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6. What are friends for

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Frank and Gerard need help. Bert's whole "conversation" with Gerard is revealed. Will it work?

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"ahh, babe there has to be." I muttered into his neck. He smiled brightly and wrapped his arms around me. Just then my phone went off.
You make me so hot, you make me wanna drop, you're so ridiculous I can barely stop
I can hardly breathe, you make me wanna scream, you're so fabulous, you're so good to me

"what the?" Gerard said staring. I blushed and answered.
"hello?" I said into the phone, I was too lazy to check caller ID.
|Heyy, it's Mikey.| The caller said.
"Oh, hey Mikey!" I covered the Mouthpiece. "It's Mikey"
"I heard" Gerard said smiling. I like seeing him smile, It makes me smile.
|Hey, so I heard you were having Bert trouble.|
"were didja hear that?"
"How did Ray hear?"
|He heard Bert yelling at Gerard, he heard every word.|
"Mikey can I call you back?"
|yeah sure man whatever|
"Bye bro!"
|Bye Frankie|
I hang up and start dialing Ray

Ray's Point of view
I heard the yelling. It was horrible, but I couldn't bring myself to go in there. In the end I basically let my best friend, who is like a brother to me suffer.
I keep hearing it in my head
"You are a filthy no good piece of scum" slap "you don't deserve to live" slap "you don't deserve friends or family and I will kill them all" slap bang 'ow' "oh did that hurt" pause "you know what maybe you should also feel the emotional pain as well as the physical pain huh? maybe i should slowly torture them one by one, make you watch as I slide the blade over their throat" 'Bert please no, don't' "or maybe make you watch as I seduce and ass fuck Frank, yeah" 'he won't fall for it, and just hurt me leave Frankie alone' slap "No Talking! That's it you gave me an idea Gerard good for you, I will slash your little brother Mikey up, I will bring you and the faggot into the woods together and after you me and the little faggot are in the woods together, I'll rape him in front of you so you can feel the emotional pain as well" slap
I shuddered at the memory. I needed to tell someone. I know Mikey!
I pulled out my Palm Pre. Dammit I loved this thing, and dialed Mikey's number.
|Hey you've reached Mikey, leave a message. Or don't I won't really care. I will call back when I can or not it depends on my mood.\
"hey Mikey Hun, call back I need to talk to you. it's Ray. bye"
dammit why can he never pick up his sidekick.
Then my phone rang
I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chap stick, i kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it, it felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight, I kissed a girl and i liked it, i liked it
"god dammit" I muttered as I pulled out the phone. It was Mikey!
"why couldn't you pick up your phone before"
|it wouldn't come outta my pocket|
"oh okay-"
|what didja need to talk to me about|
"well.." i plowed on into the story and about five minutes later Mikey spoke up
|He's gonna what!!!! Why hasn't Gerard told me this shit. I bet you anything Frank knows EVERYTHING!!|
"he probably does. he and Gerard are going out"
|I know. I know|
"Mikey darling-"
|dude ray what's with the pet names|
"what you no like"
|Ray seriously|
"okay fine, anyway. You call Frank and I will find Bob, I would usually call him, but he left his cell here"
|Okay done|
"Bye Babe"
|ray stop with the endearments we're not dating!|
"but we could be, Mikey how 'bout you meet me tomorrow at Starbucks at noon?"
|Ray are you asking me out!?|
"yeah, Mikesters look if you don't wanna I totally understand"
|of course I wanna! Byee ray ray, I will call Frank and meet you tomorrow at noon|
"okay bye Mikey"
I hung up satisfied and got off my lazy ass to find Bob.

Frank's point of view
I called Ray.
"Heyy ray how did you find out about the Bert problem?"
|I overheard. Why?|
"oh, 'cause I was wondering because I know we never told you?"
|Mikey, Bob, and I could help you know|
"I guess we do need the help. Jepha already is."
|Dude, we would've helped from the beginning, if you told us. You know that!|
"Thanks man!"
|what are friends for!|
|bye, I'm looking for Bob|
"oh, he's on a date with Kaitlin, He'll be back around tomorrow if it all goes well!"
|okay thanks Byee|
I hung up my phone smiling. "we have more help, love"
"I know babe." he smiled and kissed me, It felt like the first and last kiss of forever.
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