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Names and houses

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Chapter 10 - we get to the house and find out the full names.

What happens next?
Names and houses

(The estate agents)

"Welcome to Easy Moving Estate Agents. How can I help you?"
"Hi I'm Temperance Brennan. This is my fiancee Seeley and his son Parker. We're looking for a house."
"Ho I'm Janet. What type of house do you want?"
"A detached."
"How many bedrooms?"
"Erm. Well we need to give the kids a bedroom each so that's four, one for us, five and a guest room so six?"
"Yeah if you can get six bedroom houses."
"You can but it will be extremely expensive."
"That's fine we can afford it."
"Lucky you, so where do you want to live?"
"Somewhere between the Jeffersonian, FBI and Parker's school."
"And where are those?"
Booth explained where they were while Brennan asked Parker if he wanted anything. He wanted a big garden and a playroom.
"Ok. Is there anything else you want?"
"Actually Parker wants to have a big garden and a playroom and we'll need a study and a garage."
"Well I have three here that meet your would you like to see them."
"Now if possible."
"Of course. I will go get the keys."

Half an hour later they stood outside an enormous detached house. Parker was getting really exited in the fact that he had been included in choosing a house. They entered into an enormous entrance way with a chandelier hanging from the roof.
"Wow. It's beutiful."
"It is isn't it. Would you like to see the living room?"
They were led into a living room which had an amazing fireplace and big windows which let in the light. Next came the dining room with a table that could probably fit twenty people on. It led out onto a garden which unfortunately was rather small and was completely paved.
"Tempe. I can't play out here it's too small."
"Ok Parker. Janet I don't think this ones right. The garden is way too small for Parker but the rest of the house is fantastic, it's a pity"
"Ok then would you like to see the next house."

They stepped out of the car in front of another amazing detached house. They were again led into the entrance hall which was a little smaller than the last but still bigger than most. They managed to make it round most of the house; the amazing kitchen, beautiful bathrooms, large garden, pretty dining room and huge bedrooms. However they soon realised it had no garage, playroom or study. They moved onto the next one.

They got out this time onfront of a house that was twice the size of the others.
"Don't worry it's not that one, that's got about twenty bedrooms."
Then Brennan heard a voice behind her.
"Sweetie what are you doing here?" Turning round she noticed her best friend.
"Hi honey. So why are you here?"
"We're buying a house."
"Wait the one next to ours."
"Wait that's your house?"
"Well Jack's really. Are you buying the one next to us 'coz if you are I'm sure he'll sell you it cheap."
"Wait he owns two houses?"
"Yeah but the other ones much smaller than this. This has like twenty bedrooms the other has seven. Wait why do you need seven bedrooms?"
"Triplets." Angela let out one of her famous high pitched squeals and rabled on about all the fun they were gonna have as neighbours and about the triplets.
"Ange don't you think Temperance, Parker and I should look at the house first?"
"Sure sorry got carried away."
"What are you having?"
"One boy, two girls. You can tell people at work if you want." Another high pitched squeals.

They entered the house to find exactly what they wanted. A large dining room, two enormous reception rooms, a kitchen twice the size of the other houses, six double bedrooms, a master bedroom, playroom in the cellar, study (also in the cellar), acres of land and a garage! Parker loved it and began looking at the bedroom to find the one he wanted. Brennan and Booth had a long discussion and came out to speak to the estate agent and found Angela and Hodgins there too.
"We'll take it."

They had sorted out the paper work there and then and were planing to move in when the lease on their apartments were up. It had been a very long day and all three(or six) of them couldn't wait to go home (to Booth's). When they got there the talk turned to baby names.
"Parker I was wondering if you wanted to pick your sister's name?"
"Can I really Tempe?"
"Yeah." Parker wrinkled him nose in thought.
"I don't know. I always liked the name Sam but it's a girl."
"How about Samantha and Sam can be her nickname." Parker nodded enthusiastically.
Then the disscussion turned to middle names.
"So we've decided. Samantha Brooklyn Booth, Christine Morgan Booth and James Aiden Booth."

I know this chapter is a little boring but at least the kids have finally got names! Next up we meet Tempe and Seeley's parents! Please review and give me ideas for the names of Seeley's parents.
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