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Baby One More Time

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Ryan is a little jealous of all the attention Brendon is giving to Amanda.

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Ryan looked at Brendon flirting with Amanda. He didn’t get why he even tried, Amanda was like 10 years older than him. Anyways, it made Ryan’s blood bubble from envy. He wished Brendon put as much enthusiasm to talk to him as he did to her. But it was all hopeless, Brendon would never take notice of the lonely guitar player from his band, after all Ryan thought he wasn’t worth it.

He ran a hand through his dark hair and walked to their bus. There was no point on staying outside on the hot sun looking at the man he loved having a conversation with a woman. Ryan entered the bus and called Spencer’s name, but no one answer. Like Jon didn’t show his face, he figured he was alone in the bus.

He threw himself on the “couch” and started watching TV. It seemed as the only thing to do around lately. Since they started touring with The Dresden Dolls, all that Brendon did was talk to Amanda cause according to him they had way too much in common. As he watched Friends, he made a mental note that he was going to learn how to play the piano.

Brendon decided to go back to the bus after talking to Amanda for hours. He wished he had an older sister like her; she was too much fun to be around with. When he entered the bus he noticed Ryan was asleep watching TV. He sat next to him and just looked at his features.

He poked the skinny boy to see if he would wake up. Ryan was usually a heavy sleeper, but he just had to be sure. Brendon poked him a couple of times every time harder but all that Ryan did was but an annoyed face.

Brendon smiled and moved forward to press his lips against Ryan’s. A smile spread across the sleeping boy’s face and in his slumber he took hold of Brendon’s hand and rubbed it against his cheek. It made Brendon feel happy and sad at the same time.

It made him happy because Ryan liked the feeling of his lips, but sad because perhaps Ryan was imagining that the kiss came from someone who wasn’t Brendon. He suddenly became depressed because he knew he would never be with him and walked away to his bunk.

Ryan’s eyes shot open and he looked around the bus. It had all been a wonderful dream. He stood up and looked around touching his lips. There was no trace of Brendon.

He walked to the bunk area and noticed Brendon was in his, sleeping. Ryan looked at him for several minutes then he went forward and caressed his cheek carefully. The boy on the top bunk moved which made Ryan retreat, but then he leaned forward as Brendon’s face was facing him.

He smiled and decided to kiss him, just as he did on his dreams. A smile spread on the younger boy’s face as he muttered a slow “I love you too Ryan.”


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