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CH 8 - Like paint stripper down your throat

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Harry lost everything. A new world beacons with a 2nd chance. Parents are alive and he has a Sister. Forbidden love between two unloved Siblings blossoms. Harry is on cloud 9, but it wont last. Au ...

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My first story so VERY SORRY for all errors and mistakes made before, during and after this sentence. And I'll add a warning for adult themes and all the other nasty's 18+ only please.
Like paint stripper down your throat

Harry knew he did not what to hear this sort of conversation, he got up quickly claiming he was tired from all the shopping he had done that day and grabbing a container of leftover food for his sister he headed up toward Kaitlyn's room. When he reached it what he saw stunned him in more ways than one.

Harry Stood stunned as he looked through the crack in the door into his sisters room. She must have been trying on some of her new clothes as she had a short green mini skirt on and a black lace bra that he had seen purchased for her. She looked stunning sitting on her couch in the skimpy clothes, her lean midriff exposed for the first time to Harry. But that was not what had stopped Harry in his tracks, no; it was the fact that she had her skirt pulled up and was busy pushing slick fingers between her slightly spread legs.

He could see by the look on her face that she was enjoying herself a lot. His desire to watch outweighed his desire to quietly close the door and walk back to his own room. His desire grew as he watched her taunt body start to shiver. Her perfect toned legs spread further apart and Harry could almost see her nude pussy if it was not for the small viewing angle he was afforded.

Kaitlyn stared rubbing her tits as she sped up her fingers thrusting inside her slightly hidden pussy. Over and over she thrust her fingers inside her pleasure box, going deeper and faster with every stroke. Soft moans started to escape her lips and her breathing got heavier. Harry tried to take it all in at once, from her lean abdomen rippling under her pleasure to the slight pouting of her sexy mouth.

It was like a dream to Harry, the hottest girl he had ever seen was fingering herself. The hot view was taking its toll on Harry who had gotten hard the moment he had seen his sister's petite form. Never had he felt such a great desire before, he wanted nothing more than to march in and ravage Kaitlyn wether she wanted it or not.

But before he could move she suddenly jerked forward and let out a muffled scream of pleasure. Bucking backward and forwards as she sailed through an intense orgasm. It took her a few minutes to come down from her high and in that time Harry had slowly backed away from the door and slowly closed it without a sound. Part of him screaming at himself to enter the room and not let the moment pass, while another part of him was afraid.

He had willingly walked to his death at the hands of the scariest dark wizard in history and had felt less fear than he had in approaching his sister at that moment. He could not help but to think about her rejecting him. He was suddenly very unsure of himself. The last few days had been great for him and he did not what to blow it.

The door in front of him opened to reveal a still slightly perspiring Kaitlyn. "O ... Harry there you are, I was just coming to look for you". She stood there still in her skirt but she had put on a tight fitting shirt. Harry could smell the faint smell of arousal coming from her and the scene he had just witnessed came back to him in vivid detail.

She saw a strange look pass over her brother's face before it turned a slight shade of red. "Harry what's wrong did ..." Then it hit her, he must have seen what she had just done. But how, she had put the strongest locking and silencing charms she knew on the door.

"You saw me didn't you" she said carefully watching his reaction.

"No I ... I just ... umm" blushing a bit more, revealing to her that he had indeed seen her.

"Why you are just standing out here then, and why are you blushing".

"I'm sorry Kaitlyn I should have knocked first" Harry admitted knowing it was pointless to keep denying it.

Kaitlyn smiled widely "Come on Harry there's no need to be embarrassed" she said as she grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into her room.

After they had sat down on her bed she looked at her brother noticing his nervous look.

"Harry come on what's wrong, it's not like you saw anything I didn't want you to".

Harry shook his head before answering "I know that I'm being a bit stupid, but I don't want to lose what we have, you know. It's like I'm expecting you to disappear just as I'm beginning to finally understand all this".

"Harry it doesn't have to be so complicated you know, I love you and I want you to feel happy".

