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In one way or another. Jepha and Bert are together but Jepha may find something that might change his mind

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The next day we were all sitting there and trying to come up with ways to get Bert away when Jepha called

You make me so hot, you make me wanna drop, you're so ridiculous I can barely stop
I can hardly breathe, you make me wanna scream, you're so fabulous, you're so good to me

I turned red again as Gerard leaned over and kissed me giggling, "I like your ring tone baby"

I smiled as I answered "Hey Jepha"

|Hey man, look, Bert and I have a date tomorrow, so I hope this works|

"man," I said "me too, me too"

|look I gotta go, Bert is staring at me with a weird expression|

"Okay completely understandable, byee Jeph"

|bye Frank|

Jepha's point of view

"what was that about" Bert muttered coming over and placing his arms around my waist

"Oh, I was talking to Frank, ya know he knew i had a crush on you right?"

"He did?" Bert muttered his face now in my hair. He was so sweet to me, why wasn't he like that to Gerard too? I mean Gerard is a pretty decent guy, but I guess Bert only wanted him for his body if you know what I mean.

"Yeah. Frank's like my little brother, I tell him everything. He is really nice and understanding also"

"I see" Bert muttered, "look Jepha babe, I am sorry I am going to hurt you by hurting Frankie, but I need to get revenge on Gerard and the best way is to hurt Frank."

"Bert hunny, please don't" I nearly screamed

He just smiled at me and pecked my lips. He was going to do it and there was no way to stop him. I looked over and noticed his diary, or journal as he preferred to call it.

I opened to an entry

Dear Journal,
Gerard is just a traitorous bitch! I mean seriously, your boyfriend shouldn't just up and go out with someone else, or fucking make out with them for god sakes!!!!

Dear Journal,
He is starting to tell frank EVERYTHING, even the rapes, as he called it. But they weren't they were me and him showing each other how much we loved one another. I need to get Frank outta the picture and fast, even if it's the last thing I do.

Dear Journal,
Frank really is Gerard's weak spot and I need not to get him out of the picture, just scare him and bit, and maybe hurt him. Rape, right now is a good place to start.
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