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chapter 5

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compromising is never easy when your both stubborn

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Chapter 6


The sun was long gone as it had set many hours ago. Two figures trudged on wearily their silhouettes barely visible. They both refused to stop until the other stopped resulting in an never ending battle of endurance.

“Look Atlanta, we’ve made such progress that it will only take one day to make the rest of the way. Why don’t you want to take a rest?” he suggested wearily.

“Are you suggesting that you want to stop?” Atlanta asked smugly trying not to sound tired. “If YOU really want to then I guess we can.”

“what?! I wasn’t saying I wanted to stop at all I was just making sure you weren’t too exhausted by this little walk. I could go till dawn” He said brightly showing no sign on breaking.

“That’s great!” Atlanta said through her clenched teeth. “I was just about to suggest we do that.” She knew that she couldn’t afford to give up now. She couldn’t have him gloating the rest of the trip if she was the one to stop first. “But! Since it is quite late we should stop for some food,” she suggested innocently “we should only be stopped for 15 minutes and then we can continue till dawn.”

“I guess that seems like a decent idea,” Archie said gratefully. Both their stomachs had been growling since the evening. Neither of them had eaten since breakfast and the lack of food was weakening both of them. He trudged wearily off the path and stopped in a small clearing next to a river. They both sat down heavily. Gladly taking of their bags and letting them drop to the ground with a dull thud.

They sat there for a few minutes just letting their tired legs rest before either of them spoke.

“Look Atlanta, I’m sorry for what I said earlier about you being weak, it was pretty rude of me.” He said quietly rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “Can we please stop trying to beat each other and accept the fact that neither of us gave up? ” He asked turning to her. “I’m just too exhausted to keep this up”

“I think we both are” she said with a weary smile. “Now how about we get some well earned sleep,” she said finding a spot on the ground unrolling a blanket. “That is unless you want to get to this girl as soon as possible?” she paused, turning to face him.

“Well to be honest I wouldn’t mind waiting a few days.” He said smiling “In fact I’m not really in any hurry to get this thing over with.” He lay down on the ground along side her pulling a blanket out of his bag. Wrapping himself up with it he turned on his side to face her.

“Oh well maybe your just getting a little nervous,” she said smiling. “Don’t worry, If you picked her then she must be nice. I’m sure you’ll be happy marrying the girl you are in love with.”

“I never picked her…” he said turning on his back. He paused as he looked up at the stars the night sky full of nothing but thousands of bright lights. “My mother chose her for me after the first fiancé didn’t work out. I haven’t seen this girl since I was 6 and even then she didn’t seem like the type of girl I would like.”

“What happened to the first girl?” Atlanta inquired cautiously. “Was something wrong with her.”

“I never met her, The engagement was set a short while after she was born. She was the only Elvin royalty left in this world and it had been my parents intent to keep that lineage strong.” He paused with a sigh. “But it was said that she and her family were all killed in the Battle of Olympia.”

“The battle of what?” she asked “When did this happen?”

“It happened about 15 years ago, when I was only a year old” He said sadly. “It wiped out many of the royal lineages, that was Cronus’ intent after all.”

“Cronus? Who’s he and what does he have to do with al this?” she asked sitting up.

“How can you not have heard of Cronus?” He said in disbelief. He sat up looking out across the river. “He’s pretty famous around here for obvious reasons.”

“What did he do?” she asked curiously. “The dwarves never mentioned him, never mentioned much about the other clans either. They never even told me I was an elf.” She trailed off sadly.

“Well how about I tell you about this tomorrow?” He said smiling as he saw her eyes light up again. “We should sleep while it’s still night, ok?” He said lying back down on the hard ground.”

“Ok,” she said as she lay down too, pulling the blanket close to her. “you better keep your promise.” She said with a yawn, as the sleep finally began to take over.

“I never promised anything, but ok” He said with a smile as he too began to feel the exhaustion set in. “Goodnight Atlanta.” He said quietly. He heard no reply and looked over to see her sound asleep. He watched her for a while before he himself fell into a deep sleep.


Woo finished another one. In fact I’ve had so much free time during exam week that I figured I might as well write some of these before my semester of doom begins.

Hope this was too your liking… I’m not sure if the personalities come off a bit extreme at times… they prolly do. Hmm wondering if I can stick in the rest of the hero’s in here….Trying to figure out how to get Odie involved in the story… Wonder what clan he should be… ya know human elf dwarf… I think Hephaestus would be the only one to apply to the dwarf category tho… any way off to write another one. Till then.

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