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Archie’s Eighth Birthday

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Atlanta's son wakes up for his birthday

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Qternal: Yoh! It's been forever!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! Well, let's hope with this refresh I can get the initiative to actually continue this! I don't own Class of The Titan's or the actual movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

The clock struck twelve on the dot in the darkened house, in most houses people would sleep all the way through this but not in this house and not today. Archie jumped out of bed and without a moment’s hesitation he ran down the steps to where his presents were. There was a large pile again this year, from Herry, Neil, Theresa and Jay too. Even from his grandfather and his mother especially. But the one gift he looked for was from his Father. He couldn’t see it at first glance so he shoved all the other gifts aside with little sympathy till he found a large white envelope. It read “Happy Eighth Birthday” in big blue letters.

Archie smiled broadly, he hurried back to his bedroom and shut the door. He shuffled back into bed and ripped open the envelope, ravenous to read it.

Dearest Archie

Happy birthday my boy, you’re getting all grown up now. I am sorry I wasn’t there to see you. I hope you look just like your mother, you’d be lucky if you did…

“Silly, Mom says I look like you!”

I hope you are looking after your mother; she isn’t always on top of things at the best of times.

Young Archie giggled as he read this and remembered the previous day.

I suggest you sit on a comfy chair because you are now old enough for me to tell you an important story. A story that happens a while ago that involves your mother, me and Archie.
“Archie? Who is Archie?”


A young male stood in an arena waiting impatiently; he adjusted the laces on his shoes and also didn’t forget to adjust the brace on his leg.
“Why do I always wait?” he sighed to himself as he began to stretch and get ready.

Meanwhile a girl with red hair went running madly down the field, she had almost forgotten she was to meet him. She pushed past her friends and flung open the doors to where he would be.

Archie turned to see Atlanta at the door: “You’re late.”

Atlanta shrugged: “I’m so not late, you’re watch is just fast.”

“It’s hard to believe that you, gifted with speed can’t get anywhere on time.”

Atlanta bit her lip and rolled her eyes; she tossed down her bag and cracked her knuckles: “So what are we playing today?”

The seven heroes were now in college, New Olympia College, they were all following their passions and Archie and Atlanta’s one particular passion was to still beat each other in competition.

“Basketball,” Archie said with a smirk on his face and bounced the ball to Atlanta. She opened her mouth in protest but he merely shook his head.

“You scared huh?” Archie commented snidely and began to walk circles around Atlanta who was busy tossing the ball from hand to hand.

She rolled her eyes and shot the ball into his chest: “Scared, of facing you? Keep dreaming Archie.”

“You’re gonna lose I tell you,” Archie said with a snide grin on his face, no matter how athletic she was Atlanta couldn’t play a decent game of basketball and she knew it too.

“Not today, I’ll win today.”

Archie chuckled: “We’ll see about that.” He started to bounce the ball on the ground and show off a bit by bouncing it under his leg. Atlanta scowled and in a flash she had the ball in her hands and bounced it, teasing Archie using her facial expressions.

The game began, no matter how much Atlanta tried to attack and get the ball. Archie had flawless defence and chuckled as he jumped to land his first shot. Atlanta caught it afterward and watched Archie chuckle heartily and jump around Atlanta in triumph. Atlanta pouted in dismay and handed the ball back to Archie unwillingly.

The process repeated yet again and in an attempt to get the ball, Atlanta tripped and this left it wide open for Archie to score again.

‘Oh yeah, did you see that? Two to nil!” Archie shouted triumphantly and handed Atlanta the ball for a turn. She took it gladly and began to bounce it roughly on the field, she did a few fancy moves to try and confuse Archie. She twisted away from him in a defensive manner but when she looked again the ball was clearly not in her hands.

“What?” She protested loudly as she watched Archie make his way to the hoop. She jumped up to go and try shield the ball, she was not liking this winning streak of his one bit!

Archie smiled broadly as he jumped again for the hoop but didn’t count on a shove from Atlanta, he dropped the ball and Atlanta quickly grabbed it again. She leapt for the hope and proudly scored her first goal.

