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Do they open the door? Whose there? Will they be okay? Oh the drama xD

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"Gerard... Gee please, don’t..." Frank begged, whispering to me as he clutched my wrist, trying to drag me backwards as I approached the door. It hurt to ignore him the way I was but I couldn’t just sit around waiting for her to go.
"Frank, its okay, I promise." I knew this was one promise I wasn’t fit to make. How was I supposed to know if it was okay or not? It wasn’t fair to promise something uncertain like that, especially if it was the last promise I was ever going to make for him, I didn’t want to break my last promise.
"Gee, if the police are there -"
"I know Frankie."
"Gerard please!" He begged. "I can’t lose you, okay? I literally can not lose you!" He cried and I bit back my tears, finally reaching the door having dragged Frank all the way with me.
"I can’t lose you either Frank. That’s why I have to do this." I whispered and I felt his grip on my wrist loosen.
"I... I... What?" He demanded, and I could tell he didn’t understand. I didn’t elaborate for him, not really understanding myself. There was just something in me making me want to answer the door.
"Guys?" Lyn’s voice was clearer now I was stood right infront of the door and my stomach lurched. Was she with the police? Was I about to do something I would regret for the rest of my life? A small part of me was still refusing to believe this was actually happening.
"Open the door Gee, please." She begged and Frank shook his head silently at me, tears streaming down his face.
"A - Are you alone?" I asked my voice thick with my own tears and I heard Lyn sigh.
"Yes I'm alone. I just want to talk to you guys, I promise." She answered and I reached out to open the door but Frank cupped my face in his hands and turned me to look at him.
"Don’t trust her!" He hissed and I pulled him into me, kissing him softly and feeling him melt in my arms, his hands pressed flat against my chest though he didn’t try to push me away.
"I won’t leave you." I promised against his lips and his eyes fluttered closed as his lips trembled. I kept him held to me as I turned back to the door, Frank sighing in defeat and resting his head against my chest, trembling a little from his tears. It killed me to see him breaking like this, and I prayed I wasn’t about to make everything worse.
I grabbed the door handle and twisted it, biting my lip and feeling my heart pound heavily into my ribs as I slowly pulled the door back, praying to God that it would only be Lyn on my doorstep.
"Erm... Hey..." Lyn mumbled as soon as the door was open. I blinked in surprise, my lips parting as I looked past her. She really was alone, no Police, no nothing. A tidal wave of relief and shock washed over me and my knees nearly gave way, my heart seemed to stop beating altogether. Frank peeked out the door and I felt him slump in my arms as he too saw that Lyn was alone. He closed his eyes again and began sobbing with relief, sinking to the floor. I wrapped my arms more securely around him and pulled him up into my arms, cradling him to my chest and letting him wrap his legs around my waist.
"What do you want?" My voice sounded hoarse and I wondered if I looked as exhausted as I felt. Lyn bit her lip and her eyes welled up with tears as she saw my red eyes and tear stained cheeks, Frank a mess in my arms.
"I... Can I come in?" She asked and I bit my lip to stop myself from yelling no. Frank shook his head a little in my chest but I really was starting to feel like I was about to collapse to the floor, the tension and fear of the last few hours had left me feeling numb and only half conscious. I needed to sit down.
"Five minutes." I whispered and then I turned away from her, walking into the house and leaving her to shut the door and follow me. Frank whimpered into my chest and I knew he was unhappy that I had let her in the house, but I just didn’t have the energy to turn her away or talk to her in the doorway. I wanted nothing more than to hold Frank to me and sleep. Just sleep until everything sorted itself out.
I sank into the sofa and Frank shifted so that he could curl up in my lap, resting his head on my chest in a way that would allow him to look at Lyn at the same time. His arms wrapped awkwardly around my middle and we waited for Lyn to sit down opposite us. She did so, looking nervous and ashamed, and I hoped she was feeling like shit because I wanted nothing more than for her to burn in hell for what she was putting us through.
"Your five minutes have started so I suggest you talk quick." I snapped, my mood was not a good one, and I didn’t have the patience to be calm or civil towards her. I just wanted her to say what she had to say and then get out. And if she was here to tell us the Police were on their way then I would at least have time to say good bye to Frank first.
"I... well... first off... I'm... really sorry..." She sighed and looked down at her hands that were clasped in her lap. "I... over reacted..." She added and I frowned at her, but didn’t say anything. Waiting for her to continue. She looked up at me after a small pause, clearly expecting me to say something, and when I didn’t I saw sadness ghost over her face.
"I really am sorry." She repeated and I scowled at her. It was going to take more than a simple apology for me to forgive her. This wasn’t even about how much she had hurt me; this was because of how much she had hurt Frank. I hadn’t seen him so broken since he had told the police about his dad. She didn’t have any idea how much we had been through together and how much time and work it had taken to get Frank into a happy, comfortable frame of mind. She didn’t have a clue of how much she had torn down inside him when she had walked out like that, threatening to go to the Police.