"I love you too but I don't want this, to just be ... you know" God Harry thought what the hell is wrong with me I'm turning down an incredibly attractive girl. Not just that, he was also getting emotional about it, yes he loved her and he felt very protective of her but why was he acting like such a girl. He would never have acted like this before, somehow he had changed.

Kaitlyn's face softened and looked lovingly at him "It's because I'm your sister isn't it?"

Harry shook his head "No it's not that, I meant what I said last night. I really do want to get to know you better before we do anything like that. I care too much about you to ruin that".

Kaitlyn flung herself at him and grabbed him in a hug. "It's ok we don't have to do anything yet but please don't shut me out I couldn't handle that".

Harry brushed her hair from her face and moved his lips forward to give her a smouldering kiss. Kaitlyn pulled away slightly and gave him a strange look "I thought you just said ..."

"I might not be ready for that other stuff yet, but I couldn't live without this" He said.

Giggling Kaitlyn pushed him onto his back and straddled him. She then bent down over him letting her hair fall down around them like a curtain and kissed him deeply. The kiss lasted a few minutes before she broke it breathlessly. The next few hours were spent devoted to getting to know each other. Kaitlyn threw herself into getting to know Harry and telling him everything about her. Now she knew what was holding him back she worked hard to overcome it.

She was surprised at the new feelings that he had brought up inside her. Instead of being sad at him rejecting her advances she felt slightly grateful that he wanted her as a lover and not just a quick fuck. She thought she knew what love was but Harry was showing her how wrong she had been. It wasn't all about the physical, even though she was almost at the point of begging for him to take her. No he showed her that just being together, could be just as good.

It was almost three in the morning before they had fallen to sleep and she was happy that he was finally a bit more comfortable with her. They both had huge smiles on their faces as they fell asleep together.


Two men appeared out of the front door of a Muggle club called the bearded dragon and stoped just outside. Sirus turned to his friend James and grinned in a way that lit up the night "Did I tell you it was going to be good or what".

James slightly drunk even though he had promised his wife he would not drink said "It was brilliant, but I don't think we should tell lily about the fact that there were strippers".

"Marauders honour ... she'll never hear it from me. You know what; I've just had the best idea. We should bring Harry here for his birthday or better yet, next Saturday. He deserves to let his hair down after what happened".

James thought about it for a bit, it would not be hard to get him in to the club as Muggles could be fooled so easily. No that was not the problem, James was not sure Harry was ready for a strip club. He would not have hesitated in taking Harry before the incident but now he did not know, how would his son react. "I don't know Sirus he's had a bit of a rough time lately. I don't know if he would be willing to come to a place like this just yet".

"Are you serious James, of cause he would, he's a teenager".

"No I'm not Serious James I'm James Potter remember" Not being able to resist the age old joke

"Ha-ha James that's getting so old. But why would he not want to come?" Sirus said looking at his friend intently.

Sighing James but his arm around his friend and said "There are a few things about Harry's recent ordeal that I haven't told you yet. I hadn't planned to tell you actually, but since Harry only asked for lily not to be told I guess I can tell you. But you have to promise to keep it a secret, lily can't find out".

Sirus looked worried; it must be bad if James had planned on keeping it a secret from him. They told each other everything. "Of course James I'd never betray you, you know that".

James nodded sadly before he continued "Well you know that Harry was tortured, but what you don't know is Bellatrix also raped him, several times apparently".

Sirus paled upon hearing that his godson was further abused by his cousin "Damn, I can see why he might not want to come, but you should at least ask him. It might be just what he needs to take his mind off things".

James nodded saying that he would ask him the next day. He then bid farewell to Sirus.

The next morning Harry got up and without waking his sister got ready for his run. He quickly pulled on some of the new clothes his mum had purchased him. As he walked past a mirror he could not help but marvelled at how well the new clothes fit him. The clothes and this new body he had when so well together that for the first time in Harry's life he was content with the image looking back at him.

He smiled at the reflection for a moment before walked out the door and down the stairs. He was looking forward to today's run after what happened last night. He needed to get rid of a bit of stress. He still could not believe some of the things he had said. It was like he was going soft, for years he had lived on the run. He had fort countless battles and seen so many innocents slaughtered. Why was it so hard for him to be intimate with Kaitlyn? It's not like he did not know what to do, but for some reason he felt like a stuttering blob when it came to going any further with her.

