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they go with.

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New morning, and we all woke up around the same time. Thats waa because of their body gaurd telling that it was time to leave. When he said it, he was in shock that there were two girls in the beds. These beds weren't all that big either. Since Gerard didnt like us, he slep on the couch. Ray did to just cuz there is no room left. On eon of the beds, it was Bob, Frank, And me. On the other, it was Mikey and Bridget. They were cuddleing the whole noght. It was cute. I noticed that thanks to Frank. He kicked me a few times. He sleeps weird, its kinda funny. Well when we woke up every one was in shock to see how close they were sleeping with each other.

"Good morning!" Frank yelled.

"Shut up Frank!" Gerard yelled back.

"Someboody woke up on the wrong side of the couch!"

"Fuck you."

"WTH dude?!"

While Gerard was PMSing we went down to get doughnuts. About 10 minutes later, we went back up to the hotel room.

"Hey, the girls should come with us on tour!" Frank said.

Everyone looked at Frank then to Gerard. You can tell he was getting pissed.

"I think thats a great idea." Mikey said while Gerard rolled his eyes.

"Okay so then the girls are going with, I mean if thats okay with the girls." Frank said. "Please!!!!"

"Thats cool with me how bout you bridge?"

"THats cool with me."

"Then its a deal the girls are coming with us." Frank said looking at Gerard and smiling.

Bridget and I had to go back to our room to get our shit. WHen we got it, we went back to the room and the guys were waiting for us. We checke dout of both rooms and then left. The both of us were in shock that we were actually going.

When we got to the bus we noticed it was clean. Bridget and I made a bet to see how long it was stay clean. She said a week. I said 2 days. We will just have to wait and see. now its time for the jorney and the way to the concert!
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