"Gee... can you blame me for reacting the way I did?" She asked her voice soft and apologetic.
"Yeah, I can." I snarled. "I don’t think I can forgive you for what you did Lyn." Her eyes went wide and then she looked down at her hands again, sniffing a little.
"Gee... I just found out that you were having a relationship with one of your students." She whined, as if this justified everything. I held Frank tighter to me and never stopped glaring at her.
"It’s funny though Lyn, when you thought Frank was twenty, you had no problem that we were together. Couldn’t you see how much I loved him? Why was it when you found out his real age that it all became a problem?" I snapped and she opened her mouth to reply, only to close it again. She shook her head slowly and sighed.
"Like I said, I over reacted. I can see now that you really... care... for each other. I didn’t mean to upset you both." She whispered and I sighed, running a hand through my hair.
"Yeah well... you did." I scoffed and she looked at us both, I could see the hurt on her face and I softened a little.
"I can see that... if I'd have known... I mean... I wish I could take it all back, when you opened the door and... And I saw how... upset you both looked, I just... I couldn’t believe I had done that. I swear I don’t want to hurt you two, and I'm sorry. I really really am." Her voice had a begging quality to it and I knew she was desperate for me to believe her, and I did. But I still couldn’t bring myself to forgive her... not yet.
"Lyn... Me and Frank... we didn’t just get together randomly. We were friends for... a long time. Stuff had been happening that I helped Frank with, that’s how we became friends... this stuff... I can’t tell you what it is but it’s left me feeling very protective over him, and you've hurt us both so much. I can forgive you for hurting me... in time. But I don’t think I can ever forgive you for hurting Frank like this. You have no idea what we've been through together, and how much what you did just re-opened old wounds." Lyn swallowed thickly small tears began to run down her cheeks. Frank snuggled deeper into me, closing his eyes and entwining his fingers with mine.
"I..." Lyn paused, clearly she had had no clue that we had already been through a lot. "I don’t know what to say... Other than I'm sorry. I swear, I'll do anything to make you forgive me. I apologize, to both of you, for any pain I may have caused..." It was all beginning to sound too formal and I sighed, closing my eyes and shaking my head.
"Lyn... We get that your sorry, just please, don’t expect us to forgive you just like that." I whispered and I saw her fists clench.
"Well why not!?" She cried. "I am sorry, and I never went to the Police and I promise I won’t - but what ''stuff'' could be so terrible that me getting a bit mad at you has left you so 'broken'." She demanded and I glared at her, anger bubbling through my veins.
"You have no right to know anything about what we've been through." I snarled and Lyn jumped to her feet, towering over us.
"Oh lay off Gerard! I'm willing to accept you two but for FUCKS sake stop lieing to me!" She yelled, Frank staring at her in fear, his body shaking. "What terrible shit has happened to you two huh? Was it really bad?" She mocked. "Or was it just a little thing and your using it to be dramatic and put me on a guilt trip?" She demanded and I jumped to my feet, Frank cowering in the corner of the sofa as I stepped up to her, my fists clenched so hard at my sides that my nails were digging into my palms.
"Fuck you Lyn! You cant even imagine what we've over come together, and if you think I'm going to tell you you've got another thing coming. You have no right to talk to us like this, and you have no right to treat us the way you have!" I jabbed a finger to the door and took deep breaths to stop from screaming at her. "Now get the fuck out of my house." I snarled and she backed off, the anger clear in my face. Every muscle in my body had tensed and I was fighting with the urge to kill her.
"Gee..." She said, softly now and I yelled at her.
"GET THE FUCK OUT!" She jumped a little and dashed to the door, turning to look at us as Frank got off the sofa to envelope me in his arms and hush me, gently rubbing my back and kissing me over and over again.
"I am sorry..." She whimpered. "To both of you..." And then she left, closing the door gently behind her. I sighed and slumped to the floor, completely spent and Frank went down with me. I began to sob as all my emotions came rushing out in one fell swoop, and Frank cradled me in his arms, crying softly himself, from relief, anger, sadness and love all at once.
"A - At least she won’t go to the police..." Frank whispered after a long while and our tears began to subside. I pulled him into me and embraced him tightly, our arms wrapped tight around each other as we shared the relief.
"I love you." I whispered, my voice strong with the force of my words and Frank nodded, kissing me quickly.
"I know. I love you too." He replied, and I pulled him in for a long, steady kiss. My body was aching and my head was in a mess, but I knew everything would be okay. For now, I just wouldn’t let myself worry anymore. All this stress was definitely not good for my health.
We pulled apart slowly and looked at each other. I melted in his hazel eyes for a long while before sighing and crawling onto the sofa, pulling Frank up to lye beside me. I buried under all the cushions and entwined my legs round Franks, his arms wrapping around my shoulders as I wrapped mine around his waist.
The both of us were exhausted and we shared one last kiss before falling into deep, dreamless sleeps.

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