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Meet the family

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Here's the next chapter sorry it took longer to update than usual. Enjoy the chapter and plz review. (Russ is out of jail now)

What happens next?
Meet the family

Parker had been dropped off earlier by a rather tiered Rebecca who told them that he had been having nightmares. While Booth talked to Parker about the nightmares Brennan sorted out the guest bedrooms. They were meeting each others families at Sid's then coming back home. They had fifteen minutes until they had to be there and were now sorting Parker out ready to go.

Because of the non existant traffic they were there with five minutes to spare and quickly found a table for thirteen people (by pushing many together). Russ, Amy, Emma and Hayley arrived first and looked surprised to see Booth and Parker there too but didn't have enough time to mention it when Booth's parents came in. Booth introduced them as Beverly and Joe. Again they were not told what was happening and there was a few minutes of awkward silence until Jared, his wife Melissa and daughter Jessica came. Now they were only waiting for Max.
"Tempe you did tell your dad the right time didn't you?"
"Of course. He's always late. Don't worry."
Max arrived fifteen minutes late to find a bunch of strangers sitting next to his daughter, son and son's wife and kids as well as Booth.
"Hi Honey sorry I'm late. Booth. Who are these people?"
"Max this is my mum Beverly, dad Joe, brother Jared and his wife Melissa and their son Jack and this is my son Parker. Everyone this is Max, Tempe's dad and her brother Russ, his wife Amy and daughters Emma and Hayley."
"Booth since when have you called my daughter Tempe?"
"That's actually why we're here. I asked Tempe to marry me."
"And I said yes."
There were murmurs of congratulations and Joe went off to buy a bottle of champagne. Max looked a little concerned but kept quiet. Joe went round the table pouring all the adults champagne but when he reached Brennan's she declined.
"Why ever not?"
"Ther' one more thing we haven't told you. I'm pregnant."
There were more murmurs of congratulations as Max spoke.
"Tempe can I have a word with you?"
"Sure dad."

Brennan followed Max outside.
"Tempe I want you to know I'm extremely happy for you if this is what you want. However I am a little confused. Last time I saw you you wouldn't have given marriage and kids a second thought now you're telling me you have suddenly decided you want them. I want to know that Booth hasn't pressured you into anything."
"Of course he hasn't pressured me into anything."
"So you want to get married?"
"And have a kid?"
"You promise me he is looking after you?"
"Yes." She was beginning to cry now. How could he think that Seeley was forcing her into anything.
"I love him dad."
"With all my heart."
"In that case go inside."

Brennan entered Sid's again trying, unsuccessfully to wipe away the tears.
"You ok Tempe?"
"She's fine Booth."
"I can speak for myself dad. I'm fine Seeley."
"Ok then if you're sure then do you want to go home and we can show everyone their rooms."

As they entered the drive way they noticed Angela coming over.
"Hey Sweetie, Booth, Max, Russ. You ok Sweetie?"
"Sure Ange. I'll talk to you later."
"Well you know where I live neighbour." She said pointing to the house.
"Bye Ange."
"Bye everyone."

Booth led then to the house and there were gasps when people realised the whole house was theirs. People left their questions till inside.
"So why do you need such a big house?" (Jared)
"Well because we're having triplets!" (Booth)
"Really? I don't know how you'll cope. One was enough." (Melissa)
Everybody laughed.
"So how did you afford all this?" (Beverly)
"I'm an author and an anthropologist." (Brennan)
"What books have you written?" (Joe)
"Bred in the Bone and..." (Brennan)
"No way you're Temperance Brennan?" (Joe)
"Anyway dad you can interrogate her later."(Booth)
"Why's he gonna interigate me?"(Brennan)
"It's an expression it means he's gonna ask you lots of questions."(Booth)

Eventually Russ & Amy, Beverly & Joe, Emma & Hayley, Jared & Melissa were all sorted into their rooms (Jack was sharing with Parker) the interrogation began.

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