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Live and let diet

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Cornelia becomes so fat,the girls decide to fix the Author's own sick ways.

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It was a wonderful sunny day in...whatever the town the girls lived in.They decided to spend such a lovely day in the mall,where they would eat food and buy clothes they can't afford.
Four of them were in the Snack Shack waiting for Cornelia.

And then she came.

She looked like a big fat blob in a United Colors of Benetton shirt and tight jeans.heer fat was flapping all around her body,and her huge ass wobbled all over place.She sat on her spot,almost sitting on Hay-Lin.The waitress came,and while the girls ordered burgers and milkshakes,Cornelia ordered 3 cheeseburgers with bacon and extra cheese,2 large fries,a super-sized chocolate milkshake with caramel and 5 cherry pies.When the waitress left,Will looked at the others,and said:

-Cornelia,we think it's time for an intervention.

-What?Why?I don't drink that much wine!


-What she means,is that you're fat! , Irma cut in.

-Yeah,you're big enough to be Rosie O'Donnell's mom! said Taranee.

-Why you not go on diet? asked Hay-Lin. It reary good for you,you courd rose rots od pound!

Cornelia looked at them,and replied:

-Okay,firstly,Hay-Lin,you're way too much stereotyped in this story.Secondly,I'm not fat,I'm just big-boned!

Irma replied:

-No,Godzilla was big-boned.You're just fat.

Cornelia looked at them,got teary eyed,and stormed of,taking her order to go.

Will knew what to do.

-We must start an intervention.We must make Cornelia a skinny bitch again!
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