“Oh now look at that! Two to one! I’m catching up!” Atlanta looked rather pleased with herself at this thought. Archie shook his head in agitation and looked away, he then glared at Atlanta again.

“If you can’t play well, at least don’t cheat like that!” He snapped in annoyance.

Atlanta was horrified at the statement and glared back at him: “Hey, don’t call me a cheater!”

“Well, it’s what you are! Cheater, cheater, cheater!” Archie taunted, finding this to be a satisfactory price for her to pay.

“Archie, don’t call me a cheater,” Atlanta sneered and pointed at him in annoyance.

Archie rolled his eyes and stepped closer to his friend: “Atlanta is a cheater. She is a cheater, a big cheater.”

Atlanta stepped forward infuriated: “I’m not a cheater!”

At the same time, Archie stepped forward and their faces were so close that they touched: “Cheater!” They both huffed and glared each other down like arch enemies till Atlanta got annoyed and merely tripped Archie up so that he landed on the ground.

“Ouch Atlanta what was that for?” Archie said in shock as he sat up, he rubbed his weak ankle for added effect.

“Don’t whinge like a child!” Atlanta snapped and turned from him, her arms folded tightly.

Archie got up and scowled: “I’m so not a child!”

“That’s true, you aren’t! You are a big baby!” Atlanta shouted in an even higher frequency, she grew so annoyed that she couldn’t remember why they were friends at all.

“That wasn’t funny!”

“It wasn’t a joke!”

Atlanta and Archie turned and began to walk away from each other grumbling from their argument but both turned around again and glared at each other: “Shut up!” They then walked their separate ways again.

Atlanta walked down to where Theresa sat, she was busy with her Psychology homework as always and had the whole bench covered in notes. Atlanta dropped down next to Theresa and sighed heavily. Theresa glanced up at her friend and could only presume the cause: “Archie again?”

Atlanta jumped up gritting her teeth as she spoke: “Yes! He’s irritating! I can’t stand him! He can’t even play basketball with me! I never wanna see him again!”

Theresa took of her glasses and shook her head laughing. She heard this same story almost every time this happened. Atlanta looked at her in confusion: “You’re laughing at my troubles? That’s so not cool Theresa!”

Theresa beckoned her to sit down next to her and Atlanta complied, she then took Atlanta’s face in her hands and looked her in the eyes. “Atlanta, he is your best friend. Go make up with him already or you will be on everyone’s case again!”

“But!” Atlanta began to protest, she wasn’t to impressed with the comforting skills of Theresa. Cause now she could only feel how much she missed Archie around!

“Can we sit here too?”

Atlanta and Theresa looked to see Neil, Odie, Herry and Jay all in attendance as always. Even after defeating Cronos, they had all wanted to stick together through college.

“Yeah sure!” Theresa scooted over a bit so that Jay could sit by her preferably; he sat down and took a hold of her hand with a smile. From behind the masses appeared Archie, he still looked rather agitated but yet he still stood.

Theresa shoved Atlanta in the ribs and she got up and stood by Archie, Archie proceeded to scratch the back of his neck.

“You two are worse than a soap opera already!” Neil rolled his eyes as he gazed at his mirror, he was still captivated by his body.

“I’m agreeing for once! Archie and Atlanta, say your both sorry man!” Odie stated purely as he began to do his essay on his laptop

Atlanta shuffled about but then held her hands out: “No hard feelings?”

She waited patiently till eventually Archie clapped her hands and then she proceeded to clap his. They then took their index fingers and touched their noses. The rest of the friends rolled their eyes, they still thought that this strange new ritual of theirs was somewhat pointless to endure on a daily basis.

“I still don’t get why you do that,” Herry stated plainly, rubbing his fresh goatee that he was trying to grow to impress more women.

Atlanta chuckled and ruffled Herry’s hair: “Oh it’d merely a thing that is all.”

“Hey, let’s go for a run,” Archie suggested whilst jostling Atlanta’s hair. She jumped on his back and kicked him with a chuckle.

“I am not your horse!” He protested as everyone laughed at him.

Jay was the first to pipe up: “I don’t know, you certainly look the part.”

Atlanta chuckled and playfully kicked him: “Let’s run!”
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