a daze to the chopper not even knowing if I was going in the right direction. But eventually I found it. I climbed inside and placed the sneaker on the other seat.

It took 3 and a half hours to get back to the academy. But to me it felt like only a few minutes. I landed the chopper on the helicopter pad. and climbed out.

Al must have heard the chopper because as soon as I got out he rushed up to me.

"Hey kiddo! Did you find Dr.Dismay?" Al asked

I didn't answer...I think I must have went back into shock. I was very pale.

"Where's Julius?" Al asked a little more concerned

"He........He........" I stammered

"What!" Al asked shaking my shoulders

Then I broke down crying

"He fell! Dr.Dismay found us and his hench men cournered me and were about to push me off the cliff when julius pushed me out of the way,they pushed him instead! He fell into the ocean and all I found was this!" I cried as I held out the sneaker

Al face went white

"" Al wispered

"yes" I wispered back

Then I blacked out...
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