She was a beautiful teenage girl and he was defiantly attracted to her. He cared for her a great deal and that was perhaps the problem. He loved her and did not want to hurt her. He also knew that deep down he had a strong need to be loved. Something he was sure he could blame the Dursleys and then Voldemort for.

Shaking his head he decided that he would do a bit of soul searching before he started exercising. Clearing his head he delved deep into his mind with the intent to see how his defences were holding up.

About a half hour later he discovered something rather peculiar, hidden right at the back of his mind. It was a memory, no, it was lots of memories and they were not his. Normally a foreign memory would be detected very quickly but these memories were slightly different. While he could tell they were not his, they did seem very similar to how his own memories looked.

Bringing one memory to the front of his mind, it showed him a scene where he was in the library at Hogwarts. He followed his younger self as he walked along the rows of books until he got to a door, the one that led to the restricted section. He watched as young Harry opened the door and casually walked inside. That was strange Harry had only ever remembered visiting the restricted section once and that was at night. Here he was middle of the day with students everywhere.

Then it hit him these were his memories. Only they were from this worlds Harry and not his own. Harry sunk into the memories and set to sorting them into his own memories. He made sure to tag them just in case he needed to turf them in the future.

For the next few hours Harry set about learning all about his counterpart. By the time his father found him he had completely integrated his mind with his younger self. He felt very strange now though, he now had a new feeling of love for his family. It was like he had known them all his life but at the same time it felt like he didn't.

What was even stranger were the new thoughts he had about his sister. The new part of him had always loved her, but most defiantly not in the way his older self did. Harry put a block on these feelings, he did not want to feel guilty or disgust with himself every time he looked at Kaitlyn. It was hard enough when he was being intimate with her as it was. By doing this he had only increased his feelings of love for her, and now he had memories of growing up with her. It made him feel like he knew more about her now then he had known about anyone else and it brought him pleasure.

Harry looked up and saw his dad standing in front of him looking at him strangely. He felt a new affection of this man; it seemed James relationship with Harry had been more like that of close friend, then of father and son.

"Hi Dad what's happening" Harry asked wondering how long he had been standing there.

"Not much Harry, Are you ok?" He asked concerned. James had been watching Harry for a few moments and was slightly scared at the completely blank look he had seen on his sons face just moments ago. It was like Harry had zoned out. Maybe Harry wasn't as ok as he said he was after their talk the other night.

"Yes, actually for the first time in a while I feel completely fine" He said giving his dad a dashing smile. He knew that the original Harry was fond of that particular look, especially when it came to girls. His dad seeing the familiar look felt himself ease a bit. Maybe he was over what had happened, and Sirus may have been right. But he would never admit that to his best friend, he had a big enough head as it was.

"It's good to see that you're back to your old self again, I've missed your laughter around the house". James took the seat next to Harry.

"So what's up dad, felt like a bit of a stroll. Walking to the gate to get the paper or something" Harry asked.

"No, but why would I need to go to the gate to get the paper the owl has already dropped it off" James responded looking a bit confused.

"Muggle saying dad, it's not meant to be taken literal. Well actually it is but that's not the point"

"Did you pick up that saying from that Granger girl that we've heard so much about? I thought you were rivals, bit of spice romance on the side hey" His father said waggling his eyebrows gleefully.

It was just like his dad, his new memories had shown how he always tried to get any relationship Goss out of him. He and Sirus took it as their life work to embarrass him and give him 'advice' about the opposite sex. James advice was usually bad and Sirus's was surprisingly good, at least most of the time.

"No dad Granger's just, well I wouldn't even call her a friend".

"O'well that's a shame, anyway what I wanted to know was if you wanted to come out for a night out on Saturday. Just you me and Sirus, it'll be fun".

"Sure dad is there a night game of Quidditch or something".

"Well not exactly no; see Sirus thought it was time to take you to a club".

"What sort of club are we talking about dad?

"Well it's a Muggle club ... and well it'll be educational for you".

"Educational Huh".

