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chapter 7

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Atlanta reached inside the box and pulled out a small metal leaf. “Why’s this in here then?” she asked handing it too him. “That’s off a necklace, an engagement necklace…

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Chapter 8

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Archie came around the path to find himself in front of a magnificent waterfall. He had recalled going on camping trips there and he was glad to see the place hadn’t changed. The water sparkled as the midday sun shone above. He had the sudden urge to go for a swim. Taking of his shirt and shoes he took a running leap into the water. The cool water felt refreshing against his skin and he began to swim closer to where part of the waterfall divided, it was safer to swim by and he had discovered a small cave behind it. He dove under the water and swam near to the bottom startling a number of fish on the way. When he came back to the surface he found himself by the mouth of the cave. He had made this his secret hideout as a child and left some of his favourite belongings there. As he lifted himself out of the water he felt to sharp jabs at his side and fell back into the water with a yelp. He turned around to a grinning Atlanta, He at almost forgotten that he hadn’t known where she was since last night.

“Hey Archie,” she said happily “ Finally woke up huh? I figured you would have found me here eventually. How did you know there was a cave back there anyway? You been her before?”

“Err yeah, a long time ago, this was kind of my little secret,” He said with a smile. “Come on maybe some of my old toys are still there.” He pulled himself and helped her up into the small hole. “It sure was a lot smaller when I was younger.” He said as he came through into a large hollow. A small box lay in the corner along with some old and toys.

“So this was where you got away from it all.” Atlanta said quietly as she looked around the cave, she could see faint markings on the walls that he had drawn as a child. “It’s nice.”

Archie picked up the small box he had in the corner and opened it. “this was my special bow of treasures” he said with a laugh picking up some small stones and shells he had picked up while he was there. “Pretty much everything in here is junk to someone else. Still for some reason I found these things fascinating. The were so natural, pure everything in here had been made by the earth not man. I think that’s why I liked them so much.” He said with a small smile.

Atlanta reached inside the box and pulled out a small metal leaf. “Why’s this in here then?” she asked handing it too him.

“That’s off a necklace, an engagement necklace…” he said quietly. “I had forgotten I had left it here. Mother was furious when I couldn’t remember where it was. It was the mark or Elvin royalty.”

“Why would she want it?” she asked him softly. “It wasn’t hers was it?

“No this is only a part of the necklace, it is tradition that all Elvin girls wear necklaces that are without a pendant just like the one you have.” He said pointing at the empty chain around Atlanta’s neck. “Each man is given a leaf pendant that they are to give to the girl they wish to marry. They say that each chain and pendant has only one true match. When a girl is married the two somehow link together permanently and become one. They say it’s the bond between the two people that keeps them from coming apart. At least this is what they have always told us.” He said looking at it sadly.

“That sounds so wonderful, like a fairy tale.” She said cheerfully.

“That’s because it is just a fairy tale.” He snapped closing his hand around the pendant. “It’s all a load of garbage they tell young children to make them think growing up and getting married is fun.” He said angrily

“You don’t seriously think that, do you Archie?” she asked quietly.

“I didn’t once but things change. Things don’t always turn out the way a fairy tale works.” He mumbled

“You don’t want to get married to this girl do you Archie.” She asked him softly placing her hand on his shoulder.

“No.” He said quietly, “but I have no choice, mother wants me to marry a princess and the 1st one didn’t exactly work out.”

“Archie? Did you want to marry this other girl?” She asked “You didn’t even know her.”

“I know I never knew her, but when I was younger I got lost in these woods and a old woman found me, some fortune teller I think. She seemed to know that I was the prince and she told me that I would marry the Elvin princess. I told her that she had died a long time ago, but she seemed to already have heard. She just told me that I would see her again one day.” He mumbled quietly.

“So you don’t want to marry Theresa because you think the other girl is still alive?” she asked the now sad looking Archie.

“She’s not still alive, I know that, Cronus killed their entire family and nobody knows why. The woman was just lying to me like all fortune teller’s do, it’s just to get people to pay to hear more. False hope, that’s all they bring.” He said angrily as he threw the pendant against the wall. It bounced with a loud clink and landed in the corner.

“Archie, you still have some hope of her still being alive don’t you?” she said as she reached over and picked up the pendant. “There’s nothing wrong with having hope.”

“But this is just stupid!” he shouted. “I never even knew the girl, for all I know she could have been a stupid spoiled princess like the one I’m about to marry! There is no way she survived the siege. But I still can’t stop the stupid hope that she’s alive. I hate this!” He said slamming his fist against the floor.

“Archie there is nothing wrong with you. I mean maybe she did survive, you never know…” she sad trailing off.

“See it’s words like those that make it even harder to stop thinking about it. I’ve told you Atlanta, the siege killed them all!” he said angrily.

“Archie how did this siege happen, I mean maybe there’s something you missed… Who is Cronus and what did he do?” She asked him firmly. “ Tell me what he did.”


Looking for any suggestions on what Neil, Herry, and Odie shall be, ya know like, wizards, humans, dwarves, self centred princes….:)

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Right now I think I’m looking for specifically a Neil pairing… because it’s the only one I can figure out how to fit into the story. Working on the other two tho.

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