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Here's the next chapter like I promised. Brennan and Booth are going to tell the squints!

What happens next?

Booth and Brennan were awoken early by the alarm clock. Brennan made her way to the bathroom to thropw up then have a shower. Booth made pancakes.
"So we agree? We're gonna have a normal day, then at the end tell everyone and if th3ere are too many questions, run."
"Yes and I'll ask for a week of before we tell them as I am due lots of holidays."
"I will too. I'm gonna have a shower."

Booth showered andthey bothdressed and had their usual fight over who was going to drive, Booth won. The day was pretty un-eventful. Brennan was given the time off, telling Cam she needed to see her father. Booth also got the time off explaining that they needed to sort things out and tell people. They end of the day came quickly. Booth came and, asa planned, found Hodgins while Brennan found Cam and Angela. They met in Brennan's office. All had puzzled looks on their faces.

"Booth, Dr. Brennan. Is there a reason as to why wew are all here?"
Booth and Brennan looked at each other. Booth spoke first.
"We have some important newsto tell you. We're... we're engaged."
Brennan gave him a smile. Everyone was shocked, this time Angela spoke first.
"Congratulations. But sweetie I didn't think you believed in marriage and have you even been on a date?"
"Actually we've been dating for three months now and I don't completely believe in marriage but Seeley does and I love him."
"Wow. Anything else you forgot to mention? A secret child prehaps?" Asked Hodgins.
"Not quite but I'm... I'm pregnant!"
Angela let out one of her high pitched squeals.
"You have to tell me everything."
"Sorry Ange but we have to get home."
"Bye." They all chourosed.

They both walked out hand in hand.
"That went really well. I can't believe Hodgins actually nearly worked it out!"
"I know. Do you want to drive."
Brennan stopped.
"I just thought you might want to and I need to phone Rebecca anyway to chack Parker can come over tommorow so we can tell him and to go to the ultrasound with us."
"Ok. Thanks. You might want to tell Rebecca so she knows when Parker comes back."
"Good idea. You are the most thoughtful fiance in the world and you are gonna be the best mother too."
Brennan blushed.
" Thank you you're not too bad yourself."
Booth feighned hurt.
"You know I love you really.
"I know."
They kissed eachother and Booth outlined her lips with his tongue begging for entrance. She granted it and they moved into the back of the car.

They arrived at Brennan's appartment 45 minutes later with Thai food. They snuggled up together and began eating when there was a knock at the door.
"What ever you're selling we don't want to buy."
"Booth. It's Angela."
"Oh. Come in, it's open."
She came in to find them cuddling up on the couch.
"How's my favourite little couple?"
"Fine Ange."
"I brought you a baby names book."
"Thanks Ange but we've already chosen names."
"Really? What."
"Christine if it's a girl after Tempe's mum" Angela nodded in approval. "And James if it's a boy."
"Awwww. So cute a nephew named James and a niece named Christine."
"When are you gonna find out the sex?"
"Tommorow with Parker at the ultrasound then hopefully to look at some houses."
"Parker gonna be a really cool big brother. Bu t wait. Did you too just say you were moving in together?"
"So cute. Gotta go Jack's waiting for me. Bye"

There you go chapter 7. I have no idea how many chapters I am doing. Next up they tell Parker, take him to the ultrasound and look for a house.
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