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End of the Road for ACOMS

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This is the end of this...

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DISCLAIMER: See the Introduction.

SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: See the Introduction.

/End of the Road for ACOMS/

Hi again, everyone.

Sorry about this, but I am now just as well creatively and energetically bankrupt as far as ideas for this collection of short stories goes.

I do appreciate all the feedback I've gotten for this, don't get me wrong. However, I figured I may as well end this now.

However, I will let you know about a couple of ideas which I had for another installment of ACOMS...

One of them was an idea which I discussed with RedWitch which she called "The Teddy Bears of Terror," where the Triplets create some motorized or robotic teddy bears which end up being vicious machines. Hellion torture was included, as well as an Ewok reference or two. (I mean, come on, how can you write something funny about killer teddy bears and not make at least one reference to the Ewoks?)

The other was something more somber and serious, where Lance thinks about how he finally broke up Kitty for good at the end of RedWitch's fic "Interdimensional Dementia." However, as I was writing it, RedWitch already wrote some other things concerning Lance and Kitty in the first few chapters of "Day of Our Mutant Lives" which conflicted with what I had in mind. So, I just tossed that idea aside (and to be fair, even I don't think what I was writing for this Lance/Kitty thing was that good anyway).

Maybe some day, I'll write another "volume" of ACOMS... who knows?

Farewell, and thanks again. -Quillian
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