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chapter 8

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“Well It was almost 15 years ago,” he said quietly. “Cronus was once a member of my family, my uncle. He had plans for betraying my father and taking the throne. But before he could go throug...

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Chapter 8


“Well It was almost 15 years ago,” he said quietly. “Cronus was once a member of my family, my uncle. He had plans for betraying my father and taking the throne. But before he could go through with his plans he was banished.” He said looking over at the young redhead watching him with interest.

“I bet he didn’t take that well, did he?” she said softly a hint of anger in her voice.

“No, he didn’t.” he said rather harshly. “ He convinced the ogres, convicts and witches to help him get revenge on those who had banished them. The witches gave him God like powers. They had warned him that he would have to shed 7 of his kin’s blood to keep his powers. He assumed this meant my family so he set out to kill us.”

“He failed though, because your still alive. Right?” she cut in curiously.

“Well yes and no.” he answered. “ The witches decided to deceive him, he didn’t take their warning seriously so they failed to tell him of one important detail. It wasn’t just his own kinds blood he needed to shed. He needed to kill 7 newborns. Some of which belonged to the royal families. Four children were born into royalty that year, but only 4, so there had to be another 3 from somewhere else. Nobody knows where though.”

“So you are one of those seven children aren’t you.” she said. “How did your mother and you survive? Nobody else knew about the prophecy…”

“A peasant girl had overheard the witches talk on their plan and she warned my mother. The message got out to the others, protect their newborns no matter what.” He said quietly a hint of sadness in his voice. “ By that time my father and my older brothers had gone to war defending the rest of us. It wasn’t long before they were killed, and Cronus broke into the city. My mother and I were rushed into a hidden chamber. There wasn’t any time to get my sisters, they had been playing in the court yard. I was later told they were killed without mercy.” A tear tricked down his cheek slowly as his voice cracked up slightly.

“Another woman posed as my mother and was killed along with my sisters. After they got her they assumed their work was done, many of them thought there were only 7 in our family. They set up rule in the city while my mother and I were slipped out of sight. By the time Cronus was told that it was 7 children he needed. Unfortunately for him he had only a few days left. He had the witches killed for their betrayal, but not after they cursed him. He would be trapped in the underworld for failing to kill the 7. He realized that I must have gotten away, and he wasn’t pleased. He unleashed a full blown attack on one of the other kingdoms in hopes that they hadn’t heard of his return yet. He attacked Olympia with full force knowing that they had a newborn daughter. The girl I had been arranged to marry.” He added quietly. “They say he went in and killed almost everyone in this frenzy to find her. Everyone believes that he managed to find and kill the entire family. They found the queen in the middle of the woods with a sword through her chest. Everyone assumed she had been killed for trying to save their daughter. They never found the other body though, some people believe Cronus took her, others think her body was carried off by animals, and there are a small handful that believe she survived.” He said looking over at Atlanta sadly.

“So many lives lost, all over a prophecy… seems so crazy.” She mumbled quietly. “What do you believe happened to her?

“I’m not sure what to believe, I mean Cronus did disappear…” he trailed off.

“So she must be alive!” she said happily. “He wouldn’t have suddenly left for no reason, he must have failed.”

“True, but you have to think, there was always the chance that Cronus was trapped before they managed to find and kill her. He was never actually on the raid with the troops.” He said turning to see the glimmer of hope in her eyes quickly disappear.

“Oh….” She muttered quietly looking down to the floor. “So everyone thinks she’s gone…”

“Yes, she is gone, just like my family and all those innocent people.’ He said grimly.

“What about Cronus!?” she said suddenly. “Do people think he’s coming back?”

“The witches never said that he would be released, so everyone thinks that he’s never coming back. Nobody talks about him much, it’s not a pleasant topic after all.”

“Oh… “ she said with a soft sigh. “I’m sorry about what happened to…” she trailed off awkwardly.

“Nobody knows her name, she was only very young and her name had only just been chosen a day or so before she was killed. We were supposed to heard word of her name so the engagement could be finalized. But since most of the kingdom was killed nobody knew what her name was.” He said picking up the small leaf. He turned it over in his hands. “So that’s it really… that’s what happened 15 years ago “ he said watching her from the corner of his eye.

“I’m sorry Archie.” She said putting her hand on his shoulder sympathetically.

“Don’t be,” He snapped. “I’m not bothered by it, I know she’s gone, no matter what some stupid fortune teller says.”

“Archie, I know you are unhappy with this whole arranged marriage thing. I understand completely why you wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea. But if the other girl was alive you’d probably be complaining about her instead.” She teased playfully trying to lighten the mood. “Who knows maybe you’ll end up liking Theresa.” She chuckled nudging him in the side.

“Heh, yeah maybe your right about that one.” He said trying to hide his sadness. “Come on Atlanta, It’s getting late, we’ll stay here another night. After all, I might as well enjoy my bachelor life as long as possible.” He said tossing the leaf back into the box. “I have a life time of fun to cram into a few days.”

“That’s the spirit!” she said as she crawled out of the tunnel, towards the rushing waterfall outside. “You coming Archie?” She called back the tunnel echoing loudly.

“Yeah I’m coming!” he shouted back so loudly his own ears rang. “He took one last glance at the box, the small pendant lying there forgotten. He picked it up and tucked it into his pocket. ‘I wonder if she would have liked me…’ He thought to himself before turning toward the exit.


BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Going to leave you hanging like that, just because I can. It’s one of those things you enjoy about being a fan fiction writer.

Just wondering if any of you guys have any guesses of what is going to happen next?

I mean some people have read so many they can predict the entire story… I dunno if mines that predictable but who knows.

I am also working on doing some pictures to go with this story. I am working on a design for Atlanta, she’ll not have her typical hairstyle because well beck in the day hair gel wasn’t invented and it probably isn’t the best hairstyle to have when you go into town. People would shun you back then. I also have the actual ‘betrothal necklace’ I talked about in the last chapter if you could call it that. I plan on taking a picture of it and posting it on my Deviant art account “Korikian” because all my accounts seem to be under the same name☺ I’ll post any links I have in the next chapter.

Till next chapter
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