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Boxes 8 to 10

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Based on the Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars game.

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Question Box

Box 08: Peach Clone

Peach walked quietly, keeping an eye on every looming shadow in the dimly lit underground yellow castle. She heard some footsteps near by and hid behind a large column, until she could see if the one approaching was a friend or foe.

"I know you're there," the owner of the footsteps spoke; her voice was the same as Peach's. "I can feel you, sister."

Peach peeked out from behind the column and came face to face with a mirror image of herself. Belome could create clones of who ever he tasted, and the giant mutant dog made a clone of Peach during their last battle after licking her; but that clone was defeated and seemingly dissolved into thin air. Peach stepped out from her hiding place. "Why are you still here?"

"Belome's cloning abilities improved. The perfect Peach clone will take your place; you're nothing but another copy now." The clone giggled, as if she found the entire situation oddly amusing, and ran away.

"I'm the real Peach, my friends will know the truth!" The real Peach chased after the clone, but lost sight of her. Peach stopped and looked around for the clone. She was in a large room full of golden Belome statues.

The clone threw a bomb from behind one of the statues, but Peach quickly dodged it. How could that clone copy her strongest attack? Peach had seen her clones using basic healing spells during her battle with Belome alongside Mario, Bowser, Mallow and Geno, but they had never used bombs. The bomb collided with one of the many golden Belome statues and blew it apart, pieces flying everywhere. "All I have to do is win and I'll take your place."

The clone was really asking for it and Peach was certainly not a pushover. She was the original and she could continue being the only real Peach. "It's your last chance, give up peacefully and I'll let you go. I'll even welcome you into the Mushroom Kingdom; you can find a new identity, your own identity."

"I already have an identity, I'm Princess Peach Toadstool!" The clone got another bomb ready to attack.

"No, I am," the real Peach readied her bomb attack as well; the original was far more powerful. Instead of just one bomb, a rain of bombs came, destroying the room along with the clone. Peach ran out of the room as it caved in. "I can't go back that way now," she sighed, perhaps she overdid it. She would just have to take another route back to the Mushroom Kingdom until the shortcut to Monstro Town through Belome's Temple was fixed. But for now she would look forward to her visit.

End of Box 08

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Box 09: Musical Genius

"No, no, no! That is not the melody I'm searching for!" Toadofsky shook his head, holding the mushroom, eyes tightly closed. "Try it again; I need to find some inspiration!"

The frog that was assisting Toadofsky got back into position. When someone dived into the musical pool, the sound that came was not just the splash of the water, a clear musical note rung out depending on where the dive occurred. Toadofsky had a very peculiar way of composing songs using the musical pool of Tadpole Pond, with the help of a few tadpoles and a good jumper. Mario himself had helped with one of Toadofsky's most famous melodies.

The tadpoles dove into the musical pool and once the frog gave the signal by standing at a circular rock at one end of the pool, with Toadofsky watching from the other, the tadpole that would create the first note emerged from the water and started to swim up and down the pool. The frog observed the tadpole, listening to the soft sounds of the water as it moved. Then the frog jumped and was caught by the tadpole.

The operation was repeated with all the tadpoles, jumping from one to another until the frog reached the last one. The frog jumped to the edge of the musical pool next to Toadofsky. "Let's try again," the mushroom composer waved his conductor's baton, and one by one the tadpoles dove into the musical pond. At first Toadofsky's expression was pleased, his smile increasing with each note, until the last tadpole dove and Toadofsky cringed.

"I almost have it! Almost!" Toadofsky sung his head from side to side as if trying to shake the melody out of the deepest corners of his mind. "One more time!"

Once again the frog got into position and the tadpoles started swimming, stopping where the frog jumped on them. It was pretty obvious that only the last note was unsatisfactory for Toadofsky, but the process had to be started from the beginning, even if only the final note would change, the composer would have it no other way.

The frog stopped at the second to last tadpole. The poor tadpole endured the weight without complains as frog took some time to think. He didn't want to hop around anymore; he was tired and wanted to visit the Frog Coin Emporium.

While the frog was still lost in thought about that last note, Ludwig emerged from a pipe, forgotten under the musical pool; such was the consequence of taking the wrong warp pipe. With some difficulty, he made it to the surface and grabbed the first thing he saw to stay afloat, the last tadpole. The frog jumped to the side of the pool in surprise and Ludwig let the tadpole go to get out of the pool.

One by one, the tag poles dived creating a pleasant melody, the last one diving where Ludwig had pulled it down when he emerged. "That's it!" Toadofsky cheered. "You are a musical genius!"

Ludwig was still a little out of breath from coming out of the warp pipe under water. He nearly drowned and was still feeling a little light headed from it. "Music?"

"Yes, you found the final note I've been searching for!" Toadofsky was literally jumping with joy. "What is your name? I must know!"

"Ludwig Von Koopa."

After hearing Ludwig's name, Toadofsky became even more excited. "I knew you looked familiar, I knew it! I love your symphonies!"

Ludwig then realized that he was standing in front of the one and only Toadofsky. "I greatly enjoy your symphonies as well, they are most inspirational!"

Toadofsky and Ludwig continued talking about music, while the frog and tadpoles slipped away unnoticed for a well deserved rest.

End of Box 09

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Box 10: Defeated

"I'm going to be snifit number five! You just wait, I'll be snifit five for sure!" A snifit dressed in blue hopped from one rock to another along Booster Cliff. He stopped at the end of the thin cliff and observed a pipe he was sure wasn't there before. Wendy came out of the pipe and the snifit stared of her. "A koopa!" He pointed at the koopa princess.

"Way to state the obvious! Like where am I?" Wendy was pretty sure she was not supposed to have come out in that place. The ground and scenery were similar to that of Moleville, but she was pretty sure this was some place else, possibly close to Moleville.

"This is Booster Cliff, it's a place were snfits come to train and earn their numbers. I will become snifit number five after I defeat you!" The snifit proudly declared.

"Out of my way!" Wendy pushed the annoying snifit away. The snifit lost his balance and went tumbling down the cliff, while Wendy returned to the pipe.

End of Box 10

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