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Broken promises, serect betrayals, and untold lies

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just what the chapter title says peeps

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Jepha's POV cont..
I had to warn them. Bert was still going after Frank and probably the rest of them. They needed my help. But if I tell them I am betraying Bert and if I don't I am betraying my best friend and my brother. I had promised to help Frank and a promise is a promise. But this promise is one I could not keep.
"forgive me lord for I have sinned" I muttered to no one in particular and decided to help Bert.
I called Frank again but he didn't pick up because instead I got his answering machine
Hey this is Frankie I can't come to the phone right now because I am momentarily detained so leave your name number and a short message and I will eventually have the ability to get back to ya. Peace
"Hey Frank it's Jepha, look I believe I have Bert off of your back. Bye baby bro" I hung up I felt like a traitor but I needed to help Bert, I mean I am his boyfriend.

Frankie's POV
I got Jepha's message and nearly cheered, until I realized that Bert could have easily brought Jepha over to the dark side. Bert doesn't just give up that easily. He never does.

"Gee," I muttered. He turned and looked at me "Jepha, he can't help us anymore" I knew I was doing the right thing. I knew Jepha would betray me also, but I never thought so soon. Bert must already be plotting something bad.

Gerard looked at me and that's when I knew that nothing was going to be okay anymore and that this may be the last time I could ever appreciate him totally and completely without having to look over my shoulder every other second.

"Baby" He whispered, "What's going on?"

"Jepha's given up, he is on Bert's side" I looked down "I never thought it would be so soon, we lost our inside connection" Right then I just fell into Gerard's arms "I love you."

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