James nodded enthusiastically.

"It's a strip club isn't it"?

James stoped nodding and his eyes went wide in surprise.

"How did you know"?

Harry shook his head at him.

"You said Sirus suggested it so it was either that or a brothel. But I guess it could have been a bondage bar too".

"What's a bondage bar"?

"It's where the tie you up and you know".

"How the hell do you know that ... ahhh never mind. So what do you think, I know after everything that's happened over the last few weeks you might not be completely into it. But you'll have me and Sirus with you the whole time and if you start to feel uncomfortable we could just leave".

Harry just smiled at his dad, he was obviously still worried about the Bella incident and it filled Harry with warmth. He had always wondered how it would be like to have a dad that looked after him and it was all he had hoped it would be.

"I told you I was ok with everything that has happened. But can we just go to a regular club instead; I don't think its fare on mum for you to be ogling naked ladies, especially not on my watch".

"Come on Harry it would just be a bit of fun, you know I love your mother more than life itself. But your right we can just go to a regular club".

Harry started to nod but then stoped "and it has to be after my birthday to. I don't want to have to lie to mum about where were going".

James sagged a little "aww Come on harry where's your sense of adventure. You call yourself the son of a marauder".

Harry laughed "No you call me the son of a marauder, but I'm not so sure. Unless Remus is my father he at least has some brains about him".

Harry watch as his father slowly got what he just said and quickly started on his run.

"Why you little bugger get back here. I'll have you know Remus never got any ware near my lily flower".

James finished jumping up and down now that Harry was out of shouting range.

"Remus and Lily, what a joker. Actually that would explain a lot ....".

James ran towards the house shouting "LILY".

He found his darling wife, who was peacefully reading a book in the library. He marched up to her and dropped to his knees dramatically. She ignored him as she always did when he was acting like this. Seeing no reaction from her he sighed loudly. Still nothing, so he repeatedly sighed, all the while getting increasingly louder, until she finally threw her book down.

"What is it now James".

James threw himself around her middle in a hug.

"Tell me it isn't true" he wailed.

"What isn't true James".

"Harry, he just told me you're secret. The one you've been hiding from me for years".

"Which secret James, there's so many I'm starting to lose track of them".

"That Remus is Harry's true father".

Lily rolled her eyes, she picked up her book and hit him over the head with it.

"Harry is your spitting image you silly man".

"That's true, I didn't think of that" he said rubbing his head.

"So does that mean you still love me, My Lily flower".

"Only when you're quiet James".

"But I'm never quiet".

"Exactly" Lily said with a slight smirk.

"Hey" Was James's indignant reply and he launched himself into tickling her sides.

"James. No .... Stop it... Please" And the room was filled with the sound of magical laughter.


When Harry was finally finished he was happy to note that he had already improved remarkably. He had completed two whole laps of the compound in about the same time that he had done a single lap only a week ago. Feeling chuffed at his progress he decided to see his mum and say good afternoon before he had a bath. So with that in mind Harry went looking through the house for her.

He checked the kitchen first but found it empty. Quickly grabbing a slice of cake he started to chew it as he walked toward the second floor, where he knew the library to be. He expected to see his mum organising shelfs or leisurely reading. He was shocked then, when he came upon both his mum and dad. Which would have been fine if it had not been for the fact, that his dad, had his tongue down his mums throat and hands wandering to places that Harry was sure were illegal on her.

He spat out a bit of the cake he was only moment ago chewing and looked at them in shock. It only took him a moment to process the situation and he quickly blocked the emotion turmoil he was feeling now that he had the original Harry's memories. Left with a bit more of a logical outlook meant Harry was not that disgusted. He was actually feeling happy as he looked at his parents, after all these years together and they still acted like love struck teenagers.

"Haven't you guys heard about broom cupboards" Harry said allowed scaring both his parents by his sudden presence.

"O my god .... Harry" Lily said blushing fiercely as she quickly removed James wayward hands.

All James could do is grin sheepishly at Harry and did not attempt to move.

