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Here's the next chapter. I tried to do it on Wednesday but didn't have enough time.

What happens next?

Brennan and Booth woke up early the next morning to prepare for Parker. He was coming over soon and they still had to tell him about the pregnancy. Booth had brought Parker's favourite pie-apple. He hoped it would help if Parker took the news badly.

"How do you think Parker will react."
"To be honest I have no idea. But at least he's going to be part of it, coming to the ultrasound and helping choose a house."
"I suppose so"
The doorbell went and Booth opened the door with a huge grin on his face.

"Hey Bud."
"Hi Dad. Hi Bones"
"Hi Parker, Rebecca."
"Right goodbye Parker, Seeley, Dr. Brennan."
"Right Bud do you want to sit on the couch. Tempe and I have something to tell you."
"Ok Dad. Who's Tempe."
"I am Parker."
"No you're Dr. Bones."
"Yeah but that's my nickname like Daddy calling you Bud. My real name is Temperance."
"Bud you know I love you right?" Parker nodded enthusiastically."Well, I love Temperance too and I asked to marry her."
"And I said yes."
"Really?" Parker looked a little hurt.
"Does that mean you love her more than me?"
"Of course not Parker. You're my favourite little boy in the world and I love you both just as much."
"Good cause I love you Daddy."
"I love you too."
"I love you as well Bones."
"Love you too Parker." She managed to say with tears in her eyes.
"Are you my new Mummy?"
"No Parker. Rebecca will always be your Mum but I will be your Step-mum."
"Cool. Can I call you Tempe, like Daddy?"
"Course you can." Parker ran up and gave Tempe a big hug and stayed sat in her lap. Booth was so glad Parker was ok
with this and happy that they both got on well.

"Bud there's one more thing. Tempe's pregnant."
"You're gonna be a big brother."
"Really. Where is the baby?"
"In my tummy." Parker stared down at her ummy and stroked it.
"I'm gonna be the bestest big brother in the world."
"Parker your Dad and I were wondering if you wanted to come to the ultrasound with us."
"What's a ultrasound?"
"It shows you a picture of the baby inside your belly."
" Cool. When can we go?"
"Right after you've had you apple pie."
"Apple pie?" Parker's eyes lit up. He gave Tempe one last hug and found the pie on the table, demolising it almost instantly.


They were brought into the doctor's office straight away.
"Hi. My name's Dr. Tay and you are."
"Temperance, Seeley and Parker." She said pointing to each of them in turn.
"Pleased to meet you and your son Temperance."
"He's not my son."
"I'm gonna be her step-son."
"Really are you gonna be a big brother?" Parker nodded enthusiastically.
"Well shall we go and see your baby brother or sister?"

"Right this gel will be pretty cold."
"Right. Lets get a look."
"Hold on isn't that three babies?"
"Looks like it."
"Tempe does that mean you're having three babies?"
"It does Parker." Booth lent down and gave her a kiss on the fore-head whispering
"We're gonna have to celebrate tonight you know."
"I know." She replied giving him a mischievous look.
"Do you want to know the sex?"
"What does that mean Daddy?"
"Whether it's a boy or a girl."
"Seeley do you want to know?"
"Yeah I think I do."
"What about you Parker?"
"You're asking me?"
"Course I am."
"I want to know."
"I take it you want to know then." They all nodded.
"Well it looks like two girls and a boy."
"Seeley we're gonna have two beautiful girls and one amazing boy."
"I know I hope the girls are as beautiful as their Mum." Tempe blushed.
"And as handsome as their father. You do realise we're gonna have to get a bigger house."
"Cool can we go get a house now?"
"Course Parker."

This was gonna have them looking for a hose as wll but I have decided to leave that and a suprise until the next chapter but only if you review. I decided to put triplets in because xfilesjunkie pointed out that not many stories have them.
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