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Chapter 5

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It was him...Julius. But it couldn't be he was dead.

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Al told Emmet to acompany me on the trip, but I refused. I would never have another partner after Julius. So I disided to go alone. I climed into the chopper without saying a word. It took 3 and a half hours to finally reach california and another 10 minutes to reach the ocean.

I landed the chopper in a clearing in the woods and started walking. I searched and searched, but there was no one. I had a horibble feeling of Daja-Vu. I finally reached a cliff.

This place looked familier...
I checked my GPS. There was no mistaking it.

This is where Julius fell.

I dropped to my knees and started crying.
"I miss you Julius." I wispered

a twig snapped behind me. I emedietly jumped to my feet.

"Who's there?" I called

One of Dr.Dismays hench men walked out of the shadows.

"So you're back." he said

He grabbed me around the neck and started choking me.

All of a sudden a figure jumped out of a nearby tree and landed right on top of the hench man, knocking him out.

I was gratfulto whoever he was, but I was scared as well. Who was this person and why were they saving me?

"Are you ok?" asked the person

I knew that voice. But it couldn't be.
The figure stepped out of the shadows.

It was him...Julius. But it couldn't be he was dead. I walked forward in a dreamlike state. I placed a hand on his face. He was real! He smiled

"Are you crying?" he asked with a smile

I was but with joy, how was this posible?

"" I stamered

But it didn't matter. I jumped into his arms and kissed him. And it felt like years until we broke apart.
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