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Wedding Bells

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It's Time to get Married

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Star Trek. For that matter, I don't own much of anything except a lot of debt. If I could claim the two series and all their spin-offs, I would. So please don't sic the law demons on me ok?

Chapter 13: Wedding Bells

The days following graduation had been a whirlwind. Not that there was much for Harry to do; most of the plans for the wedding and reception were being handled by Mickey and all of Hui's girlfriends. All Harry had to do for that was just say, "Yes dear," and Hui was happy.

He had taken it upon himself to handle the honeymoon arrangements. Most of their time away was going to be spent on the island of Jamaica, but they were going to spend the weekend before reporting back in to Starfleet in England, where Harry planned to show his wife some of the places he had previously visited around London. Hui had expressed an interest in seeing England and the land of her seven-times great-grandmother ever since she'd read the letters that were enclosed in her family Grimoire. Harry knew that they could get out of there with little trouble if necessary, so he didn't feel like it was going to be anything really dangerous, just the wards making them feel off a bit. Hui had agreed to this and felt like it would be fun.

One other thing that they had planned to do during the reception was to let Jim Kirk in on the secret of the Wizarding world, since he was family. The two of them had talked it over with several of the patrons at her grandfather's magical bar. Mickey, since he was the closest thing to a mayor or governmental representative for wizardkind around, agreed it was a good idea. The Statute of Secrecy had long since lost much of its urgency, since there wasn't really a separate wizarding society to protect any longer.

Mickey had also suggested that they bring it to Kirk's attention officially, as Starfleet officers rather than as family. This was not because he wanted any witch hunts or persecution but more for the security of all concerned. The Federation included members who could read minds or who were completely incorporeal, and Starfleet had dealt with even stranger and more powerful beings. Magic, as humanity's wizards practiced it, would no longer evoke fear as it had in past centuries. Mickey felt that if Starfleet were to run across any nutjob wizards or witches out there, they had better be aware of what they might have to deal with.

Harry hadn't really agreed with this but came around when Mickey pointed out that while Harry might be the only one that could destroy Voldemort, assuming he was still alive, Starfleet had more than enough resources to help him do the job.

Harry sat back in the recliner he had placed in the room he used above Mickey's bar. It was the night before his wedding and he was trying to calm his nerves a bit with some light reading. He had tuned into a local entertainment station and was listening to some light jazz while reading a fictionalized account of the hunt for the German battleship, Bismarck. All in all he found the book a barely recognizable account of what had happened, but it was a fun read.

A knock on the door drew his attention from the book and he went to open it. Standing there was Stendec, impeccably dressed in Vulcan clothing. He gave Harry a look that, to almost anyone else, would have very passive, but to Harry, who had learned to read the Vulcan's subtle expressions, it screamed 'What the hell are you doing?'

"Stendec, what are you doing here? I'd thought you would be out at Houdini's or over at Hill's listening to the new crop of wannabes." Harry asked in confusion. Those two places were Stendec's favorite haunts on Friday nights if he wasn't studying.

"Harry, it has come to my attention that you are not following tradition. Are you not supposed to be out this evening celebrating your upcoming nuptials?" asked Stendec mildly.

"Celebrating my up…Oh, a bachelor party. Honestly, I didn't even think about having one. Besides, I've heard about what goes on at one of those things. Hui would kill me if she ever found out," Harry said. The idea of a bachelor party really hadn't occurred to him.

"I see. And where are your bride-to-be and her compatriots, including Tara?" Stendec asked in the same mild tone of voice.

"Well, I think they were going out to have some sort of congrat…Oh, bachelorette party, right. Wait a sec, Tara's with them? You know what she's liable to have them doing, don't you?" stated Harry, a bit of concern in his voice. Tara Vought was a bit of a wild card and as emotional as they came. Somehow, though, the mellow Vulcan farmer's son and the hyperactive coal miner's daughter just seemed to fit together.

"I am aware of the possibility that she might have them try some things that are…out of character," said Stendec in a tone that said he knew damn well what his spitfire of a girlfriend would be up to.

"Oooookaayyy… So why are you here then? Going to get me out and celebrate for a bit?" asked Harry. He was beginning to get suspicious of his Vulcan friends motives.

"In a manner of speaking. Gentlemen---get him." At this final statement, the remaining males from Harry's Academy squad, plus the now eighteen-year-old Peter Kirk, charged out of the shadows where they had been hiding, rushed into the room and pulled Harry out for his impromptu bachelor party.


