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I hate you

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Things get serious...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009-07-29 - Updated: 2009-07-29 - 363 words

I have just had the Worst fuckin day in my entire life!!!! Okay Danny, the little whore ball, raped me...and I cried...It was sadening...or whatever. Trust me, things went inside places, and thats a fact.
I dont want to talk about it...I just CANT go into detail...So Frank will tell it from his POV, no questions..Frank is even more upset, and lets just say..Danny now cant use his jaw (Its broken)

Frankie Baby's POV

I didnt think that Danny would hurt Gee, like ever. But I nearly killed him for doing something that bad, to MY Gee, MY lover.
Flash back to last night.
I wake up because I hear crying and shit. I look over and see Gee getting sexed up by Dr. Asshole
"Stop, Stop...I dont want to" Gerard's crying..My baby.
"Shut up, you will like this"
" I dont, I'll do anything, please?"
"I just want payback, you oversexed whore"
"I didnt mean to, You cant its, not fair...Owh!" And I could see much so I guess Danny entered him.
"Owie,OW AH AH AH AH!! STOP PLEASE IT HURTS...SO BAD!" I dont know what to do, If I try to stop him now I risk the chance of Gee getting hurt even more...

All I see are shadows of movement, and Gee crying, whimpering, and suppling painful moans.
While Danny just laughed enjoying himself.

End Flash Back

I KICKED HIS ASS FOR THAT! Gee cant even sit, and all he does now is sit there, like someone just let all the life out of him..I hate Danny so much, he hurt my lover, and my friend.
Danny broke his jaw so he has to stay in another cell now, at least till he is better, I hope he dies.
I want to go cheer up Gee...

Gerard's POV
Frankie is funny,oh baby, He just gave me a lapdance, and told me some stupid jokes! Im feeling alot better, I, just not sure if I can forget, I want to, Frankie wants to, but I cant just yet.

Im going to antgonize Mikey... Glasses, meet Toilet
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