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She Needed Him

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I'm so sorry it's been forever! Explanation inside!

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As you've already read in the summary (or skipped over, desperate to read the stinking chapter), it’s been...too long...since I've posted an update on here. Well, first of all, I had finals, then I had some problems with my friend's problems (and that's another story...) and then, to top it all off, my computer totally crashed. But those lovely techs fixed it up and now it's running again :) So now that I can actually type up this chapter-here it is!


Dani leaned over her nightstand and read the display on her old, cracked cell phone.

Gerard was calling. She held her breath and slowly picked it up, answering with a small mumble.

"Dani? Can you talk?" he asked, relieved that she had even been able to answer him.

She nodded, before remembering that it would be pointless. "Yeah," she squeaked, still not breathing.

"Dani! Breathe!" Gerard commanded with a sigh.

She exhaled, laughing quietly at the way he knew. "I am."

Gerard leaned back onto his headboard. It was about 10:30 in the morning the next day. He could hear his mother vacuuming Mikey's room upstairs and his brother playing video games in the living room. He frowned at the normalcy, the small comforts that he wished he could share with her.

"So...I know how much of a stupid question this is, are you?" he said tensely, not sure where to start.

Dani bit the inside of her cheek, thinking about the marks still left on her skin from the night before. Even though he was too drunk to get it up... she told herself bitterly. "Not nearly as bad as you think it is."

"How can you say that? Not as bad? As what? Him murdering you?" Gerard said loudly.

Dani winced, not because of his volume, but the point he was getting across. And even though she'd never admit it to his face, Gee was completely right.

"But...what did he say...or do to you for getting suspended?"

God, Gerard! Can't you just shut the fuck up? "You don't want to know that."

He practically rolled his eyes. "I think we both know that I want nothing more than to know that."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Frank jolted upright from his small twin bed. Another one of those dreams.

He pulled the sheets off his small body with a quiet snap and walked over to his computer. I can't take this anymore.

He typed fast. All he needed to do was send her a few simple words.

He shivered, even though the room wasn't particularly cold. "I have to do something," he muttered to himself. "It's killing me to just sit here."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"So he works most of the day?" Gerard confirmed.

Dani picked at the skin next to her thumbnail as she talked. "Uh-huh."

A million plans ran through his mind, but all of them had some sort of flaw. "What if somebody...just...called the cops one night? Then he'd be out of your life for sure."

She sighed, wanting to forget about it and talk about something else. "And they'd put me where, exactly? I don't want to be some sympathy kid or a ward of the state or anything like that."

He closed his eyes. What he wanted to say to her was one thing, and what he could say were completely different. His eyes fluttered slightly when he recalled what he'd admitted to Dani the day before. "I have some ideas...,” he whispered.

"What?" Dani asked.

Gerard froze. "I said I...have some ideas...for a drawing..."

Dani smoothed down the soft blue comforter on her bed, tracing an invisible pattern with her the arm still contained with a cast. "God, what is it that you're sketching all the time? Do you even spend any time on anything else?"

"Y-yes!" Gerard sputtered. "And I'm drawing...well, everything. It's what I do." Oh yeah, and I also put you down on paper when I think you're not looking, and occasionally I follow you to your house and draw that, too! Your living room furniture looks awesome from the window!

"Hmm..." Dani sighed.

"Ah, fuck it. I want to show you something. Whenever you have time." She already knows you're obsessed with her, so go ahead and show her the rest of it. That you could make a shrine with all the drawings of her.

When will I have time? I guess I could leave while he's at work, but I'd have to be back before five, or...who knows... "Can we meet up somewhere, like, now?"

Gerard was surprised. " sure you won't get into anymore shit for sneaking off with me again?"

She couldn't know if Issac would find out and 'punish' her or if she'd get away with it. But she needed to risk it. "I...I just need to...want to be...with you for a little while," she breathed.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Less than thirty minutes later, they were both sitting under a tree at the park in between their houses, not the same one Dani had been to with Frank, Gerard's sketchpad tucked safely under his arm.

"I'm gonna go ahead and warn you...this might thouroughly creep you out..." Gee trailed off, noticing the lighter bits of her hair that appeared in the sun.

She laughed. "Collecting my DNA for cloning? Gee, what did I tell you about that?" she joked.

He gave a short chuckle. "No, not that bad." He turned away from her, pulling out the four drawings he'd chosen to show to her. "Close your eyes."

She shut her eyes, still not sure what he was up to. Dani felt Gerard drop some pieces of lightweight paper onto her lap.

"You can open them now." He clenched both of his hands, nervous.

Dani looked down to see...herself. Or a more beautiful representation of someone who sort of resembled her. She gasped, recognizing some of the clothes. My clothes.

She flipped through all four, studying them carefully. She could see a combination of all different things in the drawings. His talent. Her features. All the work that had been put into them, the attention to detail. "Are these supposed to"

Gerard nodded, waiting for her to run away screaming.

She handed them back to him gently. "Those aren't me," she said simply.

"Um...yes, they are."


"How are they not you? These pictures...ever single one of's all you." Gerard saw Dani rest her chin on her hand, another sad look on her face.

"I'm not pretty," Dani whispered, her throat gradually clogging. "She is."

Gerard moved closer, dumbfounded. "You, Dani Santos, are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." Damn, that sounded cheesy...oh, well, it's true!

She turned her head enough to face him. "Do you really mean all that?"

He swallowed and looked her straight in the eyes. "How many times am I going to remind you? Yes, I mean what I'm saying."

She did all but pounce on him, kissing him hard and catching them both off guard. He responded eagerly, moving against her. The bark on the old tree was pressing into his back and it might've hurt, but he didn't notice.

He pulled away and nuzzled her neck, happy for the moment.

"Shit, I love you," Dani said quietly.

He pulled away enough to see her face. "Seriously...?" he whispered.

She thought over what she'd just said. In a matter of minutes, she'd realized that she loved him enough that it hurt, enough that the rest of the world, including her 'father,' could just fuck off and leave them alone for a few minutes. She didn't hate Gerard anymore, she didn't tolerate him, and she didn't want him. She needed him. "Yes."

And with that, he gently brought his lips back to hers.

Hmm....a happy ending to a chapter for once. Hopefully the cuteness makes up for the fact that this is way late!
FYI: They aren't technically TOGETHER yet. But they're on their way, believe me, they are. Frank will be coming back soon, probably the next chapter. WHICH HOPEFULLY WILL BE SOON!!!!
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