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What is that like...?

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Iggy and Luca are random perverts XD.

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A/N: Warning: Luca and Iggy are serious perverts. Thought you would like to know. Ican be, too, if you want me to XD.


Chapter 5

"So...,"I sighed. "My scar on my leg does not bother you?" He just chuckled once again. I picked up a persimmon. I walked to the lake to wash it off while he followed me. I never gave a damn if there is semen and vomit in that stupid lake.

"No... it does not. It does not matter to me." That right there... made me feel useful... made me... what is that word?

I sniffled. "Oh God... I have no friends..."

"You... you... what?" He sighed forcibly and leant against myself. /He is so soft/!I swear you not. He then cried and soaked my shirt. I had not seen a man cry in so long... except my dad, though not often. "I-I am truly sorry...," he patted my back. I patted his back, too. "Ugh...," he groaned.

"Is there something wrong?" I dried up the tears and stuffed the persimmon in my mouth. I was not even paying attention to its flavour. I gulped. No answer."Are you OK?" He was just staring in space.

"I do not feel my best...," he groaned and collapsed on top of me. I fell to the ground flat-backed and wheezing. He was snoring... yes, he was snoring! How in the world! Wait... where have I seen this before? I believe it is called narcolepsy.

"Bl... eck... get off... stupid narcolepsy head!" I choked. I was just barely able to see over his shoulder to see a Gible... yes a Gible!!! An extremely rare Pokemon... what in the world is it doing here per chance? Somehow, I was able to slip out from under Iggy. I looked at his nice ass to notice an odd-looking burn mark. /It must have been that stupid Gible/. "Nice ass...," I smirked. I focused on the Gible. Buizel smirked at it. "Ready?"

"Yes,"he grinned at me. Wait... did he just speak to me?

"Did you j-just speak to me?" I blinked.

"Hah... you have finally noticed... You are starting to understand me. I would happen to be Ferrick."

"Right. Ferrick, use an Aqua Jet!" He nodded and glided to the Gible. The Gible was not even paying attention to Ferrick.

"Hey you," he grinned while baring his fangs; they were glowing. Before the Gible could react, he used an Ice Fang; this caused it to freeze to a tree.

"Perfect...,"I grinned and threw a poke ball at it.



I had caught it. A fucking Gible in fucking way...!

Iggy groaned slightly. "What happened?" I smirked and walked over to him. I sat down next to him.

"I caught a Gible...," I whispered in his ear.

"You what now...?" He narrowed his eyes. "Ugh..."

"You do realise a Gible burnt your poor ass?"

"No wonder it fucking hurts!" He slowly got up. "This is my only pair of jeans, too..." I looked at his poor burnt ass again. I couldn't help snickering at his poor little ass. He stared at me funny. "What are you looking at?" He scowled while I snickered. This is when I really first noticed how hot he really was. His short, brown hair pretty much glowed in the sunlight while his brown eyes glimmered. His glasses made him look like a nerd, but it made him even hotter than the 'normal' person. He was tall, too... he could easily stand out in acrowd. I felt a weird impulse surging through me... it felt like a sneeze almost... but I did not quite sneeze.

"Uh...,"I uttered. "Your ass... is uh, hot?" I lied. I had to... this was an embarrassing feeling. It was that same feeling I had when we had sex; that feeling that I could never quite pinpoint. I needed to come up with an excuse. "I feel weird..."

"Are you OK then?" He asked.

"I thought I was about to sneeze...," I shrugged.


Buizel's POV

"Heh... I think I know what is going on with her," I smirked. "She is having an" - I was interrupted.

"Let us go, Buizel," she smiled. I sighed.

"Hi!"said that person's Cyndaquil. "I happen to be Blaze."

"Ah... very nice name... I happen to be Ferrick."

"Nice to meet you!" He smiled.

"And same to you," I smiled back. Luca began to limp off and we all followed happily.


Back to Luca's

"It looks like those two are getting along," I smiled.

"Definitely looks like it," he smiled and rubbed my head.

"Say... I have a question... as long as it's not too personal," I smirked.

