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Enter Incognito!

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Sorry, lemon in this. >:D Hope it doesn't offend you... you don't have to read this chapter if you don't want to.

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I dedicate this chapter to CJ, too; because he actually cares about how I feel. BTW, he owns Iggy aka Incognito (kickass name!)

Chapter 4

“Ah…,” I sighed. “This place is awesome.” I looked around while limping still.

“Hey, Luca!” Twilight called. I groaned.

“What?” I asked arrogantly. I really wanted to be alone for the moment… The Eevee hissed at us again. I mentally shuddered at this. “Why does it keep doing that?”

“I really don’t know,” he furrowed his brow. “But anyways… what are you doing?” He asked. “How about a battle…?”

The magic word, my biggest turn off… I immediately hit him with my cane. “Fuck no!” I growled and limped off. Oh great… no wonder I don’t have any friends… I treat them like shit… “Hmph,” I huffed. I felt… really, really stupid… I walked back over carefully. “Look… I didn’t mean to do that…”

“Yeah right…!” He snarled.

“It’s my natural reaction…”

“I highly doubt that…”

“Shut the fuck up. You don’t even know half of me, seriously. I stab people with my fucking cane all the time. I’ve even done it to my own father, but of course, knowing fathers; he fucking grounded me; I was pissed off that I ran away… but he found me. Just so, you know… I don’t really have a life. I have no friends either and the only people that care about me really aren’t here.” It looked as if he was listening. “I’m constantly lonely because I have no friends or no one to talk to. The only person I have to talk to is Buizel. Sure he isn’t a human, but to me he is just a human in a Buizel’s body.”


“Shut up. You’re not listening, possibly… I can’t tell. Now I have to go. Take care,” I walked off with Buizel protecting me from behind my back.


I heard my stomach… “Damn I’m starving… let’s go to Viridian Forest and see if there’s anything there,” I smiled. “We were singing bye, bye Miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the Levee but the Levee was dry, and them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye, singing ‘this will be the day that I die, this will be the day that I die’.” Buizel smiled at me. “Oh, have you heard that song before?”

“Bui,” he nodded.

“Ah… very good,” I grinned.

I continued to limp off; I could hear Twilight calling my name. “Shit…,” I mumbled. “Time for hell...” Buizel looked at me and then growled slightly. “You said it.” I looked down and saw that his fur was standing up on edge. We had finally made into the forest… I walked as fast as I could to lose Twilight. I had walked so much I found a peach tree. “Ooh!” I grinned and collapsed into the dirt, falling asleep because I was so exhausted. I woke up to the sound of a really loud stomach.

Pain was pulsing through my gut. Not the normal kind of hungry pain, but a dull, achy pain… not like one I had before…. Oh… I had realised what it was. I was too hot, and it was possible I had accidentally eaten too much before I got here... it was fish to be exact. "Ugh… I ate too much fish…" I was sweating profusely and I could feel something in the back of my throat… my leg was pulsing with so much pain that it made me vomit.


Yes, that is exactly what it was. I had not vomited in years… maybe about six years ago…?

"Oh, God…," I slowly got up.

"Bui?!" It seemed as if he said "you alright?!"

"Yeah... I’m alright...," I sighed. "I ate too much before I got here." I do not know why, but I could not help looking at it. It was mostly saliva, which means that maybe the fish was past my stomach... "Odd," I just blinked. "Come on," I smiled and limped off; Buizel decided to run on all fours to follow me. I chuckled at this. I was still sweating. "Let’s go find a lake...," I smiled. Buizel grinned the best he could. I didn’t have to do much walking... because I immediately saw a small lake. He ran so fast that he looked like a streak of orange lightning. I too, tried to run but I ended up tripping... but I got up anyway. I reached the end of the lake and pulled all of my clothes off... and I mean all. I dipped my feet in... and looked at my leg. It looked... awful... it left a huge and ugly scar that no one would love to see... Buizel splashed around as I sighed and dove in.

I didn’t even worry about if anyone else was there or not. "Well hi there!" said someone standing above me... the sun was glaring down upon him and it caused a silhouette. I coughed and choked on some water.

"FUCK!!! Who the fuck are you?!?!" I took another look at him. Oh... God... he... was... so... hot...

"I’m Iggy!" He grinned.

"Oh... fuck... you... are... so... damn... hot...," I drooled. I looked at him once again. He was naked, too!!! Perfect... that made him even more sexy.

