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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Star Trek. For that matter, I don't own much of anything except a lot of debt. If I could claim the two series and all their spin-offs, I would. So please don't sic the law demons on me ok?

Chapter 12: Schools out

The next few years of the Academy seemed to fly by for Harry. Academically, Harry stayed in the top ten percent of his class, though by no means was he the top student. He was never 'in hack' for poor grades or missing assignments, but he burned the midnight oil more times than he cared to admit trying to understand concepts that didn't even exist in the twentieth century.

At the team tryouts in second year, even though his run and swim times had improved and his scores in his two best events were still very high, Harry failed to make the cut for the pentathlon team. As he trudged dejectedly towards his squad mates in the stands, Hui hurried out to meet him and clasped him in a comforting hug.

"Thanks," Harry murmured into her hair, his chin resting on her shoulder. As he squeezed lightly to return the hug, Harry started to realize something.

Now that they were out of the Plebe year and weekend passes were far more readily available, Harry and Hui had been spending almost every weekend together. Sometimes they spent the day at her grandfather's bar, where Harry taught her as many spells as she was capable of performing with her ancient, poorly-matched wand. Other days, they explored outside the area, their range having expanded beyond the city to points as far as Yosemite Park and the beaches of the central coast.

But for all that time, Harry realized, he had kept the relationship on the level of "just friends", out of misguided loyalty to a long-dead relationship. His high school sweetheart, Kim, had moved on long since; her letters over the past summer had talked of her new boyfriend as much as her school work and her job. It was time for Harry to move on, too. He wanted something more than a memory, and Hui Johanssen, his fellow refugee from the remnants of the wizarding world, was a good place to start.

Harry pulled back out of the hug with a smile on his face, a sharp contrast to his earlier dejection at losing his spot on the team. Without a word, he leaned forward and kissed Hui gently on the lips. She jumped slightly in surprise, but quickly settled down and returned the kiss with enthusiasm.

"About time," she teased quietly when then finally broke apart again.

Harry grinned sheepishly. "Hey, I'm a guy. We're a bit thick, sometimes."

At that point, the rest of the squad arrived and started trying to console Harry for the loss of his spot. Hui and Harry stepped apart to greet them, though no one noticed their hands still clasped together.

"Cadet Potter?"

The squad snapped to attention alongside Harry. "Sir, yes sir!" he responded to the senior officer addressing him.

"The Academy Flight Demonstration Team needs a new pilot. Are you interested, Cadet?"

Harry didn't have to think for more than a microsecond. "Sir, yes sir!"

"Report to the flight simulators tomorrow morning, Cadet." The officer turned and walked away without waiting for a reply.

"Sir, yes sir?" Harry whispered to the man's retreating back, stunned at the sudden reversal of fortune. His squad mates cheered and pounded on his back in congratulations.


Towards the middle of Harry's second year, the Enterprise had returned to earth after completing her historic five year mission of deep space exploration. When the statistics of the missions were released, Harry was extremely proud to have been associated with the Enterprise crew, if only for a short time.

In the two years since the Enterprise's return, some of the command staff had served as guest instructors at the Academy. Lt. Chekov's class in Practical Navigational Tactics was fun and informative. His lecture had included real world examples of what worked, what didn't, and why. While Chekov hadn't ever had a chance to speak to Harry when he was aboard the Enterprise, he remembered him for his role in the fight on K-7 and seemed to take pleasure in calling on 'Meester Pottur' for answers to questions he posed.

Lt. Cmdr. Sulu's advanced aerobatics and maneuvering lecture had been a pleasure to attend and participate in, though it ended up being a bit more intense than anyone had expected. The discussion had gotten so deeply technical and heated in regards to what Mr. Sulu had done in various situations and improvements that Harry could see, that the class had almost thought the two of them would come to blows over certain aspects. What nobody had realized was that each of them understood the other's instinctive feel for flight and deeply respected their opinions. Had any member of the Enterprise crew been present, they would have shrugged, told the class, "They're at it again," and started taking bets on the outcome of the soon-to-follow simbattle.

Finally, when things seemed to be coming to a very nasty head, the instructor and the cadet looked each other in the eyes and said simultaneously, "Prove it."

Sulu just said, "F-15C."

Harry responded with, "Mig-29S."

