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Late for a School Function

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Archie takes part in a Speech competition

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Qternalanimator: I'm back with installment two! Woo Hoo! Gripping stuff! I caused a lot of controversy with the first chapter... Just to let you know, Atlanta is the Atlanta we all know and not Archie's mother. And I'm sorry if you wanted to die yourself when you read the last chapter, it's nice to know I can evoke that type of emotion though! Keep reading please! It'll all make sense soon! I do not own Class of The Titans or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Please R&R! Thanks!


Eight years later...

A young boy stands looking at his watch, he's dressed smartly in his private school uniform but he's waiting outside the building of the Department of Sport in New Olympia. He huffs and begins to pace up and down by the entrance.

A woman comes sprinting down the steps, her coat flailing behind her and she seems late. She runs past the snack bar and pauses; she finds her purse in a flurry and hands over enough money for a large bar of chocolate. She then looks at her watch and kicks the ground to feel her stupidity. She skids past millions of co-workers and finally stops next to the little boy waiting outside.

He turns his back on her and she just stands there, she eventually bends down to his level and casually hands him the chocolate. He gives her a sideways glance and turns away still: "You can't buy me Mom..."

"You're eight Archie, I'm meant to be able to buy little kids over..." says Archie's mother as she proceeds to wave the chocolate in front of her son's nose.

He swipes it out of her hand and throws it to the floor: "Look at the time!"

Atlanta scowls and turns away from her son and pouts, everyone who walks by doesn't even look at the scene anymore. It occurred to often and every time, Atlanta did the same thing.

Archie cocked his head to the side and then put his hand in his mother's, she looked down at him and then smiled. He wrapped his arms around her waist till she bent down and embraced her son properly: "Sorry Arch, work is really busy and you know how I always leave things to the last second..."

Archie looked at his mother with a cheeky little grin: "Like my birthday Mom..."

"I do not... wait... like your birthday!" Atlanta replied and then put her arm around her son, "Now, don't we have a speech competition to get to?"

Archie nodded and tugged his mother to her car and they briskly climbed in, in seconds they were on their way to Argonaut Primary, established by Atlanta's good friend Theresa and her husband Jay. Atlanta had never thought that those two would start a school but it was to her benefit when they did! She chuckled as she recalled Archie telling her that Jay was the Headmaster and that Theresa was his class teacher.

Atlanta looked in the rearview mirror and then turned the corner, she then glanced at herself again. She hadn't changed much, she still had her fiery red hair and she still wasn't afraid to say it like it is. The only time she had ever worn a dress was her wedding and she still loved running. She was still the same old impulsive Atlanta, except with a son.

"Mom, what are you thinking about? I'm nervous about the speech competition," Archie said as he looked up at his mom.

Atlanta smiled as she switched on her indicators and changed lanes: "I'm thinking about how smart you are... you'll breeze through this contest!"

Archie shrugged and looked out the window: "I didn't want to do this... Miss Theresa made me... I wanted to go running with you after school today..."

They finally reached the school, Atlanta got out the car and then ducked her head back inside to look at her son: "Come on sport!"


Theresa was ushering all the competitors together, she put some of her golden orange locks behind her ear and smiled as the last child came.

"Nice to see you Archie... Was your mom late again?" Theresa said as Archie came in and just nodded. Theresa shook her head; this young boy was more grown up than his own mother at times.

She stood back up and clapped her hands: "Right! Contestants! Walk out in a single line onto the stage please!"


Atlanta ran down the corridor into the hall and climbed over a multitude of parents until she found her seat.

"Your late!"

Atlanta turned around to face her two friends Herry and Odie and then hugged her father who she was sitting next to.

"Thanks for coming you two! Archie loves having all the support! So, how is work?" Atlanta asked as she calmed down and sat comfortably in her seat.

Odie shook his head and stroked his new goatee that he was cultivating: "We'll always support that little dude! And we are not talking about work! It's because you work so much that you are late!"

Atlanta opened her mouth in protest and her father took her by the shoulder and rolled his eyes: "Atlanta, they are right... you are late and you work to hard!"

Atlanta pouted and shrugged: "Whatever you lot..."

"Excuse me! Sorry! Do you mind?"

A couple shoved through the crowds and piled into two seats in front of Atlanta and her father. Atlanta scowled as she watched the couple, they were dressed like they were going to a formal party and they sounded too haughty for Atlanta's liking. The wife had her hair in this terrible style that it blocked Atlanta's view of the stage.

"I can't sit behind this!" Atlanta hissed as she tried to look over the woman.

Atlanta's father held her down and shook his finger: "Child, you are not going to do something foolish..."

Herry guffawed and wiped a tear from his eye: "That'll be a bit hard!"

Atlanta glared at Herry and then as a last resort, she tapped the woman on the shoulder: "Umm... Hi there! I'm Atlanta!"

The woman looked down at Atlanta and smiled flakily as she shook Atlanta's hand: "Oh... How do you do... Atlanta? The name is Helen... Helen Holt and this is my husband, the Giles Holt!"

Atlanta didn't quite get if she should actually know this man's husband and just greeted him for the sake of it: "Umm... Do you have a child here?"

Helen sighed and nodded in excitement: "Naturally! Our little Hector is competing! He's a sure fire winner, the competition is absolute rubbish he says... In fact, he tells us there is this silly boy named Archie who thinks he can run faster than anyone! How silly is that? He's eight!"

Atlanta's face flushed and she clenched her fist; she hovered off her seat as she managed to fasten a smile on her face instead of a scowl. She felt Herry grip her arm and she managed to calm down just in time for the entrance of the contestants.


