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Chapter 4: Preparations for Disaster

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Is there really a place in the world for a half daemon boy haunted by his past and mocked by his future? Alternate Universe.

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Chapter 4: Preparations for Disaster

by: ellyse the silent



I felt like a stalker as I sat on a bench outside the Kendo dojo. It wasn't like I didn't have a right to be there, I mean, it was public property. Still I felt uneasy following Inu-Yasha around.

Finally people started coming out of the dojo. I heard Inu-Yasha before I saw him. "Shut up! You don't know anything about my mum!"

Someone answered back in a voice to low for me to hear.

"I'm gonna rip you apart! Son of a-"

"Boys! Inu-Yasha I think you need to go home. Work the punching bag a little, pump some iron... work off this anger energy. Kouga you need some extra laps or something." A male voice sounded; it sounded in charge and authoritative.

"Yeah sure Myouga," Inu-Yasha snarled and shoved his way past another boy out the open door.

I cowered back on the bench, afraid to be seen now.

Inu-Yasha stormed out on the side walk, stuffing gloves into his bag as he seethed on the sidewalk. He was turned half towards me but he seemed more interested in his bag's zipper than the people around him.

Suddenly he looked up, strait into my eyes. Oops, I had been caught staring.

"You, what are you staring at wench?" He snapped. I had caught him off guard.

"You." Kagome! What a smart mouth answer! He's going to kill you! My mind screamed at me the instant the words left my mouth.

He fumbled with his backpack for a second, "Ok, you've looked. Now go be weird somewhere else."

He seemed more flustered by my answer then angry. "Sorry, it's just - we didn't get to talk much yesterday," It was a risk to say that. I didn't know what his reaction was going to be. "And I wanted to thank you again."

He adjusted his backpack and looked up at me, "What do you want to talk about?" He invited as he began to shuffle down the sidewalk. He had a sword in the bag, I noticed, it looked old.

I jumped up and ran to walk next to him. I didn't expect him to let me talk to him. My mind went blank. "Uh... my name is Kagome."

"I knew that."

"How?" I was confused by the fact that I knew who I was.

"You're in my class." He wasn't looking at me.

"Yeah," that made sense, duh Kagome. An awkward pause ensued; "When is the national Kendo meet?"

Inu-Yasha sent me a sideways glance, "We have to go to the city wide meets first. Then we have county meets, then state, then division, then nationals. If some of us are really good they will let us take a Kendo training camp in Japan for free, like a prize within a prize."

"Wow," not only was that the most he had ever said to me all together, but it was the most I had ever heard him freely talk. School assignments and threatening to beat people up didn't count. "That's a lot of meets. How many schools actually have Kendo?"

"Not to many, we mostly compete with people from private dojos. It's not a very popular sport with American people." Inu-Yasha stopped at the cross walk.

"Do you use that sword to fight?" I motioned to his bag.

He put his hand on my arm to guide me across, since I wasn't paying attention to the lights or cars. "Tetsusiaga? No, Tetsusiaga is a real sword."

"You named it?"

Inu-Yasha turned defensive, "Yeah I named it. So what? I'm allowed to name my stuff if I want to."

"Um... yeah... It just surprised me that's all." I mumbled; he had shoved both his hands into the pockets of his black and grey TRIPP pants, which meant he wasn't touching me anymore. I should be glad right? "I guess the sword - Tetsusiaga means a lot to you."

The chains on his pants clinked softly in the silence that stretched between us. "Yeah... sometime I feel like it's all that's holding me together." The last part he said so softly I could almost not make it out. I felt like maybe I wasn't supposed to have heard it so I said nothing.

We were walking through the park now, away from the dojo and the school. The birch trees were just starting to turn yellow. "Can you smell autumn?"

He flinched and turned his head to look at me, "Smell it how?"

I wondered what I had said this time, "I don't know. Just smell the changes in the air. Geez Shiro..." I muttered.

Inu-Yasha flashed a smile.

I looked at him in confusion, wondering what was so funny.

"Kagome!" I heard Sango behind us.

"Uh... bye," Inu-Yasha said, smirking at me as he walked away, disappearing between the trees.

"Kagome!" Sango practically tackled me, "You and Inu-Yasha alone in the park!" She smiled, "Are you going out?"

"No!" I felt my cheeks heat up, "We were just talking about Kendo."

"Oooh just Kendo!" Sango wrapped her arm around my neck. "Time to go shopping!"


Sango bit her lip, "So you haven't heard?"

"Huh," I shook my head, "Heard what?" I ran my fingers through my hair. Inu-Yasha's hair was longer then mine, it looked nicer too.

"Kagome! If you ask a question you should pay attention to the answer." Sango put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot.

"Sorry, I was just thinking," I blushed; caught daydreaming about Inu-Yasha's hair.

"Well there is the autumn school dance tomorrow night."

I could already tell where this was going. "I don't want to go Sango."

"Awww! You party pooper!"

I sighed, she wasn't going to make this easy, "I don't do the dance thing."

"Kagome!" Sango started, "You nev-"

"Sango, you aren't going to let this go are you?"

"No!" She pouted, flipping her black ponytail over her shoulder.

I sighed again, she really wasn't.

"You are getting a new dress for the dance!"


"You are going! You actually have a shot at one of the hottest guys in school and you want to stay home? Kagome, he is so hot!" Sango dragged me out towards the shopping strip on the other side of the park.


"Come on! I am treating you that should be incentive enough!" Sango dragged me down the row of shops.

"Where are we going?" I mumbled, resigned.

"Searing!" Sango said gleefully.

I frowned, "That's a Goth store Sango."

"Yeah and the guy you like is Goth... it makes sense." Sango dragged me inside the dark store.

I pulled back, "Sango I don't like him like that!"

Sango didn't pay attention she was to busy looking at the dress racks. "Here!" She pulled out a black dress. It was cute I had to admit, but in a dark calculating way. It didn't have any sleeves and the top looked like a black corset, the skirt looked like it would make it to my knees and it had a red gauzy underskirt. "Go try it on!"

What the heck? She was paying right? I took it and went into the dressing rooms. It defiantly needed a slip between me and the thin black fabric. I stepped out of the dimly lit black dressing rooms and faced Sango. "What do you think?"

"It's so... awesome! We got it on the first try." Sango smiled at me.

"Sango I need a slip," I hissed.

Sango rolled her eyes, "Why?"

"Because I feel naked. I'll pay for the slip if you want but I really need one!"

"Fine," Sango caved and went off to find a slip. She came back with a sleeveless slip and a red leather belt with chains and spikes attached to it.

"Sango! I am not wearing that thing!" I putt my hands up to ward off the belt.

"It's the only sleeveless slip they have," Sango looked at it confused.

I pointed at the belt, "No, that."

"Kagome," Sango pouted, "It would look so cool."

"For a Goth." I snapped.

Sango shrugged and handed me the slip. "See if it fits underneath the dress."

I frowned and took it from her, "Fine!"

((A/N: Short again... nothing much happened really. I didn't much like this chapter. meh!))
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