"How about I continue upstairs for my bath, which should give you about half an hour to get this out of your system and then we'll have a little chat about locking charms ok". Harry said laughing. He felt so free inside at the fact that he could embarrass his parents in this way. They both looked at him guiltily as they nodded to him, not daring to say a word. Still laughing Harry turned on his heel and continued into his room. Where he quickly grabbed a new set of clothes and got ready to take a well deserved soaking.

As he submersed himself into the warm water moments later, he could not help but think how lucky he was. His life was literally at an end only weeks ago, but now he had two loving parents and a sister. Not to mention that he was love with said sister, and she, he knew loved him back. Life for Harry could not get much better.

Meanwhile back in the library lily was waking her 'dear' husband around the head.

"How could you forget something as simple as a locking charm. I've never been so embarrassed in my life. It was worse than that time your parents caught us on the front step".

"I'm sorry I forgot, but come on Lily flower it's not that bad. I mean Harry did care what we were doing. Beside you heard him teasing us, he doesn't care.

"That's beside the point, what if he had have come in a few moments later. There are some things that kids just should not know about their parents. How would you have felt if you walked in on your parents when you were younger".

"You're right that is very disturbing. But we don't need to be embarrassed about what we did".

"Whatever James I'm going down stairs of some tea. Harry will be down soon and it'll be time to face the music".

"Ok lily"

"And James"

"Yes dear"

"If you make one joke about what just happed I'll kill you".

James shivered under her glare "Yes dear"

When Harry got down the stairs it the scene he came upon was so sombre it was like someone had died. Both his parents had slightly blank looks on their faces as they nursed their cups of tea. He noticed that they had set a place out for him. Apparently they had taken him seriously when he had told them he wanted a 'little chat'.

Before he could say anything his mum looked up at him and told him to sit.

"Harry we just wanted to say ..."

But Harry wasn't going to have it, he put up his hand silencing her.

"There's no need to say anything mum, what happens between you two is a natural thing, I get that. And I'm glad you guys still love each other, but I really don't need to know about it. How about I just congratulate you two on your happy marriage and next time you keep it to your own rooms".

"Umm ... I ... Harry your handling this rather well" James said blushing.

"I lost you guys once and I'm not about to let the happiness I now have at having you both back, come crashing down just because of some awkward moment. From now on, bedrooms can be a private place and anyone entering one not their own, should knock first. Agreed." Harry finished looking serious.

"Sure Harry" Lily responded with a hint of pride in her eyes.

"Now wand's out and say after me 'Mortis Arestos'. Harry said pulling his wand out and casting a locking charm on the far kitchen door".

"Harry you can't do that your still underage. You'll be expelled". Lily said surprised that her son would be so dumb.

Harry just laughed "No I won't. There's no tracking charm on my wand any more. You didn't think an establishment as dumb as the ministry would be able to stop me did you. No offence of cause dad."

"None taken Harry. I don't think I've ever been more proud of you" James said beaming at Harry for his blatant rule breaking. Lily meanwhile just shook her head in shock.

"How long have you been able to cast spells without the ministry learning about it.

"Umm ... a couple of years" Harry laughed at the contrasting expression on his parents face.

After a few moments of silence Harry turned to his father. The real reason he had shown them he could cast spell with getting in trouble was so he could practice duelling.

"So dad, you up for a friendly duel. Marauders honour on the line and all that".

James's face split into a solid laugh "You're on Harry. Done worry ill go easy on you"

Harry smirked "I think the only think easy about the duel will be your defeat".

What followed was the strangest duel Harry had ever had. It was true that his father was a transfiguration expert but he also had the most peculiar tactics. Harry had never fought anyone who was so indirect. Usually his duals with death eaters would be strait at the throat, with lethal spell. His father meanwhile built up using cleaver traps and pranks to try and fool Harry.

James too learnt a lesson, after the first few defeats at the hands of his son who he was proud to say could duel exceptionally well. He was better than most second year Auror recruits even, not realising of course that Harry was holding back slightly. Harry had to of course since his main arsenal of spell could not be used in this duel. He did not want the kill or mutilate his dad after all.

The third duel they had, James decide to go all out and fifteen minutes later had pined Harry under a huge pink elephant while a monkey made of jelly stole his wand and ran off with it.