"Where is he? The wedding is in an hour and no one's seen him!" exclaimed a panicking Hui. This was her day and while it wasn't the massive world event that she had thought about on occasion when she was little, it was her wedding and the groom was missing.

"Hui, it's gonna be okay. Russ and Stendec are with him. They're probably just making sure he looks his best. This is Harry we're talking about. He'll be there," said Tara.

Hui's best friend from childhood, Gayle, looked at her. "Hui, don't worry, everything will be fine, you'll see."

There was a knock on the door. "Come in, unless you're Harry, then stay out!" yelled out Tara.

Stendec entered and said, "Harry is here now and patiently waiting for you to enter the chapel."

"'Bout damned time. What the Hell did y'all do to him to make him almost miss his wedding?" asked Tara, her finger waving in Stendec's direction.

"Nothing too egregious, I assure you. We just had a bit of an issue procuring a cutting torch this early in the morning," said Stendec mildly, though if one looked closely there was a bit of a greenish flush to his face.

"A cuttin…Ya know what, never mind, I don't want to know right now," stated Tara. She'd get the story later, after the wedding was finished and done. Hui just at back and breathed a sigh of relief. Harry was here and it was time for her to get married.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you Mr. Harry James and Mrs. Hui Ingrid Potter!" sang out the academy chaplain.

Harry and Hui faced the gathering in the small side chapel. On one side were seated the combined Kwok and Johansson families, and on the other were the Dursley and Kirk families, plus eight nervous new ensigns seated next to Admiral Kirk and his guest Admiral Lori Cienna.

The newlyweds walked down the aisle right after the other members of their Squad had left the chapel. The eight ensigns formed an arch of swords that Harry and Hui walked under, with Ensign Melendres deliberately slapping the flat of his sword on Hui's butt as she passed by, a tradition meant to ensure that the couple would have lots of children. The reception was being held at the Jade Dragon; Mickey had taken down the notice-me-not charms for the day so that everyone could find their way there with no problems.

The reception went well and the various toasts and stories served to both embarrass the newlyweds and enlighten the families to each other and their new members. Of particular humor was Winona's story of Harry getting busted doing 150kph in a 50kph zone. The officer was the same one that had nailed young Jimmy Kirk right before he had wrecked the corvette roughly twenty years earlier. He had also caught Jim's older brother five years before that. The officer had called Winona and had asked if all the Kirk boys were hardwired to go lightspeed in 50kph zones and if he should just write out the ticket for Peter now.

Mickey's story of a five-year-old Hui's first attempt at cooking brought howls of laughter, mainly due to Mickey's style of story telling. The idea of a five-year-old cooking fried chicken in an old-fashioned microwave for twenty minutes (instead of the conventional oven the instructions called for) wasn't new, but when Mickey told it, you almost felt like you were there watching the poultry petrify.

About an hour or so before it was time to leave for their honeymoon, Harry and Hui got the two Admirals' attention and took them to a side room for their discussion.

"Admiral Kirk, Admiral Cienna, first of all, thank you for setting our assignments so that we can serve together as best a possible. We both realize that it's not anything personal that you did, but your offices' efforts and regulations. Even so, we both wanted to thank you personally," said Harry while Hui looked on and nodded in full agreement.

Both Admirals nodded politely. Kirk narrowed his eyes and asked, "Alright, Ensigns, What's up? I know you wouldn't be dragging us off for a private meeting unless you had a very good reason---especially on your wedding day."

Harry and Hui both nodded and Hui said "I'll go get the proof while you prep them."

Hui left the room to gather up what she wanted. As soon as the door was closed, Harry began.

"Admiral Kirk, does Admiral Cienna have the clearance to know the full extent of my history, including my rescue and the following investigations?"

Kirk blinked and a look of surprise crossed his face. It was obvious that whatever he had thought that Harry was going to say, that wasn't it.

"In regards to the rescue itself, no. However as head of the Personnel, she has the clearance in regards to your 'talents'."

Harry nodded and continued. "Admiral Kirk…'Uncle' Jim, I need to apologize to you. I wasn't entirely truthful when you found me. While I still have no real idea of how I got out there, what I'm referring to is my claiming to be the only one that had my 'talents'. At the time I was working under a set of strict secrecy laws, which I have since learned are no longer enforced."

