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exactly my point.

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Gerard and I talked about today’s incident all the way to the drive-in. When we got there, we paid our entrance fees and they handed us our radio thing we’d need and let us drive in. we parked in the back against the fence, and not two minutes after we’d put the tailgate down and set down the blanket in the bed of the truck, Meg and Frankie showed up.

Meg hugged me as soon as she laid eyes on me. “I’m so, so, so sorry Lily! You and Jacob were so cute!”

I pushed her away. “Thanks, Meg, but it’s not a big deal.”

“Don’t be a hero, Lily. You know you’re devastated. And Gerard! Your girlfriend of four weeks, cheating on you like that! With your best friends boyfriend, of all people! How tragic,” she cried, as she hugged him too.

As much as I loved Meg, she could be overly dramatic. As soon as this thought went through my head, she pulled me in again, and my body slammed against Gerard’s and I smelled the usual scent of Irish Spring soap and the air fresheners he left in his truck. Frankie joined the hug and wrapped his arms around my and Gerard’s waists and said loudly, “This is nice.”

“As much as I love Lily-and-Gerard Sandwiches, I can’t breathe,” Gerard gasped, reaching behind me to push away Meg. She finally let go, and we both took large breaths.

“Yeah, we’re fine, it wasn’t a big deal,” I said. Gerard nodded.

“Yeah, I know. I just wanted to group hug you guys,” she said. She pushed her brown hair out of her face. “Where were you guys in first period anyway?”

“I had to pick her up before school because her car was dead,” Gerard said.

“I left my radio on all night. My bad!”

“And we were like, five minutes late to first hour, and Jenson’s a bitch and locked us out. So instead of hanging around in the hallway, we went and bought ice cream and drove around. Not a big deal,” Gerard added. “Though that might have been the most delicious Drumstick of my life. I think they laced it with crack or something,” he added.

I stroked my chin. “It was abnormally delicious.”

Frank smiled. “I could totally go for some ice cream right now,” he said slowly, looking towards the concession stand, where ice cream cones were a dollar.

“Me too,” Gerard said in a zombie-like voice. He always got like that around food.

“Get me one!” I yelled as they took off to get some ice cream.

“Sure,” Gerard said.

“Meg, you want some?” Frank asked, walking backwards.

Meg frowned. “No, I’m on a stupid diet,” she told him regretfully.

“Why the fuck are you on a diet?” I asked.

“I bought a dress for the Summer Kick-Off Ball, and it’s a little tight, but it’s soooo cute, and I’d rather alter my body than not wear that dress.”

The Summer Kick-Off Ball was like the a second, less formal prom for Goodwill Falls. All the girls got cute, summery dresses, the guys rented tuxes, and we all showed up looking pretty at the Falls (the camping site next to the river), where we danced all night and didn’t have curfews. It was pretty much the best thing ever. My dress was short, red, and lacey.

I cocked an eyebrow. “The store wouldn’t take it back?”

She scowled. “No. So I have to go on a diet.”

“Makes sense,” I said.

Gerard and Frankie showed up with three ice cream cones just as the previews started. Gerard took a huge lick of one of the cones, and then handed it to me. I laughed and called him a bitch.

“Only yours,” he said sarcastically.

I stuck my finger in his ice cream and wiped it on his nose. “Oops.”

“You’re lucky the movie’s starting and I don’t have time for a food fight,” he whispered, turning up the volume to the radio thing. Meg, Gerard and I crawled into the bed of the truck and laid down on our stomachs.

I heard a weird noise and turned around to see Frankie creeping along side on of the cars with three girls in it, then slowly climb on the hood of the car. I laughed. He was very predictable.

Meg got off the tailgate and said, “I see one of Jacob’s friends over there, I’m gonna go find out what Jacob thinks about all of this,” and walked away.

Gerard and I had been alone for two minutes, when Melissa’s friend Joan showed up.

“So, Gerard, you break up with Melissa TODAY and you’re already on another date? With Lily of all people?” she asked, putting a hand on her hip.

“Move, I can’t see the screen,” he said absentmindedly. “You’re in the damn way.”

“Hello? Gerard? I’m talking to you!”

“Get the fuck out of our way, Joan, seriously!” I yelled, causing the people parked on either side of us to run around.

“Do you wanna fight, Lily?” Joan asked, taking out her earrings and putting them in her pocket. “Because I will fight you for the sake of my friend’s honor.”

“Well now, aren’t you just a proper gentleman?” I said. “Melissa’s really got a lot of honor, making out with Jacob like a whore in front of everyone today, wouldn’t you say?”

“Don’t talk about her like that behind her back!” Joan cried, her face reddening.

I nodded. “I’m not talking about her behind her back, because I said it to her face earlier today. So…could you move, please?”

“Look, Joan, sweetheart,” Gerard said, craning his neck to see around her, “could you tell Melissa I was going to break up with her anyway, so today’s not a big deal? Thanks.”

Joan’s jaw dropped. “Fine. She never really liked you anyway,” she said once she had regained her composure.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, Joan, just shut the FUCK up! Jesus.”

Joan ran away. I smiled. “That was fun,” I said brightly. “We should be mean to people more often.”

“Wow, you cuss a LOT. I never really noticed,” Gerard said.

“Like a motherfucking sailor!” I concurred. I smiled again. Gerard laughed.

Meg showed up, looking confused. “Wow. I am never missing another one of your breakups again,” she said, looking me, then Gerard. “Those were some colorful expressions you two used from what I hear. You make quite the tag team. What’s a &#$%@ smothered &%# #^&% guzzling& @^# #$ &^#^@# smelling &#^ #^#@ #&^ on your back %@!@&(#&#%$ tart?”

“I have no idea. I just thought of a bunch of random offensive phrases and compiled them together,” Gerard replied.

I laughed. “Yeah, I was wondering about that too. Ha ha.”

“You were pretty impressive when you slapped Jacob. I thought he was going to cry!” Gerard said loudly, completely forgetting the movie.

“You slapped Jacob?” Meg asked incredulously. “Really?”

“Oh, he did cry. Little tiny tears everyone could hardly see. I noticed when I got in his face and screamed at him after he called me a slut. That’s why I started laughing,” I said.

Gerard snorted. “Oh, that’s why you laughed! Makes sense now,” he said.

Meg sighed. “I miss EVERYTHING good!”

“I think some kids taped it. It’ll probably be on YouTube later, maybe,” Gerard said.

Meg grinned. “Oh, I hope so. Can you imagine getting dumped so viciously like that, then having it put on the INTERNET? Oh, it’d be so embarrassing. They deserve it so bad…” Meg was very vengeful when it came to me, Frank, or Gerard. “That would be so … epic.”

Then we heard a scream, and Frankie cackling maniacally.

“Frank Iero, you asshole!” one of the girls screamed as she pushed Frankie off her windshield. “Gerard Way, you’d better some get your dumbass friend before I kill him!”

The other girl just glared at Frank, and Gerard laughed and strode over to Frankie. He grabbed him by his shirt collar and dragged him back to the truck. I’d never really noticed how strong Gerard actually was, and I caught myself staring.

Then I looked at his arms again. They were pretty big. Not drastic, like an athlete or something, but he was pretty strong looking for someone who never does anything strenuous, other than pull around Frankie Iero.

Then I caught myself staring at his face, his porcelain skin and hazel eyes, with his long black hair framing his face perfectly.

Gerard was lovely.

How was I just noticing this?


it's my first new story since, like, forever, and it will get better (and funnier) i promise.

rates&reviews would be lovely. :)

whatever floats your boat.
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