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It's home-made lyposuction!

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That night,while Cornelia was in her bed,sleeping and dreaming about her in a threesome with Orlando Bloom and Cap'n Crunch,the other girls sneaked into her house.Their plan was to break into Cornelia's room,tie her up to the bedposts and give her lyposuction to suck out all the fat.This was going to be hard,as the only tool they could use for lypo was...a vacuum cleaner.
They got into her room.Will took out the ropes and tied Cornelia's wrists and ankles to the bedposts.Hay Lin pulled out a scalpel,took off Cornelia's upper P.J.,ans thrusted the scalpel into Cornealia's thick 7-layered of fat skin!
Cornelia woke up with a shock,and screamed:

-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!Jesus Christ monkeyballs!This hurts,what the fuck is going on?!!!

-Quick,Irma!The vacuum cleaner!

While Cornelia was struggling,Irma pulled out the vacuum cleaner,put it into Cornelia's belly wound,and started sucking.

-Don't worry,Cornelia,we're doing this for your own good! said Will. Only true friends would break into your house and stick a vacuum cleaner into your stomach!

-Aaaggh!!Get it out!Get it out!

-Stop,struggling!It only hurts if you fight it! said Irma.

But,in a matter of seconds,Cornelia broke the ropes,punched Irma in the face,and threw the vacuum into the girls,which held onto Taranee's face.


Cornelia jumped out of her bed,and ran out her room,leaving a trail of fat and bits of bacon along the way.

-Quick,catch her!Don't let her get away! Will exclaimed.

Cornelia got into the kitchen,and found a sewing machine on the table.She grabbed the machine,and used it to stitch her wound.

-There!They should use this in Grey's anatomy!

Just then,the girls barged into the kitchen,and Hay Lin exclaimed:

-Give you self up!You need to rhose weight!

-Not a chance! replied Cornelia.

She opened the fridge door,grabbed an extra large package of Twinkies,ans started gobbling all over them.The girls stared in shock as Cornelia managed to eat up 24 twinkies in no less than 30 seconds.
She stood up,and said:

-There!You'll never make me give up tasty and delicious food!It would take a bullet to make me drop the Oreos and large Snickers from my cold dead hands--go-ohhh!

Cornelia grabbed her belly,and threw up a mash of Twinkies at the girls!The yellow molasis covered Will,Irma,Hay Lin and Taranee,from head to toe,and some of it got onto the floor.
Cornelia wiped her chin,and left the room.Seconds later a BUUUURP and a fart were heard from her room.
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