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Watching You

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“Wait up, Sasuke!”

Sasuke turned around as he heard those words exit Naruto’s mouth. He was looking directly at him with interest, “What Naruto?” he asked, pronouncing the name carefully.

“Umm… Well…” Naruto blushed lightly.

For a reason that Sasuke knew very well, he smiled, “Want to get something to eat?” he offered.

Naruto nodded confused and followed the boy’s lead.

They ended up in a local coffee shop near the academy drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. As he drank his chocolate, Naruto looked at Sasuke wondering why he had asked him to come and more so, why he had accepted.

“Why, Sasuke?”

Sasuke looked at Naruto, “Why what, idiot?”

“Why did you ask me to come?”

He stayed still watching the chunks of his black hair that blocked his view. Sasuke wasn’t sure whether he should be honest or completely ignore the subject.

“So…” Naruto said slowly.

“I’ve always been watching you Naruto,” he began, “I’ve always noticed how you strive to be the greatest and how you always go for what seems the best to you. I’ve seen how free and…” he stopped and looked at Naruto, who was looking back at him in perplexity, “You… Well, you’re the only one who sees my faults and…”

“I’m confused…” Naruto said, holding his head with his hands.

“Idiot! What I’m trying to say is that you are the closest thing I have to a friend!!” Sasuke screamed.

Naruto blushed, “Friend?”

Sasuke looked to his side, “Umm… Yes, a friend.”

Out of nowhere, Naruto suddenly smiled. It was the first time someone had called him a friend, even if it was Sasuke. After all, he was the only person with whom he had created a bond, even if it wasn’t exactly a pleasant one.

Sasuke scrutinized Naruto’s face which had a small smile, so small you couldn’t tell if it was of happiness or pity. “Say something you idiot.”

“I would have never imagined you of all people to be the first person to call me a friend.” Naruto said almost blankly.

Sasuke blushed faintly, “At least you have someone.”

Naruto laughed out loud, which caused Sasuke to glare at him, “You, Mr. Popularity, have no friends. Come on, you have like every girl in the academy after you.”

“Do you think that’s the same as having friends?” Sasuke asked feeling irritated, “Do you think those girl even know who I truly am? They are nobody.”

He looked at Sasuke’s dark eyes carefully, “This is too weird,” Naruto spoke and stood up, leaving a few dollars on the table, “I have to go.”

Sasuke watched him go feeling dumb. Even though his feelings were real, he knew they wouldn’t make sense to Naruto, so why had he done it then. Why had he told Naruto? It seemed as if their only relationship had just wrecked.

Naruto Uzumaki walked back home feeling very odd. Sasuke’s confession seemed to be a little more than he could handle since he had never had someone calling him a friend. It felt nice though, even if it came from the Uchiha boy that he hated so much. This was all due to the fact that he felt the same.

“Why did he have to say it?” Naruto asked himself, still confused.

“Hey Naruto!”

He turned around and saw Sasuke walking towards him. What did he want now?

“Just forget about everything I said before. It was a stupid idea.”

“I wouldn’t forget it Sasuke, we are friends right?” Naruto asked with a smile.

“Yeah.” Sasuke replied also smiling.

In the instant rain started to fall. Naruto didn’t think twice, he grabbed Sasuke’s hand and started running, pulling his friend along. “My place is just around the corner! You don’t want to get wet, right?!” Naruto screamed as he ran.

Sasuke let Naruto drag him to his apartment. When they both entered the messy residence, they found themselves tired and soaking wet. Sasuke looked at Naruto, who looked back at him smiling. This made Sasuke smile too. He quickly scanned the room which was a big chaos. There were clothes scattered everywhere, as well as books and empty instant ramen containers. The only two things that looked decent was a drum set placed in a corner and next to it an expensive looking guitar.

“I know it’s not the best but…”

Sasuke ignored everything Naruto had to say and just looked at the one room apartment. How lonely it felt. “You are here alone?”

“Well yeah, I’ve always been alone. Since I remember.” Naruto explained.

Sasuke walked over to the window and watched the rain fall, “You and I are similar, just that I knew what it was like not to be alone.”

Naruto walked to his side, “I wish I knew…” he smiled, “but I guess been alone is part of who I am.”

His heart started to pump faster as he stood next to Naruto, which made Sasuke nervous. Both boys were silent, which made the situation even worse. He decided to walk away and grabbed Naruto’s guitar. “I haven’t played and acoustic in so long.” Sasuke commented as he sat on Naruto’s bed.

Naruto smiled, “Then play now.”


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