"...And that is why my Mom calls my Dad's mom a pain in the royal behind... Thank you..."

The Holt parents had just watched their son slander their name in the dirt, they had sunk so low in their seats that Atlanta no longer needed to peer over the woman's head.

Jay appeared back on the stage: "Next is Archie, Archie come up and pick your topic out the basket..."

Archie felt Theresa push him on stage and he held his gaze in front of him as he walked over and quickly snatched up a piece of paper with a topic.

Atlanta whistled encouragement and then tapped the irritating Holt woman on the shoulder: "That's my son!"

Archie sighed nervously as he looked out at the crowd to see the usual people that came to cheer him on. He then took his first look at his topic; he felt his heart know up and his tongue become lazy.

"You may start Archie..." Jay told the boy and watched his eyes grow wide.

Archie opened his mouth to speak, it felt dry and lazy: "Can... can I change my topic..."

Jay shook his head: "No, sorry Archie... Tell us your topic and it might get better from there."

Archie looked at his mom in the crowd who looked at him in concern and nodded her head to assure him that it would be okay.

"My..." Archie said and began to quiver, he felt like if he shook anymore, he'd be a pile of bones, "My topic is... My topic is: My dad is great because..."

Backstage, Theresa's heart froze and she turned her head from the stage: "No... Oh poor Archie..."

In the audience, the reaction was similar, Herry and Odie looked at each other and shook their heads in sympathy for the poor boy that didn't even have a father to talk about. Archie's grandfather looked not at his grandson but at his daughter, she sat there... as if frozen in time. He clutched her hand tightly and suddenly her eyes looked watery, she bit her lip and wouldn't break eye contact with her son.

Archie's heart and mind were racing, he couldn't think of anything to say... he had nothing to say; he didn't have a father to talk about. He turned to Jay and bit his lip to stop any tears; he was a boy and didn't cry.

"Can... Can I forfeit..." Archie murmured and bowed his head, he felt like he was letting his mom down.

"Archie, if you had a father... would he be the coolest dad in the world?"

Archie turned to the crowd and noticed his mom, Atlanta standing up and pushing past the hordes of parents and friends.

Atlanta glanced at Theresa who stood in the wings, Theresa nodded, she would allow Atlanta to do what she was doing.

Archie scowled as he sniffed and then nodded his head, Atlanta nodded back: "Why? Why is your Dad the coolest?"

Archie suddenly thought of something and looked at his mom, he had the same watery-eyed expression: "He still thinks about me..."

Atlanta nodded: "You get a letter that your dad wrote to you before he... died on each of your birthdays..."

Archie nodded: "There are eight letters and in each one, he tells me how proud of me he is... even though he doesn't know what I'm up to... or if I'm really a naughty boy. I'm getting my last letter tomorrow..."

Atlanta nodded and slowly a tear slipped over her cheek, she got to the bottom of the stage and stood there: "Anything else you want to say about your dad?"

Archie thought for a while and then looked at his mom and nodded: "He is really cool... cause he liked you a lot and married you... I think he is proud of you too Mom..."

Atlanta pulled herself onto the stage, as she heard Archie's final words, more tears slipped down her cheeks and she smiled happily. Archie looked to the crowd and then at Jay: "My dad was cool... he still is... Thank you for listening..."

Archie ran over to Atlanta and swung his arms around his mom's neck. Atlanta hugged Archie tightly and then whispered in his ear: "I love you Archie..."

Suddenly, that annoying woman Helen Holt stood up and whistled. She clapped her hands wildly and blew her nose primly: "That was beautiful! If they don't win! Go Archie!"

Slowly the hall was giving the Mother and son team a huge round of applause. Atlanta got to her feet and with Archie's hand in hers... they walked backstage.


Atlanta was sitting with her son on the bonnet of the car; she couldn't stop hugging him and ruffling his hair as she looked at the gold medal and certificate that he had won.

Archie smiled and shoved Atlanta's hand out of his hair: "Mom, please stop that!"

"Come on Archie! My son has won 'Best Speaker'! I'm happy!" Atlanta said proudly and then watched Herry, Odie, Jay, Theresa and her dad walk out of the school.

Herry clapped his hands together and then looked at Archie: "There's the coolest kid in the world!"

Archie loved his mother's friends; though he wasn't allowed to really let people know. He hopped off the bonnet to go and greet everyone.

Odie shook Archie's hand: "We have a new champion here!"

Theresa knelt down and hugged Archie quickly with a smile: "Well done Archie."

Archie turned to Jay and looked down: "Thank you for not chasing me off stage..."

Jay shrugged as he took hold of Theresa's hand and looked at Atlanta: "Your mother never gives up so I figured you needed time and then we'd see that side of your mom come out in you."

Archie looked at his grandfather who looked at Archie with a raised brow: "I do believe it is late and you'll already be up at the crack of dawn for that letter..."

Archie stifled a yawn and then grabbed his grandfather's hand: "I'm fine... I can... I can stay up."

Atlanta shook her head and then turned to her father: "Take him home please? I want to talk to them some more..."

Archie looked at his mom in protest and she just hugged her son and then held her hands out, palms raised. Archie followed by hitting his mom's hands and then she hit his. They then held out their index fingers and touched the other ones nose.

"Night Archie..." Atlanta said firmly.

Archie sighed and nodded: "Night mom..."


Qternalanimator: Okay, so this chapter is really long! Isn't little Archie so sweet?! Oh well, please R&R this and then I'll get the next chapters up faster! And remember, this will all make sense very soon! I promise!
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