Mr. Sulu dismissed the class for a half hour and asked them to reform at the flight sim observation lab for the demonstration.

Mr. Scott and Mr. Chekov were walking down the hall when Sulu's' class was dismissed. The two of them spotted Potter and Sulu leaving the room with smiles and looks of determination on their faces. Mr. Scott looked over at Mr. Chekov and just said "Bottle of Jim Beam on 'Arry."

Chekov just nodded and responded with a simple "Da."

The Class marveled at the display of flying abilities that Sulu and Potter showed in the simulator. They had figured that Harry would loose in about ten seconds however, 45 minutes later, they were still going at it. In the course of the dogfight, both of them had used all of their missiles and the fight had degraded to a 'knife fight' with neither one really gaining an advantage.

Suddenly, it was over: coming out of a nine-G turn, Harry pulled a Pugachev Cobra maneuver and raked the belly of Sulu's' F-15 with cannon fire. The computers judged Sulu to be shot down, but they also ruled that Harry's Mig wouldn't have survived much longer either, as he had seriously overstressed the airframe and had fractured the main wing spar. The end ruling was that Harry had won, but just barely due to the destruction of his aircraft shortly after shooting down Sulu, and Sulu would have survived the ejection to fight again.

After they both exited the simpods, Sulu gathered the class around. "Excellent job, Mr. Potter. It's been a while since I had to fly like that. Now class, there are several things to be learned from this. First of all, Mr. Potter was able to prove his argument as plausible. A technologically advanced aircraft or spacecraft is not necessarily better than one that is less advanced. Mr. Potter's use of a Mig-29 was an incredibly appropriate choice. The F-15 was one of the most technologically advanced fighters of its time. The Mig-29, which was a contemporary of the F-15, was slightly less advanced, but more robustly built due to different design philosophies. Mr. Potter was able to pull a maneuver that the F-15 cannot do and thus shoot me down.

"This can be extrapolated to today's realities of space combat. A Federation Wilkerson Class Destroyer, for example, is more technologically advanced than, say, a Romulan Bright One Class Destroyer. However, because of the superior strength of the hull, a Bright One can do things such as enter an atmosphere at high velocities, which a Wilkerson cannot. Keep this in mind when you're out in the fleet, as it may save your life."

Sulu looked over at Harry, who had a sheepish look on his face and appeared to be getting ready say something. Sulu held up his hand, stopping Harry from saying whatever he had on his mind. "This brings me to my second point. Mr. Potter, there is no need to apologize for your behavior earlier. Sometimes, it's necessary for a junior officer to grab a senior officer by the nose and prove his point. I don't recommend doing that to an admiral, but if you do, make absolutely sure you're correct first, and be prepared to suffer the consequences if you're not. The thing to remember is that you need to be very careful if you're going to do something that may embarrass a senior officer. It's a risk, so you need to decide if the situation is serious enough, and be prepared to apologize and accept any disciplinary actions, even if you're right.

"Excellent demonstration and class today. Class dismissed, and Mr. Potter, you've earned a pass for the weekend."


During the summer before his final year at the Academy, the students in Harry's class were assigned to various ships for a month of real-world experience known as the Cadet Cruise. The ships for these assignments were carefully selected to ensure the safety of the cadets, all of them running safe patrols or assignments in the heart of Federation space.

Cadet Potter was assigned to a mid-sized, unarmed tug on a cargo run between Earth and Andor. True to Harry's usual luck, half-way back to Earth the ship encountered technical difficulties, and was then set upon by an Orion raider attempting to commandeer the tug and steal the cargo.

Three hours later, Harry was transported directly into the sickbay of the Constitution-class starship that had come in response to their distress calls and chased the pirates off.

"Harry? Harry James Potter, what the hell were you thinking?"

The battered cadet wiped the blood from his eyes and turned to face his irate girlfriend, who was spending her Cadet Cruise assisting in the sickbay of the starship. "Hey, Hui. How's it going?" he quipped, smiling slightly through the pain in his head and ribs.

"Don't you give me that innocent look, buster! You took an untested, experimental ship into a fight where you were outnumbered and outgunned! You could have been killed! As it is, you have..." Hui paused to run the medical tricorder over Harry's prone form. "...three cracked ribs, a serious scalp laceration, and a concussion!"