Harry sat up laughing when James had returned his wand. While it had been a huge learning experience for Harry he had never had so much fun in a duel before.

"Well done Harry. I've never seen such quick reflexes before. Seriously, have you thought about what you're going to do after you finish school. With your grades and skill you could easily make it through the Auror program. I know we talked about it before but I think you should seriously start thinking about what you're going to do".

Harry felt his heart warm from his dad's kind praise. Harry would love nothing more than to make his parents proud by going through the Auror academy, but he also knew he had bigger fish to fry. He needed to stay at Hogwarts if he wanted to make the biggest impact in the upcoming war.

"I don't know if I really want to be an Auror dad. I mean it's a great profession but I want to do something a bit less dangerous".

"Like what Harry, You're not still set on Quidditch are you. I know you've got the skill to make it. But don't you want to do something a bit more worthwhile. I could get you a job with the ministry quite easily".

Harry wondered what he should tell his dad. He needed to be at Hogwarts but James would never believe that Harry would be accepted into a teaching role so soon after graduating. Harry knew that one talk with Dumbledore would get him the job, regardless of how adept he was. Dumbledore would jump at the chance to keep Harry under his watchful eye. Especially once Harry made it clear to the old professor that the prophesy was still valid.

"I'm actually thinking of taking a year of to travel a bit, maybe even do a bit of tutor work. Then I'm going to try and apply for a teaching job. Professor McGonagall told me id could make a good teacher when we had our career day". Which she had indeed told this worlds Harry during the career day, at the end of his owl year.

"Teaching Harry".

"Yeah sure, you don't think I could do it".

"That not what I meant Harry. I'm sure you could do anything you put your mind to. It just ... I guess I never pictured you as a teacher. It's not the most glamorous job that's for sure.

"Well we can all be dashing Auror captains, can we"

"I didn't mean that"

"I know dad. It's just something I feel I need to do. Have you never felt something pulling you to it in such a way that all reason goes out the window". Harry said eyes full of emotion as he thought about the future that he must change.

"Yes I have Harry, it was in my seventh year too. Only it was Lily that I was pulled towards, no matter what got in the way I made sure I found a way to make it come true. There were lots of obstacle too I can tell you, but in the end a determined Potter will always succeed. My only advice is to go for your goals and leave nothing to chance".

"Thanks dad".

"Now it's starting to get late and if I know your mum she will be getting dinner ready soon".

Together both father and son walked back into the house that to Harry at least, was the first true home he had ever known.


Dinner was a quiet affair for the Potter family. Which basically just meant Sirus was not in attendance. Harry was feeling sad again as he had not seen Kaitlyn since he had awoken that morning. He wondered how she could be so confidant with some things but so nervous and withdrawn with others. He knew the reason so would not eat with the rest of the family was because she was afraid of being rejected. She was afraid that if she came down her parents might say something to her.

But what made Harry truly sad was the fact that his parents did not really care if she ate with them or not. It had became such a main stay over the last few years that they almost forgotten she existed. How could such loving parents become so set in their prejudges not to see what it was doing to their own daughter. Part of Harry wanted to yell at them until they saw reason, but he knew they would have to learn that particular lesson on their own.

Absently Harry chewed his food as he listened to his dad talk about some colleague at work, who had some interesting morals. He returned to thinking of Kaitlyn and it made his heart lighten. The closest he had ever come to feeling like this was the way he felt when he returned to Hogwarts after a summer at the dreaded Dursleys. It pained him to think of what she had gone through to get where she was now.

And it finally seemed that she was starting to get out of the hole she had been in when Harry had first awoken. If that was because of how she felt for him then who was he to argue with what they had.

Picking up his now empty plate Harry placed it in the sink for the auto cleaning charm to attend to. He excused himself saying he was tired after his run and the duel with his father. He made one last passing remark about broom closets before he headed up stairs to his room. When he got there he put the strongest locking charm on his door that he knew. He then used the access though the shared bathroom to get into his sisters room.

He expected to see her on her bed reading one of his school books that she had requested just last night. But he didn't see her at first, he did however here her. The sound that floated to his ears tore his heart out, she was sobbing. Harry walked towards to sound and found her in a Fetal position behind her couch.

