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Chapter 6

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“Olaf!” Called an angry voice from inside a room, his loud voice causing the little man to shake with fear. “Have you or have you not brought me what I wanted?”

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Chapter 6


Archie awoke to a bright blue sky the sun above him shining brightly. He turned over to see that not only had Atlanta already woken up but she had made lunch for him. He sat up looking around for any sign of her, finding none he picked up his lunch and ate quickly. As he ate he finally got a chance to actually see where they had stopped. He could see the river leading down to what sounded like a waterfall.

“I didn’t think we had travelled this far already…” he thought to himself chewing quickly. “I might just go explore some before we head of again, after all I’m in no hurry to meet Theresa again…” He remembered the little girl he had met years ago, “She was always so girly to me, she never wanted to play any cool games with me, just play house, or whatever it was they called it. I guess I’ll be spending my life playing that for real.” He shuddered at the thought of it all. “Mothers going to expect some children pretty soon…” he stood up and stretched his sore limbs looking out at the sparkling river. “I guess I might as well have some fun being a free man while I still can, I’m going for a swim.” He said as he began to walk along the river, getting closer to the sound of rushing water.


“Olaf!” Called an angry voice from inside a room, his loud voice causing the little man to shake with fear. “Have you or have you not brought me what I wanted?”

Cronus turned around to face the small man who had just entered the room. He looked as spineless as ever to him peering round the doorway. He couldn’t smell the ogre that he had sent with him at all. “Well? Are you going to speak you weak fool, or not?

“Well Master Cronus, you see we tried to catch the girl like you had asked, but you see…” he trailed off.

“But what, Olaf?” He said calmly watching the mousey little man cower slightly as he spoke.

“There was a boy, a very talented fighter.” He said softly watching Cronus walk over to the window his back now turned to him. “He defeated the Ogre and then attacked me when I tried to take the girl. He bore the royal crest…” He said watching Cronus nervously as he suddenly turned around.

“Which royal crest?” he said with a strange tone to his voice.

“It was the an Elfin crest.” He said quickly please that he had said something useful to take the attention off his recent failure. “He was the same boy I had told you had paid the guards to free her.”

“Really?” he said seeming more and more pleased with this information by the minute. “You don’t think he was the heir to the Archaic throne?” he asked as he began to pace the room. “The soldiers said they killed all the children as well as the King, but if the woman escaped then she could have saved a child too. Tell me how old did this boy look?” He stopped and turned to the little man who was looking a lot more relaxed.

“He looked around 16 I’d say.” He said hoping he had said what Cronus had wanted to hear.

“So it seems we have found another one of the chosen ones my dear Olaf.” He said with a smile. “Another one which has managed to escape me before and helped the girl escape me again.”

“So that’s good news is it not Master Cronus? We now know the whereabouts of two of them.” He said eagerly please to think he had done something useful to his master for once.

“No it’s not good news you idiot.” He snapped harshly causing the man to shrink bad with surprise. “We cannot be sure that the boy is one of the chosen ones but it is very likely that he is the other Elfin royal that escaped me. If he is then it will not be good for us…” he said angrily.

“Why is it bad if he is one of them?” he asked meekly.

“BECAUSE! You idiot! They are beginning to group together, It’s only a matter of time before the seven find each other and try to defeat me. As long as they are all in existence I am in danger because of that damn prophecy! Seven children will come together to defeat me when I escape!” he yelled angrily at the small man that had fallen to the ground in the sudden anger in his master.

“We can destroy them both Master, we will and then you will be safe.” He assured him, quickly scrambling back to his feet and as far away as possible from his enraged Master. “You have no need to worry Master, we were just taken by surprise by the other, we will be ready for them next time, I swear!” he said pleadingly.

“You better Olaf, I will overlook your failure this time because of the information you provided, but for your sake you better succeed this time. He said harshly turning his back on the little man. “now I suggest you start making plans on how to bring them too me and fast!”

“Oh yes Master, I will, I’ll get on that right now.” he said scurrying away quickly closing the door behind him.

“So, it has begun, the chosen ones are beginning to come together.” He said quietly to himself picking up his least favourite clay vase, one that had foretold his imprisonment and now reminded him of his fate. “Well, not if I can help it!” He said with a smile as he threw the vase against the wall smashing it into pieces.


Woot finished another one, sorry for lying I guess you’ll hear the history behind the war NEXT chapter.

Looking for any suggestions on what Neil, Herry, and Odie shall be, ya know like, wizards, humans, dwarves, self centred princes….:)

Tell me what you think.

Also wondering if I should do any pairing with mentioned characters above I’m not one for any same sex pairings sorry to disappoint anyone, but if any one has any OC characters that you think might be cool to add to the story suggest away, just give a reasonable description and whatever class you think would be cool.

Right now I think I’m looking for specifically a Neil pairing… because it’s the only one I can figure out how to fit into the story. Working on the other two tho.

Anyway, gonna start working on the next chapter, so another update is possible soon.

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