Harry rolled his eyes. "What, did you expect me to just sit back and let those pirates take my ship?"

"You're a cadet! It was not your job--"

Harry interrupted, "If I hadn't kept them busy and distracted, they'd have boarded us, killed the crew, and been gone before you guys could get here!"

The young medical student's eyes swam with tears. "That is not the point, Harry! That was the most reckless--"

"Hey, Gryffindor, remember?"




"Um, Hui..."


"I love you."

"--hare-brai...wait, what?"

"C'mere," Harry beckoned with his blood-smeared hand. Hui stepped closer, and he reached up behind her head and pulled her down into a desperate kiss.

When they finally came up for air, Hui stood back up, trying to maintain her look of annoyance but not able to completely suppress her smile. "I love you, too, you idiot. Now let's get you fixed up, so I can prove it to you later."


The middle of April 2273 found Harry's squad studying like mad for the upcoming finals in the middle of May. While they all had open passes on the weekends, they were seldom taken save for a stress break for a few hours.

Harry made it a point that, every Sunday morning he could, he went to Mickey's for a few hours. Most of the time Hui accompanied him, but due to various commitments there were weekends that he went alone and just let the magic there relax him. When the two of them were there together, they used the few hours of downtime to recharge their batteries and practice magic.

Harry had spent the past three and a half years teaching the untrained witch all the spells he could remember from his five years at Hogwarts; she had all the appearances of being a powerful witch if only she had a better-matched wand. She often got better results using Harry's wand than her old heirloom piece.

Harry wished he could get hold of some basic textbooks to explain out theory and refine his teaching technique. As much as he hadn't enjoyed the theory portions of his Hogwarts education as much as the practicals, he knew the information would help Hui in the areas where his ability to explain the whys of magic spells failed him.

In their explorations of the Bay Area, they had found a few magical texts for sale, but in every case the books dealt with more esoteric branches and not the basics of how to cast a spell. Harry knew that he could find the very books he needed at Hogwarts, but had decided that just in case Voldemort was still alive and kicking there, his best chance of survival would be to finish school before attempting to figure out a way into the castle.

His romantic relationship with Hui had grown warmer and closer since that first kiss in their second year, and had long since blossomed into full-blown love, as he'd realized after his close call the past summer. Theirs was a comfortable rapport, without the drama that Harry remembered from his first crush on Cho, and without the wild, hormonal highs and lows that he remembered from high school. They had never had a real fight, and they spent more time laughing and talking together than anything else.

On this spring Saturday, Harry and Hui's squad was sitting around several tables in one of the barracks day rooms studying different subjects. Outside, a late-season rain shower was falling, though the sun broke through the clouds on occasion. Currently, Harry had his nose in a book on subspace communication theory. Occasional questions were tossed out by various members of the squad on different subjects and without fail someone would be able to answer the question and explain it. Their four years together had welded this squad into a tight-knit group who knew each others' strengths and weaknesses. Their group had been remarkably free from the infighting and competitive bickering that plagued other squads.

Harry glanced up from his studies and caught a glimpse of Hui. He was suddenly hit with a revelation. Hui was the one person that made his day and he couldn't imagine a day without her in his life in some way. Summoning up his Gryffindor courage he made a snap decision. Without looking up from his text he asked the single biggest question of his life.

"Johansson, you want to marry me?"

For a moment it appeared that she hadn't heard him, but then she responded, "Sure, I thought you'd never ask." A slight blush crept into her cheeks with her agreement.

For a moment nothing seemed to have occurred, then Hui asked, "Week after graduation at the Academy chapel sound about right?"

Harry nodded. "Yep, should be enough time for everyone to get here."

With this exchange, several PADDs and books were dropped from their owners' fingers as the context of the questions between Harry and Hui finally registered in the minds of their classmates. A collective "WHAAT!!!!" rang out in the room.

The newly engaged couple quietly looked out over the room at their stunned classmates. Almost as one, the gathered cadets fired off questions at Harry and Hui. The two of them just reached out and held each other hands and shared a look of 'Give me strength.'

Stendec, the only Vulcan in the room, stoically said, "Human mating rituals are… intriguing."