She looked the epitome of sadness and despair. Her eyes had dark lines flowing from them, where mascara had run from the tears she had shed. She was sitting in a red silk dress, the one he had seen Lily buy the young teen. It was tight fitting and still looked exceptional on her despite her state.

Another thing that stood out was the half drunken bottle of Firewhiskey. She must have dressed up before she started drinking.

Sighing Harry bent down over the shaking teen and pulling his wand he summoned a sobering potion. Catching the vial he put it to her lips and she drank it without question. After she had down the potion harry scooped her up and walked her to her bed. He settled her down and climbed onto the bed next to her. Her held her and stroked her hair as the potion brought her back to her senses.

The potion took hold but instead of calming her she sobbed more.

"What's wrong Kaitlyn"

"I'm sorry Harry. I wanted to look good for you but I ruined it".

"What do you mean"

"After you left this morning I thought id ... do ... this" She said gesturing to her dress and makeup

"I thought that if you saw me like this id be more desirable to you. But I couldn't find the courage to leave my room. I hoped you would come back but when you didn't ... I'm sorry Harry".

"Kaitlyn I meant what I said the other day I don't care if you wore a tent id still find you attractive. You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen. You didn't need to dress up to prove it, although I do appreciate what you were trying to do".

Kaitlyn held Harry tighter "I know I'm being silly but ..."

Harry silenced her with a smouldering kiss and grind as he heard her moan into it. He felt her small had come to rest on the side of his face. He tingled slightly at the point of contact between them. They continued to kiss passionately and Harry realised Kaitlyn was slowly manoeuvring him onto his back with her alongside him. Slowly she extended her luxurious leg over his mid section and held it so she was slowly stroking him with her inner thigh.

Harry was defiantly in heaven, it was a wonderful feeling. Kaitlyn pulled her hands down from his face and slowly slipped them under him shirt. She stated to lightly caress his abdominal muscles on the way to his chest. Kaitlyn moaning got louder as she felt the rippling muscle under her. Continuing to move her leg Harry could feel himself start to get a throbbing erection.

Kaitlyn must have noticed too as she slowly moved position breaking the kiss for a moment. Using this moment to slide his pelvis slightly away from her leg and relieving the tight constricted feeling of himself push hard against his shorts. Moaning Kaitlyn pushes herself up on her elbows and looks deeply into his eyes. Why did he keep trying to stop her from going any further.

"Harry I'm sick of this" she pouted


"Why did you pull away. I know your uncomfortable with doing anything with me but it's getting ridicules. I've had enough of all this pussyfooting around, Now I'm going to slid my hand down and you are not going to stop me".

"Kaitlyn I was just a bit uncomfortable with ..."

"No Harry shut up, I'm doing this so you get out of this stupid nervousness you have around me. You saw me masturbate, so what, why can't we just move on. I love you, you don't need to be embarrassed with me. So what your bloody problem".

"I was just going to say that I pulled away because I was feeling a bit constricted Kaitlyn. It was starting to hurt a bit actually"

She laughed "Really, so you didn't pull away because you didn't want me touching you"

Harry shook his head

She paused her hand resting on the top of his shorts, and with a pout" Damn it Harry the moments gone. Now it feels too strange".

Harry laughed and grabbed her rolling her on top of him. How about we just get back to what we were doing before. I'm sure it'll all come back to you".

She grinned widely "I love it when your confidant. Why can't you be like this all the time".

Giving her a roguish grin that he would soon learn she was quite fond of, he said "It's your fault, I only get like this around beautiful girls".

Laughing they resumed kissing and all awkwardness left the two teenage lovers. They continued to kiss for a while but never getting back to the passion they were at before.


"Yes" Harry responded between kisses

"I love you"

Harry broke off the kiss and dropped back onto the pillow next to her

"I love you too Kaitlyn".

They both lay in each other's arms as Kaitlyn asked about his day. Soon after they both fell asleep exhausted after the long emotional day they had both had. The moment of awkwardness still unresolved, at least for the moment.

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