Admiral Kirk looked at Harry intently for a moment. "Apology accepted. I can understand why you did what you did. Honestly, if I had been in the same situation, I'd have probably done the same thing."

Admiral Cienna spoke up, slightly confused by the exchange. "Ensign, you know I'm in charge of Personnel. I'm not sure what this has to do with my office."

"Admiral, what we're about to tell you has quite a bit to do with your office. Honestly, I wish that someone from Intel was here, too. They need to know this information as well," said Harry seriously.

This statement caused both flag officers to sit down. Whatever the Potters were going to reveal, they fully believed and were very serious about.

Hui knocked on the door and asked, "Is it okay to come in yet?"

Harry opened the door and let her in. Hui had her and Harry's wands, the Lovegood Grimoire, and a blank, real paper book.

Harry handed the both wands to the seated admirals. "Feel free to examine them but please be careful; they are both over three hundred years old."

Kirk immediately recognized Harry's wand, but was surprised to see a second wand that, while visually similar, had a few obvious differences.

"Admiral Cienna, Admiral Kirk is aware of a highly edited version of what you're going to learn, but I assure you that this is the truth as we know it, and you will be seeing a practical demonstration. Let me ask you something: do you believe in magic?" asked Hui in an extremely serious tone.

With this question, Harry and Hui began their story. Interlaced within, they gave practical demonstrations. Hui performed low-end first-year spells, while Harry gave more advanced demonstrations in disciplines that had all but died out, such as transfiguration. Harry also showed off his patronus, Prongs, who when conjured seemed to prance more like a showhorse than a stag.

Hui had just finished making a copy of the Grimoire as a show of good faith to Starfleet and as a sort of 'welcome to the family' gift for Kirk when Admiral Kirk's Communicator went off.

Harry and Hui stepped out of the room to let Kirk take the call. A few moments later, both Admirals came out, talking to each other. "Lori, you go make the arrangements and I'll go let Nogura in on this when I see him in a few."

"Got it, Jim. I'll see you on the Enterprise in a couple of hours," Admiral Cienna replied. She gave Kirk a quick kiss and rushed off. Whatever that call had been about must have been pretty important to get an admiral to move that fast.

"Harry, Hui. Thanks for letting us in on this. I agree this is very important. I have some new orders for you. As soon as you're back from your honeymoon, Harry, you're assigned to my office. I'm going to need to know as much as possible and so is the Admiralty. Your duties will be to prepare a full briefing on the wizarding world. You'll be expanding upon what you did here today. You'll be in the Flight Operations class in September, not the one you were originally slotted for. This information overrides that set of orders.

"Hui, you're going to be off at medical school at Stanford in September as originally planned. In the meantime, instead of medical admin duties, you're going to be helping Harry with his briefing and assigned to Dr. Lifferth. I need you to work with Lifferth in designing a standard set of testing protocols to determine magical strength and capabilities. In addition, you're going to undergo the same set of tests that Harry did when we found him. Having a second baseline to work from is only going to help. There won't be any invasive procedures; I'm not going to have my sister-in-law carved up like a side of beef. Anyway, I need to get going and Harry, bring that copy of the book with you when you report in. Congratulations and enjoy your honeymoon."

"Yes sir, and thank you for listening." said Harry.

Admiral Kirk left the bar in a hurry, just stopping long enough to say goodbye to Winona, Peter, and Mickey.

A few minutes after Jim had left to deal with whatever had come up, Mickey, Winona and Werner Dursley came up to Harry. Hui was upstairs getting changed from her wedding dress to the causal wear that they would be wearing on the trip.

"I take it that they didn't freak out about what you told them," said Mickey.

"Nope, got my orders changed because of it though. So did Hui. I'm not really sure how far we can go with what we know. I don't want to cause anyone any trouble." said Harry. He was looking forward to the work involved as it might eventually even help out the last of the wizarding world, but didn't want to frighten anyone with his abilities and the knowledge that there were more like him in the universe. The last thing that he wanted to do was to be the cause of a galactic witch hunt.

"Harry, don't worry about it. Now that Jimmy understands better, he may still be a bit uneasy, but he's not about to let anything bad happen. He'll probably be on you a little more than normal for someone in his office, but that's only because of his job. You've given him a shot at developing a new asset. He's going to be a bit intense about it until he realizes that this is a long term project that's going to outlive him," said Winona, confident in her knowledge of her second son's personality.