Tara Vought, a tiny redheaded woman from the old American state of West Virginia, exploded at Stendec's comment. "That is NOT a human mating ritual! It's a travesty is what it is! Where's the bended knee?! Where's the diamond ring?! Where's the candlelight dinner?! WHERE IS THE ROMANCE?!?!?!" She finished the rant with both arms flailing in the air, emphasizing her argument.

Stendec raised an eyebrow at Tara's exclamations. "I found Mr. Potter's proposal very efficient, and quite reminiscent of several bonding ceremonies I was privileged to witness when I was growing up on Vulcan. Are you saying that I am in error and what we just witnessed is not the normal human custom?"

Harry and Hui focused their attention to the argument brewing between the pint sized fireball and Stendec, who everyone in the cadet company knew to be about as emotional as Vulcans got, as well as a master at lacing his speech with double and triple meanings. He was the son of farmers, from a more rural and relaxed area on his home world, far removed from the urban, academic and political elite that had produced the first Vulcan Harry had met. Though all Vulcans appeared impassive and unemotional to the untrained human eye, Harry remembered Commander Spock as far more reserved and almost uptight about his emotional control. Stendec, in comparison, was almost laid-back.

"NO! It's not! It's a slap in the face to all marriage proposals! She should be slapping him silly for that, not blushing like a tomato!" Tara exclaimed while pointing at Hui.

Stendec turned his attention fully to the newly-engaged couple. He appraised them for a few seconds. A definite wink and a ghost of a smile crossed Stendec's features, and then he turned his attention back to Tara.

Harry and Hui both realized that Stendec was up to something and that Tara would either kill Stendec or want to kiss him for it. Harry thought to himself, Did I just see the Vulcan equivalent of "Hey y'all, watch this"?

"Miss Vought, I believe that you may be correct in your assessment. Would you be willing to assist me in rectifying the errors in my observations? You do appear to be something of an expert in human customs," said Stendec in a mild tone of voice.

"Y'er damn right I will. Ya need to learn a few things about human behavior so ya don't make a fool of yerself out in the fleet. Dang it, I'm bettin' yer observations are all screwed up. Ya need a woman to show you what ya missed!" she exclaimed, Stendec's mild tone drawing her Appalachian Mountain accent to the fore.

Harry and Hui burst out laughing at the fiery redhead's display of temper.

"What the Hell are you two laughin at?" Tara turned, directing her fury at the proposal and Stendec's calm appearance towards the laughing pair.

Hui took a moment to compose herself while Harry was still snickering. "Tara Marie Vought," she addressed her roommate, "think about what you just agreed to and I'll help you get ready for your date this weekend."

"Date? What are 'yall talking abou…" A look of realization crossed her face as she realized the secondary meaning of Stendec's question. "Oh…date," she said in a small voice.

"Come on, short stuff, time we talked about this marriage of mine and stuff," said Hui as she stood up and took the now subdued shorter woman out of the room.

Harry got up and began gathering Hui's belongings. He looked over at Stendec, who was doing the same for Vought's items, and asked, "Mate, just how long have you wanted to ask her out?"

Stendec paused for a moment. "I had been contemplating it for about a month. Is this a problem?"

"Nope, just curious. But why her? She's one of the most emotional people I have ever met."

Stendec didn't say anything for a minute as he finished gathering up the last of Vought's belongings. "I cannot readily explain it, but it seemed to be the logical thing to do. What of yourself? Why Miss Johansson, and why now?"

Harry stopped for a moment to articulate his thoughts. "Stendec, I can't explain it either, it just hit me that I needed to have her in my life, as my wife. Like you said, it was the logical thing to do."


At the beginning of May, Harry's squad went to the required communications security seminar that all seniors had to attend in order to graduate. The day long class was always taught by an active duty signals officer that had fleet experience. Harry and Hui sat next to each other towards the front of the auditorium. Harry knew who the guest lecturer was and they both wanted a good view of the podium.

Lt. Cmdr. Uhura was introduced and she began her lecture. The lecture itself was very informative and filled with anecdotes, showing how different technologies and procedures actually worked in a lively and entertaining way. Harry's location ensured that Uhura was aware that he was in the class, but she gave no indication that she saw him in the audience until she asked a question that Harry was more than ready to answer.

"Can someone give me an example of transmitting in the clear and being encrypted at the same time?" Uhura asked the assembled cadets. Several cadets raised their hands, including Harry.

