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Mikey is WHAT!?!

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Okay!I didn't say this before but i don't own MCR. that goes for the whole things...and i don't own this story either. My friend wrote it and asked me to post it for her. There are some things that i don't totally like... but I'm not going to change them for the reason that IT'S not mine. But i will go through and edit it. Thanks Enjoy!


The time with Frank is passing pretty fast. We got talking about his fucking amazing bands that he has posters of up on the walls. I never have enough money to buy any posters so my half of the walls were bare, but he donated a few of his many to my side to make the room look even.

If I were gay, Frank would obviously be my first pick as a boyfriend, but I'm not going to tell him this, seeing as he is gay and might take it the wrong way. It's just his tattooed arms and lip piercing seem so alluring and mysterious. You just want to find out the story behind all of his tattoos and everything. I'll introduce him to the guys when they come in. Speaking of them, Ray, Bob, and Mikey came in, laughing about something or other. It was Ray who spoke up first.

"Hey, it's the kid I ran into today in the hallway! You're Gee's new roommate?"

Frankie nodded at Ray, who was scratching his arm half heartedly. Mikey then came crashing into the back of Ray, encircling him in a hug. I'm pretty sure them two are going out, but I don't want to ask Mikey, because it'd seem like I'm butting into my own brother's sex life, which is kind of gross in of itself.

Mikey smiled in Frank's direction. "God, you're cute. You taken?" He giggled. I'm perfectly fine with him being gay, but god, did he really need to flirt with every hot guy when he was in front of me? It's kind of weird, but boy do I love that kid. He's like my little project; since I've screwed my life up, I'm going to fix his the best I can. I'd kill to save that kid.

"Nope, but I doubt Gerard would want you hitting on his new fabulous roomie."Frankie smirked at Mikey I can tell that those two are going to get along. They'd kind of make a cute couple, I guess. "Well, um, do you guys have anywhere to sneak out to here, or do you all just follow the rules like a bunch of goody-goodies?"

I looked at Ray, Mikey, and Bob with an evil smirk on my face. I giggled. "Hey guys, what do you say we take our dear old Frankie to Rumors? I think he might like it there."

As predicted Mikey started giggling, as did Ray and Bob. God, why am Ifriends with such homos? "What's Rumors?" Frankie piped up, looking confused. Wow, this kids fucking amazing.

"Gay bar. They really don't care about the age limit there because the more gay boys, or in Gerard's case, straight boys, the more business they have, and they really need the underage kids to stay in business. They let you drink, too, but Frankie, they might stop you or something, seeing as you're practically 4 feet tall."

A smile lit up on Frankie's face when the term 'gay bar' was mentioned. God is his adorable. "I'm 4'9", actually. Not 4', thank you very much." He put his hands on his hips and stuck out his lip in a mock-pout and then got bored of that, so he started smiling. "That sounds like fun. When are we going?"

"Few minutes," Ray said, pushing Mikey lightly off his back, running a hand through his thick magical fro. I wish I could live in that thing sometimes. "We better be off soon though, because I want to head out as soon as possible." He gave Mikey alook and a small smile before he left. "I'm going to go get my jacket," he called down the hallway, "meet you by the front in a few." Bob and Mikey left shortly after, with Mikey giving Frank a little wave with his fingers. God, he is such a flirt. I hope he didn't get that from me.

"Um, what exactly do I wear to things like these? I don't really know, seeing as I've never been to a place like this before." He looked through his newly packed side of the dorm room.

"Let's see. Put on something tight that'll show off your cute little ass, or something. I usually have Mikey pick out what I wear, seeing as I'm the only boring straight boy here." He picked out some tiny black jeans and a dark red with black paint splattered on it tee-shirt that looked like it might be something a four year old could fit into.

"Like this?" He said after he put on his outfit. Wow, were those jeans tight. You could see the outline of his entire cock in them. Wow, is he well hung or what? I have no idea how he got those on, especially in such a short time. If you gave me apair of jeans that tight on me, it'd take at least fifteen minutes and I'd have to have to have someone helping me.

I tried telling him how fucking gorgeous he looked in it, but I settled for nodding. "Yeah, that looks about right. Better than what I've picked out." I gestured at my own plain outfit of skinny jeans and a black tee shirt that Mikey bought me for Christmas when we go to places like these. He always says that I may be astraight boy, but I don't have to dress like one in the gay bar.

In all honesty, Iloved gay bars and flirting with guys who had no idea that I was straight. It's like a hobby for me. Mikey and the others always hook up with someone or get drunk, so I'm stuck as the designated driver, who gets hit on by a ton of boys. I don't really mind all that much, except Mikey comes home pissed as hell most of the time, and it's up to me the next day to make sure that he's okay and actually gets up to go to class. He gets really funny when he's drunk.

I looked over at Frankie again and he was dancing by himself to absolutely no music. He looked so adorable. "What the hell are you doing?" I said, cracking up.

"Dancing."God was he a smartass.

"I can see that. To what song might you be dancing to?"

"One stuck in my head."



"Yeah."He was a cheeky little thing, but I loved it. I have a feeling he might be afunny drunk, too. The best people always are. I was kind of in a daze until we got there. I'm just so used to sneaking out it's become like an every day routine for me. Frank, on the other hand, you could see was looking pretty nervous. In his defense, though it is his first time sneaking out, on his first night no less, with a bunch of guys that he barely knows. I'd be pretty freaked out too. He does a great job of not letting it show though. He really is an amazing guy.

We finally get there and Mikey and Ray hold back a bit, looking for Ray's cell phone that dropped somewhere in the car. Bob, Frank, and I decided to go in on our own. It was packed, as usual, with the same sexy guys that are there every time. Imight be a simple straight boy but I know how to appreciate them when they look good in tight clothing. Frank hung around me for a bit until he met some guy in some pants that were even more revealing than the ones that he was wearing, who bought him a few drinks and led him away so they could do who knows what. Idon't really want to know. Bob was long since gone. He always talks to some waiter guy here who gets him free things. I decided to go back to the car for my keys, which I realized I left in the ignition. Wow, how can I be so stupid?

Things like cars around here get stolen pretty easily, especially when the keys are still in the ignition. I walked the block and a half to the car, hoping to see that at least our car was still there. I noticed it was, and approached it slowly, now that the panic was over. I opened the door. "God, Gee!" What the fuck? Mikey and Ray were in the car, doing, UGH, I don't even want to think about my brother like that.

"Um, I'll just go, then." I had a mad blush on my face and didn't really want to be thinking about what I just saw. I grabbed the keys and slammed the car door shut, walking away as fast as possible. Ugh, I at least would've thought Mikey'dbe uke, I mean, he is the younger one.

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