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How to stop being fat

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Forget Jenny Craig and Atkins!

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It was a week and a half later since the girls tried to lyposuck Cornelia.They decided to make a different approach,so they invited her to a bar in the town.They all sat down by the door,and Will started the conversation.

-Cornelia,we're sorry for trying to make you skinny again,and we decided we should stop.

-Good. said Cornelia. I guess you realised that just because someone is neatly filled,that doesn't mean they should immeadiatly stop eating just because it's "wrong".

-Uh,no! said Irma. We just decided you should go on diet!

-What?!Hell no!I'm not gonna eat salads and drink Evian beacuse you tell me so!

-Yes we figured that. said Taranee. That's why we decided you should go on an Amy Winehouse diet!

-What?How do you that?

-It's very easy;all you have to do is drink booze and take drugs!And in a week or so,you'll be back to slim in no time!

-Hmmm,booze and drugs,eh?Okay,I'll give it a try.

And that's when she ordered a large beer and a cup of tequila,and later she snarled some heroin she found in the bathroom.

After a week of drinking alcohol and taking various drugs,Cornelia managed to lose weight,and she got her skinny-bitch figure again.
That's a lesson to all of you children out there;if you're fat,you're ugly and no one will ever love you,so you'd better lose weight no matter what the cost!How's that for an ending?
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