"Cadet Potter, what have you come up with as an example?" Uhura asked when she selected Harry.

Harry stood up as required and a faint smile crossed his features as he began to speak in the Gorn language. "Honored Hunt Leader, you are looking well and as you can see, I have mastered the True Tongue. To my rightclaw is my future nest-mate, and as you requested when we last spoke she will be available for your vetting. Now, to properly answer your question without delaying your teachings further, unless someone else that is present in this glade can understand the True Tongue and understand the context of what we are speaking, they will not be able to decipher what we may be speaking about. They will understand the words, but not the actual meaning of the words. One of the earliest examples of this method was the 'Navajo Code Talkers' from Earth's Second World War. They spoke in the clear, but if you did not know the actual meaning of the words, you could not understand the true meaning of their speech. As always, I look forward to your teachings, Honored Hunt Leader."

Uhura blinked several times as she translated what Harry said in her head. A dazzling smile blossomed on her face as she responded. "Excellent demonstration, Mr. Potter. Class, several years ago I had the pleasure of being Mr. Potter's language instructor for a brief time, and he just reminded me of my last instructions to him. Most of you may have only understood the words 'Navajo Code Talkers' and 'Earth' in what he said. For those of you that were wondering, Mr. Potter is fluent in the language of the Gorn, and his choice of it to make his demonstration was incredibly appropriate. The example that he gave was the Navajo Code Talkers and the fact that even if another Navajo could listen in to their transmissions, without knowing the true meaning of the words that they were saying, he could think that Code Talkers were having a conversation about fishing, when in fact they might be calling in a position report or requesting an evacuation. Mr. Potter's demonstration was a perfect example of this. Mr. Potter, request granted. I'll see you after class for a more detailed explanation."


"TAKE…SEATS!" The command rang out in the Academy stadium. Harry sat down, his new maroon and black uniform almost reflecting the morning sun. It was graduation day and he had finally made it. He was sure that all his friends and family were looking down at him and getting ready for a party in his honor. The faculty members were on the stage in the older, unpopular gray uniforms.

Harry understood now why those uniforms had been so quickly replaced. He had been prepared for the gray, robe-like uniforms, but he had no sooner put one on than he realized that, despite the resemblance to the robes that Wizards traditionally wore, these were nothing like them. He despised them immediately, as did most of his classmates (and most of the rest of the Fleet). Luckily, within a month of Harry's initial fitting at the beginning of his senior year, Starfleet had begun the transition to a more popular and comfortable maroon and black two piece uniform that resembled what a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman would have worn in Harry's original time.

Currently the new uniform was only being issued to the graduates of the Academy and the various enlisted fleet training schools. Starfleet was hoping to have the entire fleet in the new uniforms by the end of the year.

Once the initial speeches and acknowledgments had been completed, the keynote speaker, Admiral James Kirk, Chief of Starfleet Operations, stepped up to the podium and looked over the crowd.

"Graduates, Honored Guests, and Family members, I ask you now for a moment of silence in memory of all who came before us. Without them, and their actions, we would not be here today."

Harry bowed his head and thought about what he would say if everyone that he had known back in the twentieth century could see him now. "Hey, everyone up there in your next great adventure, I made it. Thanks to all of you and what you taught me, I've made it this far. I often wondered if I would live to see my eighteenth birthday, but now I've got no plans to see any of you for a very long time. Believe it or not, I'm getting married next week, and my future wife would be pissed if I went and got myself killed. I'd never hear the end of it. I'm doing my best to live my life like everyone would have wanted me to, and I hope that you'll be proud of me. I miss you all."

Admiral Kirk cleared his throat after a minute and continued. "Thank you. Ladies and Gentlemen, members of all races present and remote, thank you for being here today. Thanks to your efforts and support, in a few minutes the cadets in front of you will be granted a title that they have earned: the title of Starfleet Officer. This is a title which you ensured that they will be able to shoulder proudly. Cadets, when today's ceremony is complete, if at all possible, let your families know how much you love them and thank them for what they did to help get you to where you are today."

