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Boxes 6 and 7

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LuigixDaisy, MarioxPeach, BoosterxValentina

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Question Box

Box 06: Meant to Be (LuigixDaisy, MarioxPeach)

Luigi's Point of View

When I look back into the not so distant past, I realize how much things have changed in a relatively short time. When my brother Mario and I got stranded in this unknown world we came to know first as the Mushroom Kingdom and later as home, all we wanted to do was find our way back to Brooklyn. It was quite strange how we came here after being sucked down a pipe that we shouldn't have fit into in the first place. One minute we were trying to repair a plugged up tub and the next we were here.

We rolled out of the pipe knocking several human sized turtles out of the way. That's when we saw her for the first time, a woman in a pink dress with blue eyes and long blonde hair. She was princess Peach Toadstool. Her loyal friend Toad, a mushroom boy was there also. Meeting those two people was definitely interesting. The princess was quite beautiful and Toad was, well let's just say that you don't see a kid with a mushroom on his head everyday in Brooklyn or anywhere else on Earth.

In the Mushroom Kingdom we found that there were more of those people with mushrooms on their heads. It appeared that the princess was one of the few who looked human. Then while we were still assimilating that this world was more than just a dream, Bowser came. He kidnapped princess Toadstool and it was up to Mario and me to rescue her and a few mushroom people that were also captured. This brought us to our first real adventure in this world. Then again, just being there was an adventure in itself.

We ventured into strange lands with snow storms, endless deserts, giants and many things that were so new to us. We visited one castle after another, finding a new mushroom people each time. They sadly told us that their dear princess was not with them and had been taken to another castle. Finally, we reached the Dark Lands were the Koopa King held the princess hostage. After a long hard battle we were able to rescue her.

By the time the celebrations of the Peach's return were over, I realized two things. First of all I noticed the special connection between Peach and my brother. They felt something for each other from the very start. It would take a while for them to be certain and later admit it, but eventually they did. Another thing I realized was that the people of this world needed us. No matter how much we missed Brooklyn, we had to stay here for them. So we made our home in this world and soon stopped missing Brooklyn, though we will always remember it.

For some time, I wondered if one day I would find that special someone like my brother did. But there was no time to search at the moment. Mario and I lived one adventure after another, keeping the Mushroom Kingdom safe. It was then that we met many new friends, like Yoshi. That dinosaur can sure eat!

Many things happened and we traveled to distant lands. One of those lands was Sarasaland. That's were I met her, princess Daisy. I too had found someone special. I knew it from the second I saw her. Suddenly what my brother had told me about Peach made complete sense, because I was feeling it for Daisy.

So there you have it, that's my story, or at least the beginning of it. Many more adventures await. To think it all started when we came here by accident. But maybe it wasn't an accident, maybe it was meant to happen, just like Mario and Peach are meant to be and I know it's the same for Daisy and me.


Box 07: Give me a Reason (BoosterxValentina)

Booster paced around his tower balcony, wishing and hoping that another miracle would happen. The snifits formed a circle, planning and plotting ways to cheer up their leader. "Let's play with your dolls!" The first snifit cheered.

"I'm busy," Booster replied in a hopeless tone. His dream was shattering before his eyes.

"Maybe we could play a board game instead?" The second snifit suggested, though he only received a bored look as an answer.

"How about hide and seek?" Snifit number three asked.

"I don't feel like it. I just wish it would happen again." Booster was about to snap if he didn't get his wish. "Why can't a girl fall from the sky again and be my bride?"

"Dodo! Dodo! Be careful, I'm going to fall!" A female voice was heard.

"What was that?" Booster and the snifits started to run around in circles on the balcony.

"Dodo! Ah!" It was none other than Valentina who had fallen from the skies on top of Booster. "Dodo, you idiot!" She got up and dusted herself off, while Dodo landed near by and looked apologetic.

"It's a miracle!" Booster cheered and the three snifits joined in to cheer with him. Valentina was confused, but a welcoming reception in a luxurious tower was always nice to have.

xoxox xox xoxox

As Valentina later learned, Booster wanted to marry her, though she couldn't think of a reason why she should accept. Sure she was planning to marry Dodo when he was pretending to be Mallow, but that was different, she would gain the crown by going through with the wedding, not that they would act any differently to each other. As for Booster, he did have a nice tower, but he was no king or prince.

When Valentina asked why she should marry Booster, he whispered something in her ear. It was something that the three nosy snifits couldn't hear, and they forever wonder about it. "So we can eat wedding cake," Booster had said.

Valentina gasped, her breath caught in her throat, her heartbeats speeding up, and she immediately accepted the proposal. With her slender figure, no one would have guessed Valentina had such a cake obsession.


Disclaimer, I do not own the Super Mario games or cartoon. Box 06 was requested by Tanuki826.
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