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Hard Hats for Hard Heads

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Kurt gets back at Jamie and Mr. Proudstar for what they did in "Thunderbird 451"...

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DISCLAIMER: See the Introduction.

SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: See the Introduction.

A/N: When RogueFanKC reviewed "Thunderbird 451", he mentioned something about Kurt possibly getting back at Jamie for being a bit of a nimrod in that. Well, now that he mentions it, it is a good idea. So, this one-shot (which takes place immediately after "Thunderbird 451") is dedicated to RogueFanKC as Kurt gets back using... (Look at title below.)

/"Hard Hats for Hard Heads"/

After the fight between Beast and Thunderbird over the literal burning of the book /Fahrenheit 451/, Ororo used her powers to put out the fire and electrocute the two combatants into submission, stopping the fight. After that, Professor Xavier went to his office to order more fire extinguishers while the students left for the day.

Jamie dashed off, looking quite pleased with himself for "contributing" to the class that day, while Kurt looked at him darkly for one moment before teleporting off.

Back in his room, Kurt was thinking about Jamie and Mr. Proudstar for bashing a book which was written about book-bashing (what ill irony there!). He wanted to prank them back...

And suddenly, an idea developed in his head.

Kurt laughed evilly to himself as he found some superglue and a couple of firemen hats lying around from who-knew-what...

Jamie woke up the next morning, feeling the hardhat on his head.

Hardhat on his head?

Sitting bolt upright, Jamie got out of bed and dashed to the mirror in his room.

Stuck to his head was a fireman's hardhat, with the number "451" painted onto the front of it.

Jamie had been pranked!

As he was figuring out what to do, there was a round of laughter being heard from downstairs in the kitchen. Instantly curious, Jamie dashed down to see what it was.

A groggy Thunderbird had dragged himself into the kitchen, completely oblivious to how he had a hardhat just like Jamie's, even with a number "451" painted on the front of it.

Everyone was laughing, and Kurt had this mischievous gleam in his eyes, while Hank was laughing it up like it was the funniest thing in the world.

The laughing was renewed as Jamie walked into the room.

Eventually, though, a truce was made where Kurt would remove the hardhats if Jamie and Mr. Proudstar apologized. Both prank victims grudgingly did so, and Kurt got rid of them.

However, knowing the chaotic nature of things at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, it would not stay this way for long, and some craziness would begin once again.

A/N: Yeah, yeah, I know... short, didn't take all that long to write... but hey, I wanted to write it anyway. (Shrugs.) Besides, I think it would be a perfect prank against censors like the kind which Ray Bradbury was talking about in /Fahrenheit 451/. What do you think?

I don't know what's up next for this series of Misfits one-shots, but I already have a few ideas in mind... -Quillian
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