The Admiral paused and took a sip of water from a glass before continuing. "Four years ago, these young people in front of you arrived here as frightened children, thinking that they knew what they were getting into and putting on a brave face. I can assure you that any notions of glory on day one or becoming the best without putting in the effort were blown away within thirty seconds of their arrival. I should know; I was there in their shoes…well, too many years ago to think about. In the four years that they have been here, they have had to grow into the men and women that they are today. During their time here they have studied things that they had no idea existed, played hard, gotten in trouble and faced the consequences, and taken responsibility for their actions. Some cadets went through with little fuss, while others rose to the challenges that faced them and performed better than many of their active-duty counterparts would have in the same situations, and probably better than their older stepbrother of an Admiral…Yes, Harry, I'm talking about you."

Harry blushed at the compliment. Admiral Kirk was referring to an incident that occurred during Harry's Cadet Cruise where the transport he was assigned to had blown a Helium seal and was stranded. It had later been learned that the KethKin-class tug had been the victim of sabotage. While Vaughn and Stendec had been assisting with the tricky repair in engineering, the bridge crew had detected that an Orion Blockade Runner was fast approaching. Harry had commandeered an experimental Hawk-class fighter that was being transported in one of the cargo pods to Starfleet R&D from the Andorian shipyards for field trials. Harry had managed to keep the pirates at bay until reinforcements arrived. Somehow during the fight with the Blockade Runner, He had managed to record a transmission from the runner to the transport which allowed the crew to catch the saboteur. Harry never really knew if turning on the test equipment that was installed aboard had been the key to catching the traitor or not, but he did get a commendation for his actions and thorough ass-chewing for taking an untried experimental ship into combat.

Once the crowd's twitters of amusement had settled down, Kirk resumed. "Now they are stepping into the world prepared to face the challenges of life to the best of their abilities. Whether they decide to stay in Starfleet for their entire careers, or pursue other avenues in life once their initial commitment is fulfilled, they can look back at their time here as some of the best in their lives."

Kirk paused and looked out over the sea of graduates before continuing. "Knowing full well how, when I was a cadet, I hated long winded speeches, I'll try to finish this up so you can go on to your families that are waiting patiently for you and whatever celebrations you may have planned. Recently, Starfleet went through a nasty scandal that reverberated throughout the fleet. Unfortunately, Rittenhouse's conspiracy reached down into your classmates and, as you are aware, those involved are no longer among you. Some of them were seemingly the best and brightest of your class. You, the graduates that are sitting here today, were not involved. You all chose to do the right thing and think. Those that felt and acted with the other conspirators paid the price for their folly. They forgot that there is one cardinal rule as a member of Starfleet that is above all others. Some of you may be thinking that it is the Prime Directive: do not interfere with less advanced civilizations. That rule is one of the top ones, but it is not what I'm referring to today. What I am talking about is what they forgot. You remembered that a Starfleet officer ultimately has to answer to an authority higher than the Admiralty or the President. In the end, your highest duty is to the citizens of the Federation. The conspirators forgot that, as Starfleet officers, they do the bidding of the government that the citizens elected, not the other way around. Someday, one of you may be standing here addressing a graduating class. When that day comes, let them know that during your career, you made the hard decisions and did the right thing, knowing that if you were wrong, you would be facing the consequences of your actions regardless of what they may be. That's what I am doing now. Cadets -- no, Officers -- in my career, I have had to make many decisions. Some were good decisions, and some bad. In each case, when I made that choice, I had every reason to believe that my ultimate boss, the citizens of the Federation, would support my decision. If I was wrong, I would pay the consequences. I ask you now to do the same thing.

"Well, enough of my ramblings, it's time to move on and start your lives. Congratulations, Class of 2273."

Kirk stepped away from the podium and off to the side. He would be shaking the hand of every graduate after they received their diploma.

The Commandant of the Academy started calling off the names of the graduating cadets and made announcements if any special awards were earned by the graduate in question. When Harry's name was called, the Commandant announced that Harry was the winner of the Yeager-Alrheem flight excellence trophy. Harry grinned as he accepted his diploma and moved to the end of the stage. Admiral Kirk stood there and pulled Harry close. "Good job, Harry. I'll be there on Saturday; Mom would have my head if I don't show."

Harry just smiled and said, "Good thing too. Hui would kill me, and we both need to talk to you afterwards... as officers, not family."

Kirk frowned slightly, curious, but just nodded and let Harry go. Ensign Harry Potter moved off the stage and back to his seat, now a Commissioned Officer of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets.
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