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6. A Beautiful Lie

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Dr. Ryan Ross drove off to the hospital earlier than usual. His first surgery wasn’t until nine, but he wanted to get there at eight. In the passenger seat of his car rested a brown paper bag that managed to steal a smile from him when he snatched it before climbing off the car.

Various people greeted him on his way to the ER, which he replied politely. Taking the steps by two, Ryan reached the doctor’s lounge to see Faith sitting there. She wasn’t alone, but he shrugged it off.

“Morning…” He said, Faith looked at him with a smile.

“Okay, I’m off. See you on Sunday.” Michael stood up quickly and left the room with little more than I nod in Ryan’s direction.

“Hey, you.” Faith said as Ryan sat by her side.

“You look like crap.” He said with a chuckle. Faith rolled her eyes.

“I bet you’d look the same if some drunken asshole decided to drive into a tree at 4.30 am.” As she spoke, she fired up the coffee pot again, getting a warm cup for Ryan.

“Thanks.” He muttered and then cleared his throat. “I got something for you.” Reaching inside the brown paper bag, Ryan got a couple of ham sandwiches, cookies… “And this is yours.” He said handing her a chocolate muffin.

“Ryan!” She said giggling.

“What? You asked for a chocolate muffin!” He giggled along.

“You are so cheesy. Thanks.” She said kissing his cheek before biting the muffin. Her stomach twisted in discomfort, making her leave the muffin back on the table. This time Ryan noticed.

“You’re okay?” He asked worriedly.

“I’m fine.” She said with a faint smile.

Ryan sighed. “Faith, you’ve been getting morning sick for weeks now. Are you sure you’re alright?” He looked at her intently, maybe looking for answers in her expression, but it remained blank as usual.

“I’m sure…”

Ryan bit his lip, still looking at her. “Sure you’re not… you know… pregnant?” He said lowering his voice. “I mean… morning sickness, being tired all day, I don’t remember the last time you got your period and you’re usually like a clock…” He scratched his head, looking away.

Faith felt like someone threw a bucket of cold water on top of her. “I’m not, Ryan.” She said, hiding the guilt. After all it wasn’t a lie, technically.

Ryan nodded. “Okay.”

“Aww, aren’t the king and queen of the 4th floor?” Frankie entered the room, giggling at the couple, ignorant to the tension floating between them.

“I thought Wentz was the queen.” Faith said standing up to get her stuff. Ryan flinched and Frankie laughed.

“C’mon, the guy is married!” Ryan defended Pete. After all he was one of his best friends.

“Married, not dead.” Frankie pointed out.

“Exactly, and as married as he is, that haven’t stopped him from getting his freak on with half of the 4th floor nurses…” Faith added.

“And some of the 5th floor too…” Frankie scratched his chin, like he was thinking.

“And Patrick Stump.”

Frank and Faith laughed, but Ryan just crossed him arms. That one had been a pretty low blow for Pete: him getting involved with Dr. Stump, a pediatrician. Rumor had it they had been really good friends during Med school, really good friends and after a few years apart, they had a very ‘romantic’ reencounter when Patrick arrived to the hospital.

Whatever the truth was, Patrick and Pete kept it to themselves and never openly discussed the matter.

Ryan sipped his coffee while Frankie and Faith discussed the patients left in the ER, pendant blood tests and the drunk driver who was now in the recovery room. After Frankie took his things to the little bedroom, Ryan stood up and got close to Faith.

“You coming tonight?” He asked rubbing her arms.

“I’ll call you when I get out of the clinic.” Faith answered, hanging her backpack on her shoulder.

Ryan smiled and kissed her, holding her hand as they walked out of the lounge, releasing her when they got to the last step.

“See you later.” Ryan said walking away from her with a smile. Faith waved at him walking the opposite hallway.
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