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Atlanta remembers Tyrone

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The teens are out of school and things didn't pan out as everyone wanted, especially with Atlanta and Archie. Based on the movie KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI

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Qternalanimator: Hello! It's me! Well, here goes my Class of the Titans take on the Bollywood movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I might deviate from the storyline a bit but it will mostly be the storyline of Kuch Kuch. Please R&R, I'd be really thankful. Oh... I hate this part... I, qternalanimator, do not own Class of The Titans or the Bollywood movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I just think they are both really cool and decided to make them one. Now, let us enjoy the story!


Atlanta looked down at her new son with watery eyes. Nine months of irritation and an overly large stomach had resulted in this, this little child that lay quietly in her arms. She smiled and stroked his hand: "Hey there..."

"I'm sure he'd reply if he could, you'll be the coolest mom in the world."

Atlanta looked up to see her husband Tyrone walk in with flowers and brush her cheek with a kiss. She had never regretted marrying Tyrone, with his bright blue eyes and goofy smile. He had dark mauve hair, even as an adult, he spiked his hair up with gel.

Tyrone looked down at his son with a faint smile and a subdued look. Atlanta noticed this and put her hand on his shoulder. He looked at her and hugged her with all his life. He then sat down holding Atlanta's hand: "Will you do me a favour?"

Atlanta looked at her husband in worry and nodded: "Yeah, you know I will. Are you okay?"

Tyrone nodded and winked at Atlanta, he then looked at his son and sighed: "Name him... Name him Archie, please."

"What... why? I mean, Archie?" Atlanta said in surprise, she hadn't heard that name in ages and it astounded her that Tyrone would want his son to be named that.

Tyrone nodded and then stood up, he kissed Atlanta on the forehead and turned around: "It would mean the world to me if you did. I have to go now."

Tyrone began to walk out and Atlanta couldn't help but feel concerned, she shifted in the hospital bed: "I'll see you later?"

Tyrone turned and shrugged: "Work is really busy, I'll see."


Tyrone arrived back home at their apartment and stepped out onto the balcony to look over his life for one final time. He had nothing left in him; he didn't have the heart to carry on. He walked back inside and into his study; he pulled ten letters out of a locked drawer and then put them in the entrance hall. His father would be coming back soon and he'd need to find these.


Atlanta sat with her son Archie in her hands again; she couldn't leave him alone for five minutes straight. She watched him sleep and even though the nurse had told her to let him sleep in a cot. Atlanta had wanted him there, to assure her of what she'd just been through and how it was all worth it.

She looked up and out the room window into the hospital. She noticed her father in law there and smiled: "Look Arch! Your grandpa is here!" She then looked out again and noted that there were policemen with him, Atlanta's blood ran cold at the sight of the men in uniform and only Archie's body kept her warm.

Her father in law, a worn faced man with a heart of gold and the energy of a teenager, opened the door and walked in. His eyes were wide open and yet he looked, lost in a maze. In his hand he clutched two envelopes and he slowly sat next to Atlanta's bed.

"Dad? Dad, what's wrong?" Atlanta said fretfully with shivers running down her spine as she noted that the one envelope had her name on it and it was in Tyrone's slanted writing. The policemen stepped in and stood at the foot of Atlanta's bed, she turned to them and frowned. Her father in law, Garret took Archie from her and Atlanta just let him. Her attention was on the policemen.

"Are you Atlanta Sidle? Wife of Tyrone Sidle?" the one man asked astutely.

Atlanta's eyes grew wide: "Yes... I am. Why? What's wrong?"

"We are sorry to inform you but at 14: 35 this afternoon, the father of Tyrone Sidle, Garret Sidle, found your husband dead in your apartment... We are sorry for your loss."

Atlanta felt her heart jump into her throat and freeze, she choked on nothing but the words and the one policeman brought her a glass of water, she refused it and felt tears well up in her eyes. She looked at her father in law, who sat crying silently while holding Archie. He then handed over the letter with her name on it and stood up: "I'll take him back to the nursery."

"We'll be outside your door," the policeman who had handed her the glass told her and everyone walked out.

Atlanta pulled open the envelope and unfolded the letter, her hands shaking with shock.

My nearest, my dearest, my love Atlanta.

If you are reading this, I have finally taken my own life and left you, my father and my new son.

Where do I start? For quite some time, I had nothing in me. I was a lifeless casket though I didn't look it. Life left me feeling washed up and monochrome. I do not blame you Atlanta, you were my love and I will cherish your love for me even after I am gone.

Our son, our dear son Archie... I do hope you have granted my wish to have him named that. I have left him eight letters with my father. Each is to be received on his birthday and read to him by my father. I ask that you do not read them, as you already have memories of me. He will need those letters to know who his father was.

I hope you can forgive me Atlanta, forgive and love again. Please go well and take care of Dad and our son.


Atlanta's body was racked with tears. Life as she had known it had shattered into millions of consecutive pieces. She looked at the ring on her finger and shakily pulled it off, she looked at it and clenched it tightly in her hand. She brought her legs up to her and held them tight. She swayed back and forth, gulping air and refusing to believe that the man she had loved all her life was gone, she looked at the seat where he had sat almost hours ago and remembered the ashen manner he had behaved. If only she had persuaded him to stay, if only she had noticed that he hadn't been himself! If... If... Atlanta gasped and felt like her whole body couldn't get air. She fumbled around for the bell to ring the nurse.

Instantly, a nurse came to her side and noted the delirious woman. She stepped out and in came a doctor and injected Atlanta with a sedative. Slowly, like the tides... a wave of numbness lapped over her and she lay down in her bed. Her eyes, hazing over as she finally fell asleep... a single mother... a widow... with no husband...

"I'll name him Archie..." she murmured and finally fell silent except for her consistent flow of oxygen. Her grip loosened and her wedding ring dropped as silently as she was, to the floor.


Qternalanimator: Okay, I'll need to explain. In the movie the woman dies giving birth, leaving the father with a new daughter. For all intent and purpose, I changed it so that it would fit with Class of the Titans. You will find out more about Tyrone later and how Atlanta and Archie ended up... well not together. Sorry for it being short! Please R&R this and tell me what you think. Much obliged! Qternal...
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