Harry nodded but still had his doubts.

Werner, a big man who vaguely resembled Vernon and was a Chicago SWAT team leader, sized up Harry for a moment. "Harry, Grandad made sure I got all the family papers when he passed on. I went and read some of Vernon's diaries. I have no idea of why he hated you so much, but what he wrote down gave me a pretty good idea of what you're capable of. Look, I'm a cop; it's my job to figure people out. Whatever special abilities and talents that you have that rubbed them raw, aren't who you really are. Now I don't know what you told your boss there, but just be yourself and don't worry about it. Just do your job and get them to understand whatever it is you need to tell them. Sure you may piss them off, but in the long run, you'll be a better man and officer for it."

Harry was still a little unsure about what they had done but knew that the cat was out of the bag and there was no turning back.

Hui spotted Harry and dragged him off. They made their rounds of goodbyes and quietly left the festivities for a week in Jamaica and a quick tour of London.


The Potters stayed at the Goldeneye resort during their stay in Jamaica. Somehow they had lucked out and gotten the Ian Fleming bungalow. The bungalow was one the site of the original one that Ian had built over three hundred years ago. While it had been rebuilt several times over the centuries, the owners had always used as much of the original as possible in the reconstruction and kept to the original plans as closely as they could. Hui was a fan of the old James Bond films and finding out that they had Ian's old cottage for the week just made her day.

Around 7am, the morning after they arrived, the comm unit started clamoring for their attention.

"Good lord, who the hell is calling us at this hour and on our honeymoon no less?" a very sleepy Hui asked, more to herself than anything else.

"Unggh, I don't know but I'll get it. Just stay put, hon," said an equally sleepy Harry.

Harry got out of bed and stumbled over to the small comm unit, leaving a very naked Hui looking for the sheets that had been tossed off the bed sometime during the night. Harry could have channeled the comm to the large screen viewer on the wall, however that would have give the caller a full view of everyone and everything in the bedroom. Harry was awake enough to remember that and had no desire to share his wife, or himself for that matter, in all their glory. The small unit's field of view only allowed for head and shoulders viewing with a small hint of the background but that's all.

Harry activated the unit and as soon as the green light indicating the call was connected lit up, he said in a sleepy and annoyed voice, "Potter here."

Tara and Stendec's faces appeared in the small viewing screen. "Harry, get your hands off her! She's a married woman!" Tara's overly cheery voice yelled out.

Stendec raised one eyebrow as if he was surprised by the sight of a disheveled Harry on the screen. "Yes Harry, from what I understand, her husband is a jealous man and he might do something…rash when he finds out."

Harry blinked a few times and then shook his head. "Do you two know what time it is?"

Hui piped up from the background "Very funny, you two. Unless you want to see exactly how I'm going to make my husband jealous, we'll talk to you when we get back."

Tara started giggling like mad while Stendec's only reaction was his other eyebrow elevating giving him as slightly gobsmacked look. With that, the two practical jokers signed off.

Harry turned around to face the bed. Whatever comment he had died on his lips as Hui was reclining against the headboard, still uncovered and a sultry look on her face. Harry needed no further encouragement and stalked towards her.


The time that the two of them spent on Jamaica was thoroughly enjoyed. They saw many sights and completely enjoyed just being two newlyweds with no worries. If they were to be asked later about the trip, both would admit to loving every minute of it, though privately they would say that the had scared off lots of fish and birds with their more 'vigorous' activities.

Very early on the Saturday of their trip, they checked out of the resort and said goodbye to Jamaica, hopefully not for the last time. Taking the transporter to London, they arrived when it was still early.

As Harry had expected, the country-wide ward affected them as soon as they materialized on the pads. Once they had cleared the receiving area and checked into their hotel for the weekend, they went to a small pub for breakfast. Once their meal had arrived and the waitress had moved off, they began to talk about this piece of the trip.

"Damn, you weren't kidding about that ward. I really feel like I need to get my business done and leave," said Hui, giving voice to Harry's own initial description of this ward.

"Yeah, I know. As far as I know, it's actually harmless but I can see why wizards and witches would feel like Great Britain is cursed. That ward just makes you feel off."

"So what should we do today? I'm just happy to be in great-grandma's homeland. I would love to see everything, but you're the expert," said Hui. While the ward bothered her a bit, she was much more interested in seeing the city and maybe some of the areas where Harry had spent his early years.