"What is it?"

"Are you sure you don't mind me asking? I happen to be very curious... maybe a little too curious, I mean, if I were to be a cat; I would be dead by now. I asked my brother and he just shrugged."

"Spit it out."

"What is it like to have a penis?" He bit his lip and a tear came out. "Are you OK?"He snickered, hard.

"OH MY GOD...! That is the funniest question ANYONE has ever asked me...!" He guffawed so hard that he almost fell over backwards. "Oh... my God... I can't stop laughing..." I could not help laughing either. We finally calmed down. "I will tell you, I guess. It is not as bas as you may think it is. Now, I am quite used to it... so what is it like? How is it any different than having boobs?" He winked.

"Right... cocks are weird...," I shrugged.

"I guess they are," he chuckled. "I have had one for 20 years, so yeah... I guess so."

"How does it feel?" I stuck my tongue out.

"It is a bit weird... I guess," he shrugged. "My turn... what is it like having avagina?"

I laughed hard. "I cannot really describe it... they are a bit odd, I guess," I shrugged. "I do hate periods though... they suck!"

"What is that like?"

"It sucks... it hurts... you bleed - a lot. Just before it starts, my lower back begins to ache, and I become , and I become touchy. You constantly have to take a piss, which makes it worse…! I have no idea why though.” This tête-à-tête was getting quite interesting… I clenched my fists. “I cannot wait until I get my tubes tied…” I looked up at him and he just blinked. “Oh… did I upset you?”

“No… I am just as curious as you are, and plus, I am listening closely. I will ask you a question now… what is it like taking a piss?”

I laughed so hard. “Oh God… I do not even know how to describe it!”

We were quiet for a while.




“Are you going to say something?” I blinked.

“Oh… I happened to be running out of things to say… I guess.”

I yawned. “I am tired… what about you?”

“Yeah… the sun is setting… and I am quite sleepy…,” he winked.

“Are you implying you want sex again?” I furrowed my brow.

“Sure… cannot hurt a man, can it?” He grinned.

“I do not think so…,” I winked. We both grinned and looking for a clearing right next to a stream. It was beautiful and clear… the sun was just barely casting a greenish glow because of it shining through the tree leaves. The trees were so green from the moss growing on them. Even the rocks were covered in moss. I do believe it happens to be called a glen.

“Wow…!” We both awed.

“This is a perfect place,” he grinned. I starred as he took off all of his clothes. It was like my mind turned cloudy and only focusing on him. I gagged. “Are you alright?”

“Bah… bah… what…?” I asked dizzily.

“Maybe this will snap you out of your daze,” he pulled off my shirt and my jeans. I was not even focusing on what he was doing while he pulled my underwear off. “Damn… you turn me on…”

I snapped out of my daze and realised I was naked. “Oh…,” I giggled. We both looked around to make sure no one was coming around and he got on top of me. Maybe cocks are not as weird as I thought… because it feels quite nice to have one inside you. (A/N: LOL sorry… just had to.)

“Damn… this feels great…,” I moaned.

“I know… I always loved sex…,” he moaned, too.

“Oh… so you are implying that you have had it before?”

“I could not count how many dozens of times I have had it…”

“Right… this… is… my second time,” I moaned. Again, he ejaculated and it felt odd… a warming sensation. “Wow…,” I shuddered. “That actually kind of good… I do not know why. I think I actually like sex… it is very fun.”

“I love sex, too. I think it is great to have it whenever I happen to be bored…”

“Yeah,” I smiled. He got off me and I looked at him. I glanced down at his cock. “Maybe cocks are not as weird as I thought they are…”

“Haha, I suppose so. If you have had one for twenty years, you would get used to them.”

“I guess you are right,” I sighed. “Shall we go to sleep now?” I asked.

“Yeah…,” he yawned. “Goodnight,” he put his jeans back on. I just put my shirt and jeans back on. The ground was quite soft from the bright green grass. I instantly fell asleep.

Wow… today was awesome…


A/N: I had fun writing this. XD
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