"Wow...," he grinned evilly. "Never been this turned on in a long time...," he was having an erection... He shuddered slightly and fell backwards into the water, making a huge splash and almost drowning me; and catching Buizel’s attention. I coughed once again. I think he had fainted....

"Umm?" I blinked and sat up in the water; surprisingly it wasn’t that deep. He slowly sat up and shuddered some more.

"Damn... haven’t had sex in so long... this would be the perfect spot." He had a point... I had never had sex before, (but I did accidentally walk in on my dad/step-mom having it... Must admit, it was a little gross; but I got used to them having it almost everynight. The bed creaking and the ceiling buckling...) I shuddered just thinking about it...

Would not hurt to try... but I do not really know him though... should I try it? Yes! I should! He is sexy, and decent looking! I think I love him already! Wait... I am not good with men. I have never had a boyfriend before! Oh! What do I do? What...?

I grinned evilly. "Come on... let us d-do it," I jumped onto him; he huffed a little, but we got right on it. His cock in me... felt interesting... and yet comfortably good and amazing... but it seemed engorged. He grinned happily."H-hang on...," I moaned. "We do not have a condom...," I groaned. He chuckled and but his finger over my lips and pushed me down. I shuddered a lot... I started to sweat again. I had never felt like this before -- what is this feeling?

"Ohhh...," we both said in unison.

"You never answered my question...," I moaned. "DAMN THAT FEELS GOOD!!!!" I blurted... did not mean to, though.

He chuckled. "Well, when I was little, I accidentally chemically castrated myself," he moaned. Wait a minute! How is that possible! I could sense he was lying. I felt something odd shoot inside me...

"Umm... what was that?" I asked.

"I just ejaculated... is there something wrong with that?"

"OH... sorry, never had sex before." I looked down at our waists. Shit. Damn. Fuck. That felt fucking good. I just vomited from the pure pleasure of how it felt. "Oh God... sorry...," I blushed bright red because it landed right on his chest. We both sat up and I pushed him down. He did not even give a damn and just chuckled at me. He kind of pushed me so his cock could come out.

"That is alright," he smiled. I just stared at his cock. It looked kinda big to me, or it could just be that I had never seen one before.


"Are you OK?" He blinked.

"Yeah... sorry, cannot help but notice your cock." Cocks are weird in my opinion...

"What about it?" He stared at my chest.

"They are weird."

"In what way?"

"Do you want me to get TMI?" I huffed.

"Nahhh... that is fine with me."

"Well, to be honest; I have never seen one before, and they are weird; it is like a snake coiled and waiting to strike..." That right there made me look stupid; because I had never had sex of course; and it made me look like a child. I just blushed.

"I see what you mean, yes. Cocks do go flaccid when someone is not having sex." (A/N: Just had to say that... XD) "Look... you do not need to blush. It is just a body part... how is it any different than your boobs, eh?" He winked.

I mentally sighed in relief. This guy is awesome and really calm. "Right. My boobs are fine," I stuck my tongue out. "I will let you touch them though, because it will turn me on." He chuckled and touched them. Wow. That felt great. I shuddered. "Damn... that feels great."

He grinned. "I have touched many boobs before but not ones quite like these."

"So mine are unique?" He chuckled again and nodded. "Thank you then. Shall we get some clothes on now?"

"Yes," he nodded and got up, but before I could, he helped me up.

"Thank you," I grinned.

"No problem!" He grinned back. We walked to the opposite sides of the lake. I realised he had not washed the vomit off his chest and that I was still starving from vomiting twice. Ugh.

"Bui...," he looked at me oddly.

"Buizel. That was sex! Yes, sex... amazing, is it not?" Buizel just raised one "eyebrow". I sighed. "Oh well." I looked to see Iggy coming back with a Cyndaquil in his arms. IT WAS SO CUTE. "Aww... that is so cute!" I grinned.

"Heh, why thank you!" He grinned. "Your Buizel is really cute... say how about we battle later?"

"Thank you! And sure!"

"No problem," we both replied.

"So... do you want any food?" I asked.

"Hmm. That does sound good. Let me show you what I can cook."

"Great!" I grinned.

Best day of my life. Seriously.


A/N: Muahaha more cliffhangers. Upped the rating of course. What can I say? That was the best lemon ever!
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