Harry thought about it for a minute. "Well, I think the best thing to do is see the park where Diagon Alley was first. Least I can do is try and give you an imaginary tour of the Alley. Three hundred years ago, you'd have gone there for pretty much everything magic related. We can move on to the Kings Cross museum when it opens in a few hours, so you can get an idea of what the Hogwarts Express looked like. After that, a tour of London and the area I lived when I was little."

"Sounds good to me. Shall we?" Hui said standing up and holding out her arm for Harry to take.

"Of course. Let's be off Mrs. Potter," he replied taking her arm in his.

Getting to the park was easy enough. Harry began his walking tour by explaining that where the gate was, this was the rough entrance to the Alley itself when you entered it from the Leaky Cauldron. He cautioned her that he was going to be off a bit, since he'd only been here a few times and it had been years ago even from his own perspective, but it was a general approximation. Going through the park he gave Hui descriptions of what shops were where and what you could find in them.

Hui had expressed interest in several with the apothecary, Flourish and Blotts, and Ollivander's being the most intriguing to her. She expressed her opinion that if for nothing else, Ollivander's was the place she wished she could go, above all others, just so she could have her own wand.

Approaching the far end of the park, Harry explained that the marble boulders were all that remained above ground of Gringotts. As far as he knew, everything would still be intact a few hundred feet down, but based on the descriptions that the patrons of Mickey's bar had given him over the years, anything close to the surface would have been destroyed by the blasts and ensuing fires.

Harry and Hui stopped to look at the plaque that the Order had placed on one of the stones. "Harry, what was that piece that grandma wrote in her letter?"

Harry thought about the letter from Luna for a moment and looked at the plaque intently. Suddenly, two parts of what she was talking about made sense "Son of a bitch, this is what she was talking about. She said something about childhood protections, a plaque and the bumblebee's wings. This is the plaque. It has to be. The Order put it here and she probably became a member after I vanished."

Harry tapped the stylized engraving of a phoenix on the plaque. "That's a phoenix -- well, a representation of one, anyway. Dumbledore had one as a companion when I was back in the twentieth, and he did occasionally use it as a method of fast travel. But I still don't get what the hell she was talking about with the childhood protections. They were blood wards and only worked around the house where my relatives lived. Surrey's quite a ways from here, and the house certainly isn't there anymore."

Hui got very quiet and her face took on an expression that Harry recognized from the Academy. She got that look when she was on the verge of figuring out a question from her classes. Harry didn't say anything as he didn't want to break her concentration.

"What type of wards did you say they were again?" she asked.

"Blood wards. Why?"

"Ok Hon, this is what I'm thinking. She wasn't talking about the wards themselves but what they were keyed to. Blood, specifically your blood. Do you remember exactly what she said?" asked Hui.

"Not off the top of my head, let me pull it up," Harry pulled his ever present PADD from its holster on his hip. It took a moment for him to pull up the file. Looking at the passage he said "To get to the serpent's son, remember your childhood protection, find the plaque and touch the Bumblebee's wings. He'll get you to the arena. You can trust this with your life, because the fanged one helped."

"Harry, I want to see what happens when you put your blood on that plaque. Before we try it we need our gear. No way in hell are we going to take a chance of going into combat unarmed or unprepared." said Hui. The conviction in her voice stalled any objections that Harry might have had. She really wanted this mystery solved.

The two of them returned to their hotel where they gathered up Hui's first aid bag and retrieved a pair of hold out phasers that Admiral Kirk had made them take with them, from the hotel safe. As Admiral Kirk was Chief of Starfleet Operations, there was a chance that some unsavory types might try to get to him through Harry and Hui. Kirk had wanted them to have some sort of protection just in case.

As they returned to the park, Harry asked, "Are you sure you want to try this now? We can wait till we have backup."

Hui nodded and pulled a laser scalpel from her aid bag. "Harry, I'm going to put a shallow cut on your left palm. Touch that Phoenix on the plaque and let's see what happens."

Harry nodded and Hui cut his palm with the scalpel. Just before he put his palm on the Phoenix engraved on the plaque, he hesitated. His concern was for his wife, he didn't want her hurt or killed. He wasn't concerned about himself, but he was afraid for her. Harry looked at Hui one last time and she nodded. Shrugging, he put his palm on the Phoenix.

For a few seconds nothing happened…
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