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The Consequences

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And this is how boys cope.

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Author's Note: I'm on a roll...

somethingorother: It will take more than an overprotective brother to break Alex and Chloe up. At least for now.

Tissamy: Burning of a thousand suns, eh? I guess I should keep going then ;)

1. I agree. Pinky promises are adorable.
2. Believe it. Paul is into Chloe.
3. Not sure if Jenna will appear anywhere in the future.
4. Maybe on the calm down.

Now for the feature presentation...

The consequences.

As I watched All Time Low’s set, tension between Alex and Jack was painfully apparent. For most of the set, they stood at opposite sides of the stage. And when they did come in close proximity of each other, my brother would “accidentally” shoulder Alex.

In addition to this, the lewd and sexually charged banter signature to their shows was replaced with brief conversation with the crowd and painfully obvious tension between guitarists.

It was hard to watch.

“Gaskarth, will you marry me?” someone yelled as the last notes of “Jasey Rae” echoed throughout the venue.
“Sorry, sweetheart. I’ve already got a girlfriend,” he said, chuckling. Jack, on the other hand, looked like he was going throw his guitar at Alex’s head.

“Oh fuck…” I whispered, watching this all unfold. Although he was on the opposite side of the stage, he turned to me as if he’d heard what I said.

“I’m sorry,” I mouthed. His face softened a bit before turning to the crowd once again.

“Alright, this next one goes out to all the strippers in the house tonight,” Alex said into the microphone. “Hope you like it.”

With that, “Dear Maria” started bouncing off the walls.

“Mind if I ask what’s going on with Jack and Alex?” Travis said, coming up behind me.
“Is it that obvious?”
“A blind guy could see that something’s up. So spill.”
“My brother found out about me and Alex…”
“I had a feeling that you two had something going on.”
“Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier--”
“Gossip travels fast when a bunch of drunk guys get together. It was a good choice on your part.”

I sighed, and directed my gaze to the floor.

“Well, my brother doesn’t see it that way. He hasn’t spoken to me or Alex for the past 3 days.”
“He’ll eventually get over it.”
“I’m not so sure about that.”
“Trust me. The same thing happened when I found out my sister was dating Drew. I freaked initially, but it blew over in no time.”
“I don’t get it though. Why do guys freak out in the first place?”
“Well it’s like this. My life was split into 2 worlds. The first one was Musictopia, where all my stuff with the band resided. The second was Familyopolis, where Jessica, my mom, and my dad were. When I found out about Jessica and Drew, it was like the worlds were exploding into each other. I was scared that they would get hurt, and I didn’t know what to do. If Jess broke his heart, my relationship with her would change. If Drew broke her heart, my relationship with him would change. Either way, things were out of my hands, and I felt helpless as fuck,” he explained.

Surprisingly, this actually made sense to me.

“How’d you deal with it?”
“To be honest, I yelled at both of them, then didn’t talk to either for a week. But after seeing how happy they made each other, I realized that they could take care of themselves and that worlds weren’t really exploding. They were just fusing to make one big, happy world,” he said. “So turn that frown upside down and stop worrying about this shit. You’re on tour, and rule number 1 of touring is that you’re not allowed to be sad,” he said, pinching my cheek.
“Thanks, Trav.”
“No problem,” he said, putting his arm around my shoulder. “C’mon, let’s go take our minds off the mess on stage.”

As I followed him backstage, the apprehension built up in my chest quickly faded away. I guess that’s just the type of person Travis was. He just radiates happiness. Anyone within a 20-foot radius of him can testify to that.

He led us to the WTK dressing room, where we played a few games of Uno Attack, messed around with acoustic guitars, and drank a few beers.

About an hour later, Jack came in, sweaty as hell and looking for me.

“We’re heading back to the bus,” he said.

Progress. He’s actually talking to me.

“Alright,” I said, getting up from the couch.

“Thanks for everything,” I said, pulling Trav into a hug.
“Don’t sweat it.”

With that, I followed my brother into the hallway.

“So what have you been up to with Travis?” he asked, breaking the silence between us.
“Nothing much. Just drank a little, played Uno…”

When we reached the bus, Rian and Zack were already in the lounge area, pigging out on Doritos. Jack took a seat in between them and grabbed and turned on the PS3. Alex, I assumed, was passed out in his bunk.

It hadn’t even been 5 minutes, and I could already feel myself being pulled in 2 directions.

Should I stay here or go to the back?
My brother or my boyfriend?
Jack or Alex?

The choice seemed simple enough, but there were a lot of things to think about.

On one hand, Jack already had the guys keeping him company. Alex was alone.
On the other hand, Jack had just started talking to me after 3 days of silent treatment. Did I want to throw that away?

To make matters worse, Jack tossed me a controller just as Alex appeared in the doorway, asking if I was going to sleep any time soon.

If this wasn’t being caught between a rock and a hard place, I didn’t know what was.

“Can I play a little Halo first?” I asked, taking a seat.
“Sure,” Alex replied with a disappointed smile and headed back to his bunk.

Yeah, I suck at life.


Blood's thicker than water.
To what extent does this apply for Alex and Chloe?

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